Saturday, July 24, 2021
Saturday, July 24, 2021

Stupid, stupid towing technique. Watch short video and weep

By Normal Frump
Oh, here we go again with massive evidence of the dramatic decline in human intelligence. Is it the preservatives in our food numbing our brains, or our brains turning to mush after days, weeks, months and years of staring at computer screens and mobile devices — and slowly but surely transforming that ugly glob of tissue behind and above our eyeballs into the equivalent of a sea slug.

Or is it our educational system that teaches children to memorize the Gettysburg Address, but fails to teach them that there is a danger later in life of not learning common sense, which will be far more important one day than what Abe Lincoln said years ago, which is available instantly via Google.

So here we go again (oh, this is hard to watch and not lose faith in humanity) with yet more evidence of modern day man’s (and woman’s) mental decline. The driver of this car is towing a U-Haul trailer, which, in itself, is not stupid. But wait, OMG! He’s towing it on its side with no wheels on the ground — scraping the highway as he goes.

The video ends too soon for us to learn how the stupidity ends. We’re hoping the trailer doesn’t catch fire. We’re also hoping a trooper pulls the Neanderthal driver over and asks him (or her), “You outta yer freaking mind?!”

And we sure wish we could be at the U-Haul dealer when the driver turns the trailer in. Oh, boy, that would be so much fun!

Watch and weep!



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Jim Prideaux
13 days ago

For some you really need to start with the basics: 1) The side with the wheels is on the road.

20 days ago

Taking it back to U-Haul to get it put back on it’s wheels? Did they pay extra for damage insurance? Does it apply when there’s such gross negligence? So many questions.

Jon Hamm
22 days ago

The two most terrifying parts of this to me are the multiple points of damage to the rear end (view at 0:14) and that the driver is willfully ignoring the problem. This isn’t just stupidity. This person is unhinged!

Tom Horn
23 days ago

Don’t worry, be happy

27 days ago

Their transmission overheating and catastrophic failure will put an end to this stupidity.

Uncle Swags
27 days ago

Wasn’t their motto “An Adventure in Moving”? But they never said for whom.

27 days ago

I would NOT follow this guy as filmer did. When chunks or entire trailer come off, you get shrapnel in your car. Pull ahead, block and stop.

Jim Prideaux
13 days ago
Reply to  Wolfe


Frans Schouten
6 days ago
Reply to  Wolfe

Some people never look back in life and even when they are driving a Car.

27 days ago

So that’s why they sell the extended warrantee.

Wayne Caldwell
27 days ago

They walk among us and they breed. They should apologize to the trees that are working so hard to provide these people with their oxygen.

27 days ago

I would hope someone would have called the police. Fires started by sparks from a trailer can cause a fire costing more than that insane driver is worth.

27 days ago

Don’t have to worry about sway!

27 days ago

O. M. G!!!

27 days ago

At least it saves on tire wear 😉

27 days ago

I would have called 911.

27 days ago
Reply to  Nancy

I agree Nancy, that would be the wisest decision. Getting involved beyond calling 911 would demonstrate similar traits to that driver. I’m pretty sure the trailer is either empty or close to it or the vehicle couldn’t pull it down the road.

27 days ago

Auugh! And they teach their children.

28 days ago

Ever wonder if drugs are involved somehow??

27 days ago
Reply to  Jim

IMO your assumption is correct. The drug? Quite common, Family sharing like DNA. 🤪

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