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May 9, 2020
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Editor’s corner

With Chuck Woodbury

Is RVing as we have known it over for now?

Most of us, I believe, are ready for the pandemic to end. Enough is enough. The thought of it going through the summer, even into next year and beyond is almost too much to fathom. And yet that is exactly what could happen.

Everybody talks about a vaccine, but the fact is, there is no guarantee it will even happen — we don’t even a vaccine for the common cold. The 1918 pandemic ended after several years only because the virus had mutated and become weaker. People still got sick, but they didn’t die, and then they gained immunity — “all clear” to enjoy the Roaring ’20s.

RVing as we have known it is gone, in my opinion. It’s not dead, but it has already changed dramatically. I am writing now at my 2×4 foot desk in the corner of the bedroom of my 32-foot motorhome where I am self-quarantining. I’m not visiting museums, dining in little cafes along Route 66 (I’m only 50 yards away from the historic road). I’m not stopping in tourist shops searching for another jackalope to add to my collection. I’m not standing, side by side, with 300 other people watching Old Faithful erupt. I’m not the only one doing this sort of thing.

Old faithful
Yellowstone visitors waiting for Old Faithful to erupt in the summer of 2017. When will we want to be this close to strangers again?

The park I’m in now has 42 spaces. Almost all are occupied by long-term guests, most self-quarantining in Kingman rather than heading home after migrating to Arizona for the winter. Nobody is camping, as in roasting marshmallows over the campfire. It’s the same across the country.

Readers of this newsletter are mostly 60 years and older. We are the virus’s most vulnerable targets. In the 1918 pandemic, the age group most affected was 20- to 29-year-olds. But now, persons that age are not nearly as likely to die as the 65+ crowd, which, by the way, was the least vulnerable group during the 1918 pandemic.

Where I live (for now)

We’re lucky in one important way: Most of us are not dependent on a paycheck (only 16 percent need a job for income; most only need part-time work). More than half of us own our RVs outright. Of the others, only 4 percent reported this month that they would have a problem making their loan payment. For many of these people, life hasn’t changed much.

How many RV parks will survive the next year if they are forced to be closed, or if fewer tourists in RVs begin traveling from place to place? Millions of the Millennials who bought cheap, starter RVs in the last few years (helping set sales records for the RV industry) are now out of work. I wonder how many of them will sell their RVs, or simply walk away from their upside-down 20-year loans. What’s more important, feeding the kids, paying the electric bill, or making a loan payment on an RV bought for camping trips? How many of these people will be so deep in debt in a year or two that buying an RV will be out of the question?

When the virus runs its course, “normal” may indeed return. But it won’t be in a year, and it won’t be in two years. That’s just my opinion. I really, really, really wish that by the end of the year we’ll be on the road to fast recovery.

It’s not all doom and gloom, but it is certainly an incredibly challenging time that none of us wanted, but all of us got … and that’s just the way it is!


P.S. Here’s my journal for this week. Gail and I have stuck pretty close to home (motorhome, that is), but we have some good experiences including realizing our dog is a celebrity. Plus, we figured out a mystery in the night sky that you may not know (but will if you read this). Click here to read.

Also: Welcome to the new readers who learned about us on Friday through! We’re happy to have you with us on our warp-speed journey through cyberspace.

My Roadside Journal

(about whatever is on my mind, not necessarily RV-related)

Stories in tomorrow’s newsletter

• RV diesel fuel discounter gets bigger savings, more retailers.
• “Flushable wipes” users try cleaning up in courtroom.
• Truck sales speed past cars for first time in industry history.
• Heartless crooks in Arizona swipe a traveling nurse’s trailer.
• Bear pounces on sleeping campers in Colorado RV park.
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Brain Teaser

I am the beginning of sorrow and the end of sickness. You cannot express happiness without me yet I am in the midst of crosses. I am always in risk yet never in danger. You may find me in the sun, but I am never out of darkness. What am I?

(Answer in tomorrow’s Sunday News newsletter.)

