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As RVers, we have many reasons to give thanks

November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States. (Canadians celebrated in October.) As I was contemplating Thanksgiving and wondering how big a turkey I could fit into my RV’s oven, I thought about the many, many reasons RVers have to give thanks. Here are just a few. I hope they’ll spark some ideas for you. Please add to my “Thankful for …” list in the comments.

A safe (and fully functioning) RV

I’m so very grateful to have our RV. I’m especially thankful now because everything in our rig is in good working order. This RV enables us to see and experience so much more of our great country than if we didn’t have one. It’s comfortable and safe—a real blessing, for sure!

Smooth roads

They are out there! Smooth roads, I mean. We actually traveled over a few this past year, too. It felt like gliding on glass! The only downside is that afterward, poorer roads seemed just that much worse. But I digress. This is a thankfulness list, so, moving on …

Nice campgrounds

To me, a nice campground begins with friendly people at check-in. They greet you like a long-lost friend, and when they say, “Have a pleasant stay,” I believe they really mean it. The nice campground also features spacious lots, full hookups, and quiet, friendly neighbors. There need not be a lot of amenities for us. A nice campground is clean and well-kept. You can tell the folks behind the scenes are proud to keep it that way.

Giving thanks for the folks we meet

I’m also thankful for the many, many people we’ve met along our way. They hold a special place in our hearts, and we dearly hope to see them again one day, somewhere “on down the road.”

Now, how about you? What can you add to my RVers’ thankfulness list? Please share your thoughts and what you give thanks for in the comments below.


Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.



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Susanna Cooper (@guest_211828)
1 year ago

I’m grateful to have a small but very comfy 24′ motor home (Itasca Navion), with a slide-out that makes it feel like it has a dance floor! It’s easy to parallel park and we can take it anywhere, with no need to tow a car.
Also very thankful for a congenial and caring traveling companion, my husband, who conscientiously maintains our RV and plays classical guitar music for me (and for passers-by) while I’m putting dinner together!

N. Crayne (@guest_211666)
1 year ago

Thankful after divorce I decided to buy RV and go FT.never had been in RV. Somehow made good choice and learned how to manage so many trials. Believe In Myself so much now. Had some of the best and worst days.Now feel confident I know where my life is going.

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  N. Crayne

Good for you, N. Onward and upward. Have a good night, and a very Happy Thanksgiving in your new, positive life. 😀 –Diane

Stephanie (@guest_211555)
1 year ago

I am thankful to God for saving my life several times (severe auto accident, near drowning and surviving Stage 3 colon cancer) so that I can have the time to enjoy (along with my husband) the beauty of this wonderful planet he created. I am blessed and feel a closer connection to God, nature and people.

bill (@guest_211467)
1 year ago

Thankful to be one of the far less than 1% of the entire world’s 8 billion human inhabitants that can enjoy life in an RV.

Marie Beschen (@guest_211415)
1 year ago

I am forever thankful for this beautiful country of ours! To be able to travel around it and see it in all it’s glory. Every time we stop at one of our parks, I bless the people who had the foresight and saved it for us to all enjoy! Every park whether it be federal, state or city is such a blessing we can enjoy and cherish.

Stephanie (@guest_211561)
1 year ago
Reply to  Marie Beschen

Marie, Thank your for your lovely words. Blessing those who “had the foresight and saved it for us to all enjoy” at the parks is something that I shall adopt in my future travels.

Bob S (@guest_211367)
1 year ago

Blessed, that’s the only word that begins to describe how our life has been. The last ten years have been especially blessed with a work from anywhere job that has enabled us to live part time in our RV and travel the country. Beforehand if someone would ask me to describe my dream life, I could never have imagined that it would be living and traveling in an RV. It’s just amazing!

Bob p (@guest_211347)
1 year ago

I am thankful for everything in my life, God allowed me to be born to loving, caring parents who raised me to be a productive member of society, where in turn I raised my family to be likewise. Now in turn my grandchildren have become productive members of society. I am thankful for the 41 years my late wife and I had together raising our family. I am thankful for the wonderful wife of 6 1/2 years the Lord guided me to after the loss I suffered, without her love I probably wouldn’t be here today. I am also thankful for my siblings, all of us in our 70’s and still healthy. God Bless!

Gary Yoder (@guest_211340)
1 year ago

Thankful for the ability to still be able to enjoy camping with friends and family after a traumatic bout with Covid 19 and uncertainty whether I would make it home, I’m very thankful. No big plans to venture out and explore the world yet, just enjoying local camping with my beloved friends and family.

littleleftie (@guest_211344)
1 year ago
Reply to  Gary Yoder

Gary—I am thankful that you made it thru your battle with Covid and that you are able to BE home, with your family and friends. Your celebration will be even more meaningful this year. Enjoy!

Sherry Christiansen (@guest_211326)
1 year ago

Thankful for my comfy bed and our furnace on chilly nights.

Drew (@guest_211379)
1 year ago

You’re right Sherry- I give thanks for those things too.

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