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High-tech camper boats: 7 amazing amphibious travel trailers


By Cheri Sicard
I never even knew such things existed, but these amphibious travel trailer camper boats are pretty incredible.

The video below presents seven unique but practical camper boats. Most are not available in the U.S., but one is built here. Nonetheless, all of them are big fun to marvel at. With one of these, you no longer need to choose between an RV or a boat, as you can have your cake and eat it too. All in the same towable rig!

Camper boats covered in this video:

The Mini-Big – Created by a Japanese company, the Mini-Big is a 12.5-foot-long by 5.5-foot-wide boat that transforms into a travel trailer or vice versa. It can comfortably carry up to three people. While the manufacturer suggests equipping the Mini-Big with an outboard motor, it is so small and so light that, at least in theory, you could propel it with oars. Its small size also means that in most countries, you won’t need a boating license to take it on the water.

Boat-A-Home Escape II 6.9 – An aluminum hull and fiberglass body team up in this Australian camper boat. It features twin hull construction for increased stability on the water, a big rear deck, lots of room for comfy living inside, all in a package only 22.6 feet long.

Sung Woo Motors Boat Van – A Korean company that specializes in car recycling and camping products makes the amphibious Boat Van for the European market. Despite the name, it’s really an amphibious trailer, not a van. But it has lots of great amenities like a fold-down swimming platform, and room to sleep four people.

Sealander – This is a very small amphibious camper, but it is nonetheless extremely well made with German craftsmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. It’s meant to withstand rough weather conditions. This camper boat comes with optional amenities such as an onboard toilet, BBQ grill, and cooler.

Caravan Boat – The Germany-based company builds a 30-foot caravan trailer with flotation capabilities. This houseboat sleeps four people and has a layout not unlike a one-bedroom apartment. There’s a full kitchen, a bathroom, and panoramic windows to enjoy the views. It’s also equipped with solar, a backup camera, a sunbathing area on the roof, and much more.

Land and Sea RV – From Missouri’s Land and Sea RV, the Freedom 25 Series is a U.S.-built trailerable houseboat. It comes with an aluminum trailer base and has a wide range of engines to choose from.This camper boat features a full bathroom with shower, three water tanks for fresh and waste water, two sofa beds, and a mini-fridge.

Caraboat – Inspired by the water-cruising caravan hybrids of the 1970s, this camper boat is suitable for inland water bodies. It features a catamaran nose, trailer platform, and two outboard engines. Due to the shallow draft feature, shallow water presents no problems for this unusual craft. Its detachable trailer platform is easy to launch and recover from the water. It features a full bath, kitchen, sleeping space, and enough storage to carry a kayak.

Without a doubt, these seven amphibious travel trailers represent some of the most unusual and versatile RVs on the market. Check them out and prepare to be amazed.

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Tom 2424
1 month ago

As a former trailerable boat owner (3 times over, actually), for the models that have permanently-attached wheels, I would think it would be a challenge to keep the wheel bearings lubed. I would definitely NOT use them in salt water, either. I can’t imagine leaving wheel bearings immersed in salt water for any period of time.

Gary Bate
1 month ago

Or you could just get a boat that you can sleep on.

Mike Albert
1 month ago

As far as licensing and registration for the watercraft, it’s required in PA; DL; VA; NJ; and FL if it has a gas powered motor. Don’t know about electric motors. Certain areas have restrictions on fresh water lakes, rivers and streams/canals about power as well. Best to check with local agencies before launching. Don’t know if I would be comfortable in any body of water with these “boat-campers” that has more than small wavelets and a slight breeze. They look too heavy.

1 month ago

In Florida, we saw a 26′ sailboat that had been redesigned into a shallow water camper for exploring Florida wetlands. No sail equipment, just a small outboard.
Sure looked like freedom and fun.

Bob p
1 month ago

This could be a solution to campground overcrowding.

1 month ago
Reply to  Bob p

Good one Bob.

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