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You shared your RVing dream trips. Here they are – Part 1

By our readers, as compiled by Russ and Tiña De Maris
Earlier we asked penned-up readers to tell us about their RV dream trip. We were deluged with dreams, and now get the chance to share some of them with you. From the simple to the sublime, you all have something on your minds. We’ll share a few dreams each week for the next bit of time, and in the end, there’ll be a moral for us. Here are some of our readers’ RVing dream trips.

An RV rental horror story: “I was ripped off by an RV rental scam!”

This comment was left on our Daily Tips Newsletter by Brian Burry. Here’s Brian’s story:
“Before my wife would consider us purchasing an RV, she demanded I rent one (we rented a 31-foot Class C years ago) so I did. I went online and found an RV Share and rented a 40-foot Class A DP for 4 days at a cost of $800 with a $500 deposit up-front. … He said he would deliver to my house in central California so I could drive my wife to Pismo Beach where I rented us a nice RV park space. Then the RV owner asked if I could go ahead and pay him the $800 ahead of time, as his wife needed a minor surgery. ‘Sure,’ I said.” — Oops. Read more.

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Reader Poll

Have you been tested for COVID-19?

Please let us know. After you click your response, you’ll see how others have responded. Feel free to leave a comment. We’ll post the final results in next week’s newsletter. CLICK HERE.

Now, use your air conditioner in low-power situations never before possible!
At we don’t see too many products that we go nuts over, but the SoftStartRV is a game changer. Here’s what it can do:
• Run two air conditioners on a 30-amp hookup.
• Run one air conditioner using only a small portable generator.
• Run one air conditioner on 20-amp household current.
• Run a generator or two using your onboard inverter system. Read more.

Readers tell us (What we learned about you last week)

We analyze what we learned about you and fellow RVers from our reader polls and your comments.

How much exercise are you getting now compared to before the pandemic?
Have you, a relative or close friend lost their job in the last two months?
Are you drinking more alcohol while in self-quarantine than before?

Need a new place to walk? Try this trail-finding trick with Google Maps

By Emily Woodbury
What’s one good thing that’s come out of quarantine for me, an avid hiker? I’ve found dozens of trails close to home that I never knew about! I thought I had walked every trail within a walk or short drive from my apartment, but boy, was I wrong. So, other than looking up “trails near Seattle” repeatedly on Google, I found a new, easier trick. Read more.

Control board not working? Replace it!

Perhaps some of the most mysterious of RV technical issues surround electronically controlled appliances. “Back in the old days,” as some of us recall, we didn’t have fancy control boards on refrigerators, furnaces and water heaters. … Nowadays, the trouble is when things start getting “buggy” it can be difficult to track down the problem. But here’s  a great resource that will come to the rescue. Learn more.

Check for gas leaks often by using this!
Russ & Tiña De Maris write: “We keep our natural gas leak detector tucked in the door pocket of our tow vehicle so we can check for leaks when we reconnect an LP bottle after filling. We also use it whenever we make up a new connection on a gas line, or ‘think’ we might have a leak. Here’s one you can pick up for a good price with lots of good reviews.”

This wacky Ford pickup travels upside down: No kidding!

This is just too much – a pickup truck that travels upside down. No kidding. This is not a fake photo. It was built about five years ago by a fellow named Rick Sullivan, who owns Kathy’s Collision Center in Clinton, Illinois. We’ll take a guess and say this is the only pickup truck in America with eight tires. Check it out.

Reopenings: Bryce Canyon Hoodoos never fail to intrigue

The “Hoodoos” of Bryce Canyon are unusual rock formations found throughout many areas of the Colorado Plateau; but an exceptional “collection,” if you will, is protected at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. The park is “off the beaten track” but is a real “must-see” for those who are intrigued by the forces of nature that create such unusual formations. Read more.

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Save drawer space with this nifty organizer
Free up a whole drawer in your RV’s kitchen with this organizer perfect for foils, Saran wraps, wax or parchment papers or Ziploc bags. Hang it in a closet, a pantry or behind a cupboard door. Anything to free up space in an RV is a lifesaver, right? Learn more or order here.


