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I am ready for the norovirus and corovirus. Passing the masks around.


I REALLY enjoy this newsletter.

Dry Creek

*Spoiler Alert – Grammar Police have arrived!*
“Cummings then lead police on a slow-speed chase, hitting speeds of as much as 15 miles per hour, while ignoring orders to stop.”
Led is the past tense of lead (as in leading, or in the lead, or lead me not into temptation).
Unless you are referring to a dense heavy, gray metal, then it gets more confusing.


As a person that recently bought a travel trailer, I find it sad that “travel” seems to not be part of the RV experience anymore. And even worse, that RVs being used as apartments are ruining the experience of those that still want to travel. Sad!

AC Holt

What happened to the new RV show called The RVers ? I can’t find it any more on TV.

william mousseau

thank you for all your informational articles they are very helpful


As a mechanic I used plenty of CRC products. CRC’s “heavy duty silicone” endorsed by Mike Sokol, is the best at what it is designed to do. There’s a ton of applications for this product in the home and on the RV. I never travel without a can at the ready. Beware the price though. I bought a supply in Glenns Ferry Idaho at a hardware store for under 6 bucks a can. I have seen it double that other places.