Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Thank your lucky stars you live where you do!


By Chuck Woodbury
I imagine most readers of live in uncrowded neighborhoods. Some may commute to work on gridlocked freeways or even subways. But for most of us – especially those who are able to travel freely around the country in our RVs – crowding is not a factor in our lives. I came across this video today and I cannot resist sharing it with you.

It’s hard to watch. It illustrates that crowding in our world is very real. I pity the people in this video who have to fight so hard to travel from one place to another. I imagine their living conditions are not much better.

I am so lucky, and I bet you are too, at least compared to these people.


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charles cox
4 years ago

when we lived in thailand in the late 60’s there was a saying-
“there’s always room for one more (person or animal)” on the Baght pick-ups (datsuns with a roof over the bed & bench seats)
or lao lao buses. people would cling to the sides or get on the roof. on one trip to the local village a lady sitting by the cab had a huge fish to sell to someone at the end of the bed, she passed it from each one of us to get it to that person-we were in the middle of the line. never in america!

Michael Galvin
4 years ago

Overcrowding/the population explosion is the most serious problem facing us, and it creates others such as climate change. Food, water, and land are in short supply, and the shortages are getting worse. Our children and grandchildren will live in a desperate world and wars over resources seem inevitable.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

So these places offer free train travel eh? Ya gotta know none of these folks are paying – just hopping on. Yeah, I’m very thankful for where I live. Gotta watch I don’t take it for granted because sometimes I do – I KNOW I do.

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