What is it? Hint: If you placed a ball point pen across this diagonally, it would just about fit. Find out here.

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Ask the RV Shrink

RV dirty swirly – cleaning stained pipe below toilet

Dear RV Shrink:
We seem to have an appearance issue with our RV. Not the exterior, not even the interior. It seems to be below our porcelain toilet. My wife continues to be fixated on the stains she can see when the toilet is flushed. The stains are below the ball valve in the toilet. She is  embarrassed that these stained plumbing pipes can be seen every time the toilet is flushed. Do other people stress about such things, or is it just my wife? …

Read the rest of the question and the RV Shrink’s advice.

Remove ticks easily from people or pets!
This highly rated Tick Twister Remover Set will remove ticks, large and small, without squeezing them, reducing the risk of infection. It does not leave the mouthparts of the tick in the skin. It’s the safest and easiest way to remove ticks and in just a few seconds, and it helps prevent Lyme Disease. Keep one of these in your RV. Learn more or order.

RV Education 101

RV Buying Tips: Don’t be in a rush

With Mark Polk
My number one tip when buying an RV is to avoid a hasty buying decision. What I mean is, purchasing an RV without doing any research. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Lots of folks purchase RVs at RV shows, where the excitement level is high, only to discover later it is the wrong type, too big, too small, or too expensive. Learn more.

Spring has sprung!

Here are some articles from the archives relating to this beautiful time of year:

Keeping cool in a spring desert
Spring RV checklist for boondockers
RV Doctor: RV spring shakedown primer
The planets – With spring come the mighty gas giants (and Mars)

RV Electricity

State of the virtual RV rally – This is exciting news!

Dear Readers,
This is a great time to fill you in on one of the interesting things that has been happening in the last few months. While I did have a number of live seminars scheduled around the country for the summer and fall, right now the only one that hasn’t been cancelled is the Hershey Show scheduled for September 16-20, and that’s still not definite.

But all is not lost, since webinars at RV Virtual Rallies are ramping up quickly, and I believe they could be the future of RV seminar training. Why so, you ask? Well, it’s a numbers game… Continue reading Mike Sokol’s exciting news.

This week’s J.A.M. (Just Ask Mike) Session:

Electrical connector maintenance. How to clean contacts in electrical connections.

Sign up for Mike’s popular and informative RV Electricity group on Facebook.

Dirty contacts? DeoxIT!
Here’s a comment from our electrical specialist, Mike Sokol: “I’ve used DeoxIT for decades on my pro-sound gear. We use it on speaker connectors, power connectors such as cam-lok and twist-lock plugs (just like RV power), volume controls, gold-plated circuit boards (like in RV refrigerator control boards), etc. There are several different versions of DeoxIT depending on if you want built-in lubricant for potentiometers, or gold contact refurbishing or simply oxidation removal.” Learn more or order.

RV Tire Safety

“Tire dressing” and “Do not use covers.” Where’s the test data?!

Roger Marble has been following a long thread on an RV Forum on the topic of “tire dressing” aka tire treatment or “tire shine.” The good news is that most posters knew to not use any product that contains petroleum distillate. Too bad some RV dealers don’t follow the guidelines on this. Read about tire dressing and whether or not to use tire covers here.

Building an RV Park

It’s an emotional roller coaster!

By Machelle James
I think I have had more stress in the last two weeks than I care to admit. We have had many back and forth emails between us, Planning and Zoning and our Engineer. We had a deadline of May 1st to have all of the items they needed to be on the May Planning and Zoning Agenda. What happened was there were emails coming in from all departments and we missed some items, as in: What are the locations and sizes of our water lines? Where are our parking and handicap parking spaces going to be? Continue reading.

The RV Kitchen

Meat Stretcher Shepherd’s Pie

Almost meatless shepherd’s pie. Just a half pound of ground beef or turkey adds substance and flavor to this lentil dish. Traditionally, shepherd’s pie is baked in the oven to put a golden glow on the mashed potato topping, but this can also be made in a skillet. Get the recipe.

