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RV Daily Tips. Monday, June 13, 2022

Issue 1881
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Today’s thought

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” ―Winston S. Churchill

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Sewing Machine Day!

On this day in history: 1777 – The Second Continental Congress passes the Flag Act of 1777, adopting the Stars and Stripes as the Flag of the United States.

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Tip of the Day

Paperwork organization: Keep your owner’s manuals, receipts, warranties in check

By Nanci Dixon
Papers in the RV piling up? Corral those owner’s manuals, receipts, and warranties. There is an easy way for paperwork organization! We have been collecting receipts and owner manuals for the last six years in our motorhome. They were bulging out of a bag that came with the RV. Not only had the information outgrown the rather cute Tiffin bag, but it had become totally disorganized and very hard to move. I even had bungee cords to keep it shut!

I was over it. I dreaded having to search for any papers and found this simple, easy-to-access and organize file tote.

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Today’s RV review…

The main living space in the Coachmen Chaparral

2022 Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB fifth wheel

Tony writes, “It’s really different and there are people who are going to see this and swoon. Not everybody, of course, but some. … There is a lot that I like about this rig for the right style of camper. The unusual floor plan makes me happy just because it’s not what I am always seeing. But more than that, I can see this serving some families or even traveling professionals well. ”

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Ask Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook”.

Is it true that dish detergent is bad for RV sidewalls?

Dear Dave,
I’ve heard that dish soaps can dull the fiberglass gel coat finish of an RV, precisely because it’s strong enough to cut grease, so a good car wash product should be used instead. What are your thoughts on this? —Gary, 2014 Forest River r•pod

Read Dave’s answer


That ’70s Hot Dog Show and portable solar power stations

Dear Mike,
Over on your RVelectricity Facebook group I read where you were going to try a Hot Dogger from the 1970s. I had one as a kid, but it’s long gone now. Were you able to find one and did you get it working? —Sid

Dear Sid,
Yes, I did. In fact, it was so interesting I made a video about it, which I’ll publish for the first time here. And, of course, since I like to measure everything, I ran an amperage and wattage consumption test at the same time. And because I’m studying the uses for the latest portable solar power stations, I used a Southwire Elite 1100 Series™ Portable Power Station to power it.

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RVers can’t even escape mice at 22,000-foot elevation!

Nope, you can’t escape them. Mice are everywhere. … RV owners dread mice – and with good reason. They make a mess of things, carry disease and are, well, just creepy. So… when you thought you might be able to escape an RVer’s worst nightmare – mice – by escaping to the highest of heights, think again! Scientists have discovered these mousey-mammals at the top of one of the highest volcanoes in the world: Llullaillaco, at the 22,000-foot elevation. Learn more.

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Quick Tip

Simple RV maintenance tips: Look below and exercise

Look underneath — I know it’s a pain, but it’s well worth inspecting under the rig every once in a while. Have a look for loose, corroding or broken items. A quick inspection can save you from being stranded on the side of a highway. Exercise all systems — Systems that are left dormant in the RV for long periods of time should be run periodically. As an example, when on full hookups for extended periods it’s a good idea to use the water pump occasionally and run the generator for a half hour or so every month. Thanks to

Website of the day

10 Best Paces To Go Snorkeling in the U.S.
Let’s make this the year you try something new, shall we? Snorkeling is a fun, beautiful place to start. This list gives you the best states to snorkel in, and the best places to go snorkeling in each of those states.

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Recipe of the Day

3 Cheese Garlic Braid
by Candi Hummer from Silver Springs, NV

Yum, this cheesy garlic bread is divine. The cheesy center inside the soft, warm bread is drenched in melted garlic butter. The outside has the perfect crusty texture. This will become a family favorite for you too!

Click here for the recipe

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Readers’ Pets of the Day

“Badger and Tippi and Thor love traveling. Thor lays between our captain chairs. They all love meeting new campers. Tippi is under the blanket. She loves to burrow.” —Don & Sue Smalley

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Saturday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

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jillie (@guest_187114)
1 year ago

I have a brother in Colorado and he says he never knows what to expect on his deck. And yes he has but as for me? I would be calling the police if I ever saw one at the campsite. As for the wine? I take the rose wine.

tom (@guest_187062)
1 year ago

Looking underneath is a great idea. But, getting back up is a task.

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  tom

Hi, Tom. Yep. When I stuck that in there and first read the title of the tip, I thought it was referring to the exercise you get by getting down there to look underneath the RV and then getting back up. I then read it and found out it’s talking about exercising the RV’s systems, not your system! 😆 Have a good evening. 😀 –Diane

linda s gray (@guest_187020)
1 year ago

No campsite bear, but have had them on my porch at my sticks and brick!!

Bob p (@guest_187002)
1 year ago

DW says she likes the red wine.

Bob p (@guest_187007)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob p

I’d rather be skinny!

KellyR (@guest_187053)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob p

To be skinny without wine……? Then I would probably whine.

Lil John (@guest_187055)
1 year ago
Reply to  KellyR

One glass of red wine every night . . . . for medicinal purposes of course.

Tony Grigg (@guest_186999)
1 year ago

LOL! I chose ‘red’ many years ago.

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