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You should be using broom holders in your RV (and not just for holding brooms!)

Broom hangers help keep brooms and mops tidy, but you might be surprised to learn the following tips and hacks for using broom hangers while RVing. Hint: These tricks have nothing to do with brooms!

Note: Broom hangers come in a variety of styles. Some feature self-adhesive mounting while others require screws to mount. The tips that follow generally suggest the self-stick type of hanger (like these), but heavy items may require a screw mount. It’s important to note the weight capabilities of the broom holder you intend to use. Also, check to see if the self-adhesive holder will adhere to the surface you intend for it.

Using broom holders in the RV living room and galley

  • Curtains. Use two holders for this tip and rotate each broom holder 90 degrees. Position one holder on either side of your RV windows. Then use the holders to hold a curtain rod (or PVC pipe) and window curtains.
  • Step stool. Two broom holders will keep your step stool handy but out of the way.
  • Spice jars. Use a multi-broom strip holder to keep spices corralled.
  • Umbrella. A single broom holder will hold your umbrella until the next rainy day.
  • Flashlight. Place a broom holder near the RV’s front door to hold a small flashlight. That way, you’ll always know where to find it. (Also think: an additional holder/flashlight near your bed.)

In the RV bathroom and bedroom

  • Ironing board. Full-timers can use a pair of broom hangers to contain the ironing board.
  • Vacuum attachments. Broom hangers can hold vacuum attachments until you need them.
  • Electric toothbrush. Use a broom hanger to keep your toothbrush off the countertop yet still handy. (Also think: makeup brushes, hair curling iron, etc.)
  • Back brush. Affix a self-stick broom hanger in the shower. Then hang your back brush from it.
  • Shower hack. Position one or two broom hangers on the RV shower ceiling. Fasten your shower wand there for a taller shower spray. You can still remove the wand when needed.

RV basement

Tools. Rotate broom holders 90 degrees to horizontally hold shovels, outside brooms, and other tools on your RV’s basement walls.

Do you use broom holders in unusual ways while RVing? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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1 month ago

Great ideas. But multiple photos, or better yet, a You Tube Video showing all the different uses, would make it much better.

1 month ago

Genius, Gail, genius!

Chaya Rachel
1 month ago

I use them to mount small hand sanitizer pumps wherever I need them.

1 month ago

Thanks Gail! I use one for my Swiffer but never thought about using one for a flashlight just inside my entry door.

1 month ago

Love your clever ideas, Gail! There’s always something I can use in the RV or at home.

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