The Digital RVer

Showing old photo albums on TV fills your home with memories

Chris Guld, of Geeks on Tour, shows you how to get old photo albums into Google Photos, make albums and then add them to Google Home “ambient” mode, which acts like a screensaver for the TV. Their house is filled with their travels because their travel photos are displayed on TVs and other photo frame devices in every room. Chris explains how easy it is to do here.

Camco’s Fridge Airator keeps fridge cooler in warm temps
This compact high-volume air circulator helps the food in your RV stay fresh longer, while also maintaining the temperature of your fridge. It also helps absorb smells. The airator runs on batteries, so you can put it in the fridge, leave it on, and forget it’s there. No hassle. If you’re going to be in hot temperatures this summer, you’ll want this to keep your fridge cool. Learn more or order. 

Need a place to store your RV or belongings? Rent available space on private property near you at Save money over commercial facilities. It’s like the AirBnB of storage. Learn more.

Pawsome Pets

According to an poll, 30 percent of you travel with at least one pet, and another 16 percent of you travel with at least two.

Why do dogs want to lick your face?

By Chuck Woodbury
My dog, Archie, likes to lick my face. I try to avoid letting him do that knowing where his face has been, specifically his mouth. This morning, for example, he brought me a body part of a dead rabbit. He wasn’t actually bringing it to me, but for himself. Not sure what he would do with it. Continue reading.

Do you have a pet? Send us a photo!

With Emily Woodbury
Do you have a pet? What are they like? What are their quirks? What do they do that makes you laugh? Please send a photo of your pet and a short description. We’ll feature only the cute pets. No, I’m kidding. We’ll feature as many of your pets as we can each week. Who doesn’t want to look at adorable pet photos during a pandemic? Continue reading and see where to send your photo.

Keep your pets safe in an emergency
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Keira Bianchi
2 years ago

Being a full time RVer, I can sit outside by the campfire and toast marshmallows anytime I want. The family in the site next door, vacationing from Montana, is doing the same. Seems pretty normal to me!

Keira Bianchi
2 years ago

Curious thing, I have 6 friends who took the recently available Corona Virus antibody test. They all had the antibodies. This means that all of them had COVID-19 at some time. 3 of them said they had what they called “the Flu” in January or February. The other 3 did not remember being sick.
You can now get the antibody test, even without a doctors order. Just make an appointment with LabCorp or Quest Labs to get the test. Cost is about $125.

Billy Bob Thornton
2 years ago

UPDATE to previous post; Dateline New York, today Sunday May 10th. After ordering Wuhan flu test positive patients back into nursing homes to contaminate the rest of the residents, seems the Governor figured out after thousands died, to stop the process. Now, patients leaving the hospital must test negative before they can go to the nursing home.

I wish this whole scenario wasn’t made up, but it’s ALL true. How can one state, be this incompetent. Who do the loved ones see for justice on this one. Searching the main stream media for accurate reporting to make the wrong, so wrong a right. But, nothing yet reported.

john stahl
2 years ago

I think your editorial is correct but I hope you are wrong.

2 years ago

Chuck I believe life is all about your attitude I don’t look at the glass half empty I look at the glass half full. Your comments about things will not be the same again is negative it doesn’t help anyone. I know we don’t have a vaccine for the common cold but we do have a vaccine each year for the flu. I’m positive with all the smart people in American and scientist they will come up with vaccination.

2 years ago

I am just upset, sad and disgusted, because I think most of the actions taken in response to the virus were Over-Reactions that have usurped our Constitutional Freedoms and Rights. I am afraid the reasons behind that have a lot less to do with the virus and more to do with permanently dismantling the USA, as we have known it our whole lives. We will be very lucky if we can get back to how things were.

2 years ago
Reply to  John

You should read up on what was done during the Spanish Flu. People were being quarantined etc. Once it was over nobody lost their “Constitutional Freedoms and Rights”. Lives of fellow Americans were saved.

2 years ago
Reply to  TPalmer

How do we know if our rights are coming back. We are under martial law. The government won’t tell you that. The government used the words shelter in place. If the government told everyone we’re under martial law there would have been a revolt in this country.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Because we the people are our government. We have the ability through voting to make change. If the people we have put in power try to make shelter in place permanent then we can vote for leaders that will fix that.

