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Cheap and easy DIY RV curtains and rods

By Cheri Sicard
If you have ever wanted to replace your RV curtains, whether it be in a trailer, motorhome, van, or skoolie, you have probably already discovered this can be an expensive proposition.

I know I was shocked at the price of hardware to hang curtains (the curtains I made myself) when I was doing my RV remodel. Not only were commercial curtain rods expensive, but they also did not work so well.

In the video below, the folks from ColaVentures have a lower-cost solution. (I have another one too that is even lower cost I’ll put at the end of this post.)

Instead of buying curtain rods, they used copper pipes.

Available in 10-foot lengths, this provided not only a stylish way to hang curtains but gave them the long lengths they needed for their school bus RV conversion.

Well, actually they needed more than 10 feet, but with a small copper joint they could attach two pipes together.

Copper end caps make everything look neat. Small hooks attach the pipes to the RV walls and the curtains simply thread on just like any other curtain rod.

Watch the video for exactly how they did it. You’ll get tips like how to use solderless copper compound to hold joints together without having to solder them, and see how they mounted the DIY curtain rods.

Cheri’s even less-expensive RV curtain rods

RV curtains, - conduit curtainrods

Before we get to the video I promised you an even less-expensive option than copper pipes. I used this in my trailer and it has held up well over the last two years and through LOTS of travel.

It’s similar to what they did in the video, but I used electrical conduit instead of copper. Meant to house electrical wires in construction, conduit is available at any hardware store. You can even buy mounting hardware to match the size of your conduit (see close-up photo above).

Cut to size and mount if you like the look of the silver color. If not, simply spray paint. I painted mine black to match the rest of my trailer’s hardware. Cheap, easy, and extremely functional.

Here’s an online tutorial I found that talks about using conduit. And be sure to watch the video below for the copper pipe version of DIY RV curtains and curtain rods.



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Gary W Mayberry
1 month ago

Have you checked out the price of copper pipe and caps and etc. lately?

1 month ago

He said $15 for 10 feet of rod.

Cheri Sicard
1 month ago

I used electrical conduit, far cheaper.

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