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1 year ago

I really enjoy this magazine. Very informative. Thank you. One thing I would like to see is information about older rigs. We just bought a 20-year-old RV in excellent shape, but now that I am looking at spending time with my family in CA, I can’t find a place to park it. They aren’t accepting rigs more than 10 years old. This is heart-wrenching for me as none of my family has space to allow us to mooch camp.

Neil Culver
1 year ago

I have not received any emails or my subscription, I donated $25 and sign up for email notifications a number of times and have not received any, please see if you can fix this. Thanks

Jessica Sarvis (@jessica)
1 year ago
Reply to  Neil Culver

I will send you an email to follow up on this. Thanks!

Chris or Gary Schachel
1 year ago

I m not getting my weekly news letters missed sat & sun