It amazes me that people think that our federal, state, and local leaders saw the virus coming and collectively said “Great now is our chance to remove the rights of the people.”

Billy Bob Thornton
2 years ago
Reply to  Snayte

Oh boy Snayte…give that man a ceeeegar.. There is, and has been a new Sheriff in town, and his name isn’t Reggie Hammond!

With enough ground swell support, this nation will rise again. Look out those who don’t believe, for the believers will rise and make this great nation proper.

2 years ago

I’m optimistic things will return to the way they were. I don’t like the words “new normal”. I think we rv’ers love our life style so much that it’s worth preserving and fighting for if need be.

2 years ago

I don’t know… I’m sitting at an open commercial campground now we just pulled into with no reservations. There are no restrictions, folks are happy, if shaking hands less. I don’t think it’s the end of RVing as we know it. It’s a temporary setback, and it will hurt some, but not all businesses. Perhaps we’re just blessed with low rates here in Alaska, but we can see signs of life as the sun returns.

2 years ago

I wonder if professional sports will come back. I can’t find the link right now but the Canadian football league was looking at cancelling the 2020 season. The link also said that if the league cancelled the 2020 season that the 2021 season they may not be around.
What about concerts put on by country music artists? Will those comeback?

Billy Bob Thornton
2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

There still around!. Sorry, I just had to jump on that one.

Tim Gaskins
2 years ago

You newsletter is quite informative. Unfortunately , the navigation is infuriating. I click on a link only to be taken to page with multiple articles and then I have to scan through that page to find the article I wanted. Then there is another link there to take me to the article. Why won’t you have the link take you to the article directly. It would also be nice if the link opens a new tab in the browser, instead of taking you away from the original page.

When you ask for me pay a subscription fee, It is not that am unwilling, it sometimes I spend so much time trying to find the information, that I don’t think it is worth my time to even read it at all.

Thanks in advance,


Kim Christiansen(@imkimc)
2 years ago
Reply to  Tim Gaskins

Hi Tim,

Thanks for bringing this up, we always like to hear from our readers whether they like or dislike a feature on our site. We know you’re not the only person who feels this way so I thought I’d make sure we explain ourselves a little bit and hopefully, help you understand why we made this change.

We’re navigating through one of the largest changes in how people view we’ve ever seen. Over the past year is that we’ve gone from about an even split between desktop and mobile devices to almost 70% mobile. We need to treat our mobile users better than we have been.

Taking that into account, and that the entire web design industry all say “don’t use tabs for links on your own site”, we decided to make this change to how our links open on our site.

Here’s why: Readers on mobile often have many, many tabs open in their browsers. These tabs are running in the background and can affect the speed and battery life of the mobile device. So it’s not a good practice for us to open our links in tabs because it affects our mobile readers in a negative way.

In addition, we don’t have unlimited resources to run our website. We have to stay inside certain limits or our costs balloon. When you have many tabs open to our site, each one of those tabs is taking a little slice of our computing power. Add thousands and thousands of visitors we get and those little slices start adding up to serious horsepower. (Literally, we can convert CPU cycles to watts to HP, but I digress.)

So we made a choice to open links to other parts of our website in the same tab. Links that leave will still be opened in new tabs. I hope that makes sense as to why we did this.

But here is some good news! You don’t have to open our links in the same tab. You’ve always had the ability to open links in a new tab, regardless of what the link says or not. To open links in a new tab, right click on a link (on laptop track pads and mobile devices that is a “two-finger” click) and a little menu pops up. In there is the option to “open link in a new tab.” So you can go right on experiencing the way you prefer.

Finally, your comment about how we link to our newsletter and how you branch out from there is taken to heart. We’ve had many a conversation on the best way to present the information in the newsletter and we’ve yet to come up with an ideal solution.

The email you receive from us is primarily a notification that we’ve posted a new newsletter or relevant post on our website (such as RV recalls). There is some advertising included in that email for our non-member readers but for our members, there are no ads in these email reminders.

