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It’s Chuck Woodbury’s birthday. Here’s a special note to him

By Emily Woodbury

Happy Birthday, Dad (or Chuck Woodbury, as you know him)!

My dad has been “stuck” (I say that lightly because actually he’s quite enjoying his desert-bathing time) in Arizona during the pandemic. I haven’t seen him since November, which isn’t too unusual for us, considering I used to live nearly 3,000 miles away from him. I go to his house (about 15 minutes from mine) every now and again to tend to his hot tub, run my dog in his beautiful backyard, and see what kind of shelf-stable snacks he and Gail have in the pantry (not much).

Working for a parent is an odd thing. Maybe some of you have done it. I’ve worked for RVtravel.com for three years now, which seems hard to believe. Luckily my dad and I haven’t killed each other yet, or really even wanted to wring each other’s necks. Impressive, right?

He does like to tell the same story over… and over… and over again. And some days when he’s had three too many cups of coffee he can really blab, but wringing his neck? Nah, it’s not so bad.

I am his baby, his only daughter, and his only child. But this website, the one you so religiously read every day or every week, this thing right here is his real baby. It’s been an honor getting to know it.

Before he and Gail headed south in November, we had a weekly tradition of getting breakfast together. His order: a ham steak with eggs over-medium and a side of pancakes. Gail keeps him healthy enough at home, so when breakfast comes around, he’s not afraid to splurge. Breakfast has always been our thing, and in the shadow of a pandemic, I sure do miss those Tuesday morning feasts.

I have traveled to 31 states and 6 countries with my dad. Some of those were on our long cross-country road trip when I was a toddler, others when I was a terribly emotional pre-teen, and others were when I was in high school (still terribly emotional).

When my dad took me to Four Corners I nearly burned my butt off on the hot bronze plaque (they don’t warn you about sitting on it!). When he took me to Badlands, we fed prairie dogs together. When he took me to Las Vegas he paid for me to ride the New York, New York roller coaster until I was green in the face (how did I not throw up after a full buffet-belly?). When he took me to Bryce Canyon, we hiked in the heat until chugging four gallons of water wasn’t enough and we had to return to camp for more.

When he took me to Death Valley, I was 21 and missing my college friends in New York City and completely furious that he took me to THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE… until the first night when I saw the stars. After that, the place stole my heart. That’s what ya gotta do, ya know? Take someone out of their comfort zone, throw them into something new, and watch their smile expand into another galaxy.

When he visited me in New York, I introduced him to arepas and empanadas and fancy cocktails and my friends and my jobs and my apartments the size of dollhouses. Even though he would’ve rather had me at home in Washington close to him all those years, he always smiled and tried to understand the things he never, and would never, could. That’s what it’s like to be a parent, right? You show them the world and then you send them off into it.

I have been blessed with two travelers for parents. Two parents who, throughout my whole life, have never stopped showing me the wonders of the world. Two parents who are explorers, two parents who are endlessly curious, two parents who will always choose the road less traveled, two parents who have graciously shared their wandering eyes with mine: “Em, do you see that?!”

My dad, a man who, even in his 70s, has a curiosity about him much like a young child. A man who could guide you across America from a phone call away: “OK, do you see a big dinosaur statue ahead of you? Great, OK, make a left and then in three miles make a right…”. He knows the highways, the byways, and the dirt roads like the back of his hand. A man who doesn’t drive fast because he knows there is far too much to see on roads that appear quiet. A man who loves cowboys and the old American West, ghost towns and live music in saloons. A man who loves reading – another thing we share. A man with soft hands, forever tanned from a Southern California childhood. A man with an even softer heart.

My childhood and teen years are filled with memories of the American West and the American Southwest. The red rock and the cactus and the lake-blues and the salt-flat whites paint a portrait of a life I am so lucky to have lived.

What you get to read each week from my dad, these articles and these newsletters, you should be honored. He’s an expert in many fields, and his passion for writing to you is enough to spark a sunset. He works hard. We all do. But there is no “off” switch for him. If you told him to stop working it’d be like telling a chicken to stop clucking. It wouldn’t ever work. But that’s why we love him so much, right?

Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you endlessly.

If you want to do something for Chuck on his birthday, he’d want you to wash your hands in his honor. Or you could send a box of Good & Plenty. Those are his favorite.


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5 months ago

Happy birthday Chuck from us the Canadian.

John Koenig
1 year ago

Wishing you a slightly belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chuck as well as many more years of good of adventures and good health. I started RVing ~ ten years ago and was lucky enough to find RVTravel.com early on. Much of what I’ve learned can be traced back to you. I look forward to each issue and am proud to be able to contribute monetarily you (and Mike Sokol). I STRONGLY recommend that others also do so (I know even modest amounts help). It’s great that you’re able to hand the reins over to your daughter. THANK YOU for all your hard work! Best wishes & regards!

