Monday, September 26, 2022


A VW Bug and motorhome mash-up: The super-cool Super Bugger RV!

The VW Bug motorhome video below from Barcroft Cars answers the question: What would happen if you married an RV and a Volkswagen Beetle? The answer? You’d get The Super Bugger!

The video highlights arguably one of the most unique RVs and unique Volkswagen Bugs ever.

The Super Bugger RV is definitely an attention grabber. The owners claim people flock to it wherever they go. It’s so darn cute, it’s easy to understand why.

This uber-unusual VW Bug motorhome traces its roots back to the 1970s.

A California company got the bright idea to convert the timeless Volkswagen Beetle into a tiny motorhome. At the time, the Volkswagen Beetle motorhome sold for a mere $6,000 as a conversion kit. Maybe that was not so cheap back then…

Somehow it never quite caught on, which is a shame. For such a tiny RV, the Super Bugger has a lot of amenities. And it is so small you could park it almost anywhere.

The one in the video is built on a 1969 VW Beetle with the RV part being built around the car.

That means elements of the original Beetle remain intact. For instance, the Beetle’s front trunk space now makes for extra camping gear storage. It even has the original Volkswagen dashboard, steering wheel, and 4 speeds on the floor!

Inside there is cozy seating for four, a stove and a sink.

A 4-cylinder 1400 CC engine powers it all and makes this tiny RV easy to maintain.

The owner inherited the RV Beetle motorhome in pretty rough shape.

After a labor of love, the Super Bugger VW motorhome has undergone a total restoration.  Extremely rare, it’s believed only 4 or 5 of these odd motorhomes still exist.

But, know that if you fall in love with this VW Bug motorhome, you can supposedly go online and find the schematics of how to build one yourself!



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1 month ago

Just don’t try to climb any mountains in high elevation with it. In other words don’t go to the smoky mountains or any state out west.

Gene Bjerke
1 month ago

I saw a similar rig some years ago, except it was not a wide body. I sent you a picture, several years ago now. I could send it again if you wish.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  Gene Bjerke

Hi, Gene. Sure, go ahead and resend the picture if you want, but I’m not sure we can use it. This one was posted because of the video. You can send it here: Thanks! Have a great day. 😀 -Diane

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