From there you’re taken to our Newsletter page and this is our collection of stories written for you to read. Not every article will appeal to every reader and if you look at the volume of articles on each weekly and Sunday newsletter – to put that all on one page would be enormous. Also, if you wanted to find that information later on, there would be no way to search for it on our site. So we break these articles up into sections, just like a regular newspaper would. Imagine if your Sunday paper were on a scroll and you wanted the sports scores for the Big Ten football teams. You’d have to scroll and scroll and, well, you get the idea.

It isn’t perfect, and if we could think of a better way to present the information we would. And we will keep working on it. I guarantee that Chuck isn’t the type to let moss grow on the tops of his tires! He’s always after us to think about “What can we do better!”

So we’ll take your comments to heart and see if we can find a better way to highlight this week’s stories. I hope the rest of what I’ve said here makes sense to you and that you can understand why we’ve made these changes. And please do right click on our links and open them in tabs if that’s your preference.

If you have any technical difficulties with any of the above or anything else on, you can email me at

Kim Christiansen IT

Tim Gaskins
2 years ago


I understand about tabs, You reason not using tabs is valid. I view your newsletter on a desktop and can open the article in a new tab I want to. My biggest issue the link doesn’t go directly to the article. It goes another page with multiple articles, which I then have to scan trough to find the article I want.



2 years ago
Reply to  Tim Gaskins

I don’t have that problem. I view this site on a desktop.

Kathy Weyant
2 years ago

Wow, your opening article certainly was gloom and doom!! You might be suffering from social isolation in a small space and watching/reading too much news! No marshmallows over a campfire??! Really?!! I live in PA and am still in a county with stay at home orders. Everyone is tired of govt telling us what we can and can’t do! I’m 65 so i will wear a mask and follow guidlines, but plan to start camping soon and living life!! Most of my family and friends feel the same way. We are adults and Americans! Protect the sick and those that need to stay home but let the rest of us live!! Hope you are more positive next month!! Kathy W.

Gordon Hampton
2 years ago

RVing and camping is all about Personal Liberty and Freedom. Coronavirus has been used to create the panic and fear necessary for government officials to take away our Freedom – IF WE LET THEM. I don’t disagree with Chuck’s assessment of RVing in general. It has and will continue to change, the the war has just begun to fight for our Constitutional and God-given freedoms. We have seen the Governor of Utah and the Southeast Utah Health Department trying to shut down Federal Bureau of Land Management Land to everyone EXCEPT locals! Not only is this action illegal because of their lack of jurisdictional authority, but it makes NO SENSE from a medical standpoint. What better way to Social Distance than to Boondock?!?! The reason I bring all of this up is that these same tyrants will surface over and over every time THEY identify a “Public Health” risk or emergency. Speak up! Write Letters! Make phone calls! Contact Attorney General Barr’s office with complaints!

John snell
2 years ago

For those that want to end trade or “cut the cord with China” should consider the complexity of setting up supply chains for multinationals. It takes years. Why break with China? Because you don’ t like the virus? The 1918 flu epidemic was started in the state of Kansas. Was there an outpouring of disgust?. If your talking about freeing ourselves of drugs developed in China it’s a false choice. We get drugs all over the globe. The one thing that it will create by not buying from China is less quantity and higher prices.

2 years ago
Reply to  John snell

not buying from China less quality. It is not the flu BUT the QUALITY of the products China puts out IT IS CRAP!

2 years ago
Reply to  rondo

The Chinese make the “crap” products because that is specs that the corporations tell them to make it too. Blame the corporations for being cheap.

2 years ago
Reply to  John snell

I think it’s more important to BE American than to BUY American. BEING American means exercising the liberty of choice in purchasing goods and services.

Billy Bob Thornton
2 years ago
Reply to  John snell

Not really. Dateline Sunday, May 10th. Apple announced it will move immediately 20% of production to India. It’s happening. More will move to punish China, as the covers are pulled back on just how deceitful they were and continue to be, regarding the Wuhan flu.

