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If you visit this town, you’re going straight to Hell!

You just may have one in your state – a weird or silly named town – like Hell, Michigan, for example. There really is a Hell on Earth. (See what I mean by weird or funny?) Many of the strangely named towns and villages got their names because a founding father or company left their mark in the area. Other places were named after the topography of the region or because a significant historical event happened nearby.

Still other places received their monikers for a more practical reason: The U.S. Postal Service insisted a name be approved by the time the post office building was erected. Townspeople, in a rush to decide, chose a name that still endures and makes us smile today. Whatever the reason, I love the weird town names. Here are a few of my favorites:

Hell, Michigan

George Reeves settled the area in the 1830s. He traded his home-brewed whiskey for the area farmers’ grain. Farm wives didn’t approve of their husbands’ drinking and would complain, “They’re going to hell again.” Today the town has embraced their name. You can eat at the Hell Hole Diner or get married in Hell’s Chapel of Love. There’s even a Hell Saloon featuring sinfully awesome drinks!

Boring, Maryland

This small village was first named Fairview. Why change the name? There were other towns named Fairview on the railroad route and to avoid confusion, Fairview was renamed Boring to honor its first postmaster, David J. Boring. Hmmm. Maybe they should’ve taken a bit more time to choose a name.

Tightwad, Missouri

This little hamlet was named because the postmaster was cheated out of 50 cents when he purchased a watermelon. Today the Tightwad Bank boasts customers from around the globe. Who wouldn’t like to have checks or a bank card that features Tightwad Bank?

Why Not, North Carolina

When townspeople gathered to decide on this town’s name, some said, “Why not call it this?” “Why not name it that?” The discussion got heated and dragged on until a frustrated local exclaimed, “Let’s just call it Why Not so we can all go home!” They did.

Difficult, Tennessee

The U.S. Postal Service rejected the locals’ first attempt to name their village. “Your name is difficult,” said the letter. Residents mistook the letter as an official directive and accepted the name Difficult.

Ding Dong, Texas

The Bell family settled this area and the town decided to honor them by naming the town Ding Dong. Quite an honor, huh?

Nothing, Arizona

Here’s a town that lives up to its name! Besides a deserted gas station and weather-worn sign, there is truly nothing left in Nothing.

Embarrass, Minnesota

Traversing the river that runs through the area toppled many explorers’ canoes. Fur traders also soon became frustrated and, well, embarrassed. The name stuck, unfortunately.

I’m sure there are many, many more strangely named towns that I’ve missed. Have you visited any that we should know about? If so, leave a comment below!


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Kevin Pilant
1 month ago

We have Waterproof, Louisiana.

1 month ago

Maybe neglecting the Grand Tetons is how you ended up in Blue Balls instead of Intercourse, Climax and Paradise?

Retired Firefighter Tom
1 month ago

Been to Hell [and back]. Like stopping to see unusual and oddity attractions even though we have to drive an hour out of our way. Makes the USA a very interesting country.

1 month ago

Frog Pond, Finger and Big Lick, all in NC.

Gene Bjerke
1 month ago

There is a town near where I live in Virginia that is called Tightsqueeze. The road through there maintains its proper width.

1 month ago

Gail, you want strange place names, pick up a map of Newfoundland/Labrador. Joe Batts Arm, Jerrys Nose, Di*do, Fogo. Just a few examples.

1 month ago
Reply to  Nels

That is an factual place name in Newfoundland, it is a part of a boat. Jimmy Kimmel of late night TV fame will verify this. He was elected Honourary Mayor and his film crew visited here.
Like it or not, the name of the town is Di*do! [I had to edit it because our filter [bleeped] it.Diane]

Scott Hunter
1 month ago

Horseheads, New York. The name is derived from the number of bleached skulls of pack horses left behind by the Sullivan Expedition.

Dan Rucker
1 month ago

Toad Suck, Arkansas

Kenneth Pier
1 month ago

Christmas, MI. It’s in the Upper Peninsula

1 month ago

Not only do we have Hell, Michigan, we also have Climax and Paradise, Michigan!

megan edwards
1 month ago

Yellowdog, Pa. Named for non union miners.

Rey L.
1 month ago

Rancho Cucamonga, CA. (Inc. in 1977 from Cucamonga, Etiwanda & Alta Loma)

Edie F
1 month ago

Buzzards Bay, MA ………. going towards Cape Cod.

1 month ago

In Canada, you’ll find just a few places with duplicate names. That’s because place names needed to approved by Ottawa (Canada’s capital). Ottawa should have been named “Home of the Idiots” since that’s where you’ll find our federal politicians.

1 month ago

How about Uranus, Missouri, and Toadsuck, Arkansas?

1 month ago

Add “Why”, Arizona.

It used to be just “Y” but the USPS said it had to have 3 letters. (IIRC)

Joyce Davis
1 month ago

Don’t forget Peculiar, Missouri https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peculiar,_Missouri

Bob Packer
1 month ago

Pink, Oklahoma. Bowlegs, Oklahoma. Bugtussle, Oklahoma. Nowata, Oklahoma. Lottawata, Oklahoma. Slapout, Oklahoma.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

There is a town in Arizona called “Hope”. The best part of Hope (to us anyway) is the sign as you leave. It says “Your Now Beyond Hope”. The incorrect spelling is THEIRS on the actual sign. A local propane dealer is named “Passmore Gas” and it’s posted in big letters on a large propane tank. The owner’s name IS Passmore! Naturally, these are ‘Kodak moments’!

Lauren Baker
1 month ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

In BC Canada there is also a town called ‘HOPE’ It is a town that is at the divide of Highway 1 (Trans-Canada)and highway 5 (The Coquihalla).

Jim Thomas
1 month ago

My favorite is Intercourse, PA.

Mark K
1 month ago
Reply to  Jim Thomas

There is also Blue Ball, PA, Bird-in-Hand, PA, and after you visit those three, you are in Paradise, PA.

Roger Christianson
1 month ago
Reply to  Jim Thomas

We have a Climax, MI.

Bo Walker
1 month ago

Okay, okay, There is a Two Egg, Florida. The population is 4,449.

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