Peter Kehoe
1 year ago

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. Met him several times at Hershey, and have read his work ever since. Looking forward (I hope) to meeting you some day.
we admire your candor and dedication to RV life. As a fellow 74’er, we’ve experienced many of the same things over the decades. But I regret getting into RVing late in life. Wish I had met you sooner.

Merl Bell
1 year ago

Happy belated Birthday, Chuck. Hope you had a great day and have many more. I have enjoyed and learned from your Newsletter for many years. Expansion hasn’t hurt it at all. Keep up the good work and safe travels.

Marty chambers
1 year ago

Happy birthday Chuck, you are certainly living a great story.

Dale Sain
2 years ago

When you have a wordsmith for a daughter and she loves you as much as you love her…(naaaw, not possible)…then you’ll get a beautiful tribute that makes grown men cry. “…passion enough to spark a sunset.” Really? That leapt off the screen and gave an intimate insight into the man I read numerous times a week. Yeah, Happy Birthday, Chuck, but we all get those all too often. It’s your pantry-raider that is the treasure and you know it. Thank you Emily. Cheers to you.

Michael R Hale
2 years ago

Thank you Emily, for the nice tribute to Chuck, and to Chuck for providing the insight into the realities of the RV world. We don’t RV anymore, after having had a bunk-bed Wilderness travel trailer with 2 young kids years ago. That’s when I learned the joys of boxed wine, kept in place in the refrigerator with a spring-stick; the kids would go get me a plastic cup of wine while I got the campfire started.

Speaking with my now almost-50 son, I mentioned that my wife and I had a nostalgia dinner the other night with something we haven’t had in more than 40 years. His immediate response was “Bunwiches! We had those when we camped in the Wilderness!” Kids do remember the little things we parents share with them.

Safe travels.

Sharry Buckner
2 years ago

Happy Birthday, Chuck! I call you “friend” because I have followed you since the very early days of Out West! You have, indeed, been an inspiration for many years. I’ve “known” Emily since she was born and loved her article honoring you (or maybe explaining you). I’m so glad we got to meet in person in Texas a couple years ago. Keep traveling and writing and I’ll keep reading. And have lots more happy birthdays.

Nelrea Southwell
2 years ago

It is an honor to share your birthday (May 13….I just turned 79). Thanks for all you do to inform campers.
Know you are proud of your daughter. Yes, you did a super job.
We have had to limit our camping to surrounding state parks due to some health issues but not ready to give up yet.
Happy birthday!
Donnie Ray and Nelrea Southwell
Bascom, FL (That’s close to Two Egg, FL). Bascom is where Actress Faye Dunaway is from. We were classmates in Bascom until 6th grade….family moved to Germany.

Dick and Sandy now home near Buffalo, NY
2 years ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend. You are an inspiration to us all. We look forward each day to your articles and they give us the reason to keep going. Enjoy your special day and may you have many more.

Rose Marie Moran
2 years ago

Happy Belated Birthday. Enjoy Arizona.

Norval D. Chan
2 years ago


Stay safe.

2 years ago

Like everyone else, happy birthday!

Neal Davis
2 years ago

Belated happy birthday, Chuck! I hope that you had a great one and that you have many more! 🙂

Don Wilcut
2 years ago

Happy Belated Birthday Chuck!

Warren Gress
2 years ago

Happy birthday, Chuck! We are relative new comers to RVing, and have been getting your emails for only 3-4 years. We soon became contributors, because we feel there is a lot of value in them, and we enjoy your style. When we sit down for breakfast and start looking at emails and news, RV Travel is always the first one I open.

Patsy Perkins
2 years ago

Happy Barkday!! You have a very sweet daughter. Growing up my parents took us camping in our Coleman pop up trailer. If your ever down in Big Ol Texas! I can definitely tell you some fun places to go since you like the the Wild Wild West. Marfa, Alpine, Terlingua are just a few. I hope y’all can get home soon and Washington is somewhat back to normalcy. Enjoy your day.

Arthur Henry
2 years ago

Happy Birthday Chuck! Stay safe stay well.

Hank Smith
2 years ago

Happy Birthday Chuck. We met in Buffalo, WY a couple of years ago! Fond memory! Have a good one!

Bill Massicotte
2 years ago

Happy Birthday to a great guy. May you have many more. Keep up the writing. We love it and look forward to it. Your wisdom is endless. Keep up the good work. We share your love of the West.
Wishing you and yours good health
Bill and Karen Massicotte

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