Vietnam, India and the likes will be the next third world supplier for global cheap stuff.

David Hagen
2 years ago

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this Corona Virus troubles is that it may be easier to find an empty campsite when things open up. And that better be soon, ’cause I am fed up with this lock-down.

2 years ago

Re: the lead editorial — The pandemic has only run this long because of incompetence and fearmongering by the government. Other countries “took their lumps” and are going back to work, including the Red Menace, while we are self-paralyzed. We HAVE a working treatment, but refuse to employ it because we’re waiting for the “lump-free” miracle vaccine which is not coming soon enough to prevent MUCH WORSE damages to society. Currently, 1 million people will die “deaths of despair” caused by shutdown-induced poverty, unemployment, domestic abuse, and suicides. Quarantine is far more deadly without the virus.

To be clear, I am NOT callously saying we let X people die so the rest of us can go camping — I’m saying we knowingly manage the infection. Super-high-risk folks stay quarantined for a couple weeks to months as they have, but everyone else goes about their business and intentionally catches the virus in phases. We DO know how to lessen the infection (vitamin C and zinc) and we DO know how to kill an infection (azithromycin). After about 6 weeks and two “phases” the ENTIRE public population develops immunity to protect the fragile and this is DONE for good, as it already is in many other countries, and with the MINIMUM number of deaths.

We know how to get past this, but we’re too afraid to manage this. WE are harming ourselves more than the virus can.

2 years ago

I agree with everything you said except ‘fear mongering by the government’. The truth is it’s “FEAR MONGERING BY THE MEDIA”, Our media no long reports…it leads us to believe what they want us to believe.
At a recent convention the keynote speaker asked us if we were depressed,if we were, turn off the news media. That’s the cure.

2 years ago
Reply to  Dale

I’d have to agree with your correction, except both play a role. Government has a duty to encourage truthful information, but they too are bending the story to usurp more powers. The media is completely out of control factually — I’ve lived through many major news events in the last 20 years at ground zero, and PERSONALLY know much of the mainstream news is not actually, factually, true because I was THERE.

Speaking only of THIS week, just in my own circle, many friends post THEIR life as they participate in protest marches and Facebook keeps removing their posts to make it look like the protesters are rarities instead of almost EVERYONE outside NYC. Pictures of my friends on the Capital steps are not “made up” as Facebook keeps saying — media is literally erasing protests from the public view!

I’m privvy to the international cutting edge fight against C19, and there is good knowledge of how it works and there ARE huge advances in treatment… but MSN et al continue with the narrative of “there’s nothing to be done; stay inside and beg for handouts!” It’s sickening (medically and psychologically) and it’s scary as hell for those who see “the new normal” as a thin euphemism for Statism. America is dying and we’re putting a stupid porous bandana on her…

Billy Bob Thornton
2 years ago

Wait, your saying the MSM isn’t reporting the truth. How come when I scanned the networks, the daily briefing from the Whitehouse task force on the Wuhan flu were no longer being broadcast. I checked ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and NOTHING. Those were informative, i just dont understand why game shows on some networks took there place. Call me befuddled.

How am I to find the information (live) so I can use it to protect me and my family?

Ed D..
2 years ago

Watch Fox News. They broadcast these cringe-worthy briefs, ad nauseum.

Billy Bob Thornton
2 years ago
Reply to  Ed D..

ED, I can’t, my wife left me, the dog ran away, and I cut the cord. Sounds like a country song in the making, doesn’t it.

Thanks for the update though, at least some network is doing the public good.

2 years ago

Could not have said it better myself. We will never build up any immunity if healthy people do not get out and about. I am under the 60 age group and use my RV for family vacations. And as long as the campgrounds are open I am going camping virus or no virus. As of now my memorial day weekend trip is still going to happen as the campground is open. I live in PA and our Governor is destroying the state’s small business’s. But hey the big box stores are doing record numbers. But I agree if you are in the higher risk category you should maybe stay home longer. But as US citizens we have that right to make that decision for our selves not made for us by over reaching governors.

