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Keira Bianchi

Being a full time RVer, I can sit outside by the campfire and toast marshmallows anytime I want. The family in the site next door, vacationing from Montana, is doing the same. Seems pretty normal to me!

Keira Bianchi

Curious thing, I have 6 friends who took the recently available Corona Virus antibody test. They all had the antibodies. This means that all of them had COVID-19 at some time. 3 of them said they had what they called “the Flu” in January or February. The other 3 did not remember being sick.
You can now get the antibody test, even without a doctors order. Just make an appointment with LabCorp or Quest Labs to get the test. Cost is about $125.

Billy Bob Thornton

UPDATE to previous post; Dateline New York, today Sunday May 10th. After ordering Wuhan flu test positive patients back into nursing homes to contaminate the rest of the residents, seems the Governor figured out after thousands died, to stop the process. Now, patients leaving the hospital must test negative before they can go to the nursing home.

I wish this whole scenario wasn’t made up, but it’s ALL true. How can one state, be this incompetent. Who do the loved ones see for justice on this one. Searching the main stream media for accurate reporting to make the wrong, so wrong a right. But, nothing yet reported.

john stahl

I think your editorial is correct but I hope you are wrong.


Chuck I believe life is all about your attitude I don’t look at the glass half empty I look at the glass half full. Your comments about things will not be the same again is negative it doesn’t help anyone. I know we don’t have a vaccine for the common cold but we do have a vaccine each year for the flu. I’m positive with all the smart people in American and scientist they will come up with vaccination.


I am just upset, sad and disgusted, because I think most of the actions taken in response to the virus were Over-Reactions that have usurped our Constitutional Freedoms and Rights. I am afraid the reasons behind that have a lot less to do with the virus and more to do with permanently dismantling the USA, as we have known it our whole lives. We will be very lucky if we can get back to how things were.


I’m optimistic things will return to the way they were. I don’t like the words “new normal”. I think we rv’ers love our life style so much that it’s worth preserving and fighting for if need be.


I don’t know… I’m sitting at an open commercial campground now we just pulled into with no reservations. There are no restrictions, folks are happy, if shaking hands less. I don’t think it’s the end of RVing as we know it. It’s a temporary setback, and it will hurt some, but not all businesses. Perhaps we’re just blessed with low rates here in Alaska, but we can see signs of life as the sun returns.


I wonder if professional sports will come back. I can’t find the link right now but the Canadian football league was looking at cancelling the 2020 season. The link also said that if the league cancelled the 2020 season that the 2021 season they may not be around.
What about concerts put on by country music artists? Will those comeback?

Tim Gaskins

You newsletter is quite informative. Unfortunately , the navigation is infuriating. I click on a link only to be taken to page with multiple articles and then I have to scan through that page to find the article I wanted. Then there is another link there to take me to the article. Why won’t you have the link take you to the article directly. It would also be nice if the link opens a new tab in the browser, instead of taking you away from the original page.

When you ask for me pay a subscription fee, It is not that am unwilling, it sometimes I spend so much time trying to find the information, that I don’t think it is worth my time to even read it at all.

Thanks in advance,


Kathy Weyant

Wow, your opening article certainly was gloom and doom!! You might be suffering from social isolation in a small space and watching/reading too much news! No marshmallows over a campfire??! Really?!! I live in PA and am still in a county with stay at home orders. Everyone is tired of govt telling us what we can and can’t do! I’m 65 so i will wear a mask and follow guidlines, but plan to start camping soon and living life!! Most of my family and friends feel the same way. We are adults and Americans! Protect the sick and those that need to stay home but let the rest of us live!! Hope you are more positive next month!! Kathy W.

Gordon Hampton

RVing and camping is all about Personal Liberty and Freedom. Coronavirus has been used to create the panic and fear necessary for government officials to take away our Freedom – IF WE LET THEM. I don’t disagree with Chuck’s assessment of RVing in general. It has and will continue to change, the the war has just begun to fight for our Constitutional and God-given freedoms. We have seen the Governor of Utah and the Southeast Utah Health Department trying to shut down Federal Bureau of Land Management Land to everyone EXCEPT locals! Not only is this action illegal because of their lack of jurisdictional authority, but it makes NO SENSE from a medical standpoint. What better way to Social Distance than to Boondock?!?! The reason I bring all of this up is that these same tyrants will surface over and over every time THEY identify a “Public Health” risk or emergency. Speak up! Write Letters! Make phone calls! Contact Attorney General Barr’s office with complaints!

John snell

For those that want to end trade or “cut the cord with China” should consider the complexity of setting up supply chains for multinationals. It takes years. Why break with China? Because you don’ t like the virus? The 1918 flu epidemic was started in the state of Kansas. Was there an outpouring of disgust?. If your talking about freeing ourselves of drugs developed in China it’s a false choice. We get drugs all over the globe. The one thing that it will create by not buying from China is less quantity and higher prices.

David Hagen

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this Corona Virus troubles is that it may be easier to find an empty campsite when things open up. And that better be soon, ’cause I am fed up with this lock-down.


Re: the lead editorial — The pandemic has only run this long because of incompetence and fearmongering by the government. Other countries “took their lumps” and are going back to work, including the Red Menace, while we are self-paralyzed. We HAVE a working treatment, but refuse to employ it because we’re waiting for the “lump-free” miracle vaccine which is not coming soon enough to prevent MUCH WORSE damages to society. Currently, 1 million people will die “deaths of despair” caused by shutdown-induced poverty, unemployment, domestic abuse, and suicides. Quarantine is far more deadly without the virus.

To be clear, I am NOT callously saying we let X people die so the rest of us can go camping — I’m saying we knowingly manage the infection. Super-high-risk folks stay quarantined for a couple weeks to months as they have, but everyone else goes about their business and intentionally catches the virus in phases. We DO know how to lessen the infection (vitamin C and zinc) and we DO know how to kill an infection (azithromycin). After about 6 weeks and two “phases” the ENTIRE public population develops immunity to protect the fragile and this is DONE for good, as it already is in many other countries, and with the MINIMUM number of deaths.

We know how to get past this, but we’re too afraid to manage this. WE are harming ourselves more than the virus can.

Gary Reed

Today’s brain teaser answer is the letter “S”.


Boycott CHINA.

Patrick Granahan

We must stop all future trade with China.
Our politicians must work with all free nations to end China trade.
Our intelligence community has determined the facts as to China’s
Global Domination objectives….time now to “cut the cord” and end
All trade with China.
China is not our business partner…they are the enemy.

Matt Johnson

With thousand trails canceling my reservations for the next several months, not including the past couple of months, and not refunding my payments, yes I would say at least the way I do camping will change.


The Smithsonian channel has a series called “America in Color.” One of the episodes is about the ‘Spanish’ flu. Based on events of the time (WW I) and lifestyles, that may be why the young were more likely to be infected and die. The researchers determined that the disease began with a soldier (a cook) in Kansas at a training base. Tens of thousands of young men were called up and moved around for training and deployment to Europe as the war raged. Often in close quarters with minimal hygiene coupled with a lack of modern medicines, it is no wonder there were so many lives lost. It was a very interesting show. I encourage everyone to try to find it.