2 years ago
Reply to  Travis

Somewhere along the line, people forgot that “flattening the curve” ***REQUIRES*** allowing infection in those who are less at risk and developing immunity over time, NOT futility trying to stop infection.

My reservations in PA were auto-cancelled — maybe it’s because I have to cross state lines to get there? Interesting. But, I’d still wager PA isn’t anything like what’s going on here in NY… this is really getting scary for totally non-C19 reasons.

As for KimC below, I’ll answer: Azithomycin is primarily an antibiotic (anti-bacteria) but absolutely DOES have anti-viral effects as well. It’s commonly prescribed for the flu VIRUS and the cold VIRUS and VIRAL pneumonia. Also, taking down the bacterial load assists with “general” immune system function by reducing the “enemies” needing to be fought concurrently. The final word there remains that azithromycin is already a well-proven treatment in those I know who HAD C19 — clear as could be improvement — from “death bed” level wheezing to “normal cold” level sick — within 12-36 hours of first dose.

Kim S
2 years ago

You do realize that azithromycin is an anti-bacterial (antibiotic) medication, don’t you? Antibiotics have no affect on viruses. Vitamin C & zinc may make a negligible difference but not enough to kill the virus, or prevent disease.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kim S

Forgot to answer your Vitamin C comment… Vitamin C metabolizes into hydrogen peroxide in the bloodstream (yeah, sounds scary, relax…). As you probably know, peroxide kills susceptible cells and destroys virii just by chemical means. In theory, a TINY amount of your own good cells can be harmed by this too, but “exposed” and more susceptible virii and even many cancer cells can’t respond as resiliently as your cells can, so the net effect is WAY positive. Recall that soap is actually mildly caustic to your skin, but we sure advise using it for much the same reasons as Vitamin C.

Gary Reed
2 years ago

Today’s brain teaser answer is the letter “S”.

2 years ago

Boycott CHINA.

Patrick Granahan
2 years ago

We must stop all future trade with China.
Our politicians must work with all free nations to end China trade.
Our intelligence community has determined the facts as to China’s
Global Domination objectives….time now to “cut the cord” and end
All trade with China.
China is not our business partner…they are the enemy.

Billy Bob Thornton
2 years ago

Day late and some Yuen short. I think the powers to be will realign with other third world countries, like Vietnam, India. But it should be a government directive, after assessment, to bring back manufacturing of certain items, found to be mission critical after this go around with the Wuhan flu.

Matt Johnson
2 years ago

With thousand trails canceling my reservations for the next several months, not including the past couple of months, and not refunding my payments, yes I would say at least the way I do camping will change.

2 years ago
Reply to  Matt Johnson

Matt, come to Aspen Grove rv park in Tremonton Utah. Utah is open and this park is new and beautiful, but nearly empty. They are following guidelines and spacing units in everyother space. Spaces are concrete pads and patios wiith lawn between sites. The young couple who built this park are teetering on disaster with this economy. We are supporting them and ask you to support them too.

2 years ago

The Smithsonian channel has a series called “America in Color.” One of the episodes is about the ‘Spanish’ flu. Based on events of the time (WW I) and lifestyles, that may be why the young were more likely to be infected and die. The researchers determined that the disease began with a soldier (a cook) in Kansas at a training base. Tens of thousands of young men were called up and moved around for training and deployment to Europe as the war raged. Often in close quarters with minimal hygiene coupled with a lack of modern medicines, it is no wonder there were so many lives lost. It was a very interesting show. I encourage everyone to try to find it.

2 years ago
Reply to  Linda

I may have the name of the series wrong…could be “America’s Hidden Stories.”

2 years ago
Reply to  Linda

They have still not determined where the virus originated. Some say China. The first “known case” was a soldier in KS. That does not mean it originated here.
Interesting fact: Aspirin was Prescribed, since little else was available, at doses up to 30 grams a day causing quite a few deaths itself. Today 4 grams is considered unsafe.

Excellent series BTW.

John Snell
2 years ago
Reply to  Linda

Also a good article in on the similarities of Covid-19 and the flu.. interesting read.