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Trailer-teardrop hybrid: Innovative vintage Shasta trailer remodel


By Cheri Sicard
Check out this unique vintage Shasta trailer remodel that adds teardrop functionality to a Shasta Compact trailer.

According to Matt, whose project this is, the Compact was Shasta’s smallest-ever camper, at just 13 feet in length from tongue to the back, meaning there is only 10 feet of actual living space.

When he and his wife bought the trailer they did plan a rehab, but they didn’t think it would need a whole lot of work. They were wrong. The vintage Shasta trailer had lots of water damage and needed a complete overhaul.

It might have been a heck of a lot of work, but the RV remodel came out beautifully. The trailer looks vintage but stylish and now sports some modern amenities including a small roof-mounted air conditioner and a new power panel and LED lighting.

Since he had to take it down to the frame, Matt completely changed the trailer’s interior layout. And he did it in a way that makes tons of practical sense!

A seating bench runs the length of one side of the trailer. Hidden underneath is lots of storage space. The cabinets above add even more storage.

Two bunks line the trailer’s opposite side, with big drawers underneath, a full-sized bed on the bottom and a single bed on the top.

The dinette is especially ingenious: A double drawer pulls out and forms the support for a drop-down table. With the table down, storage for dishes becomes revealed. There’s even a backrest that swings down from the underside of the top bunk.

Matt has found a way to put every possible nook and cranny of space in the tiny vintage Shasta trailer to use. There’s no room for a full bathroom, but they do carry a cassette toilet.

Perhaps the biggest change Matt made to the trailer is on the exterior. The back side fully opens, much like a teardrop trailer would, to reveal a full kitchen. The back galley allows the family full kitchen functionality without having to take up interior space.

The whole project took Matt about 3 1/2 months to complete once he got started. The trailer weighs about 2,000 lbs. and Matt tows it with a Honda Odyssey.

This vintage Shasta trailer shows that remodel projects do not necessarily need to recreate history, and that sometimes you can improve upon the classics.


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29 days ago

Now there’s a guy like me. Can visualize and create. The only thing I would have done different would be to have a water tank so you can camp in campgrounds that don’t have water. Or at least a way of carrying a couple of 5 gal containers of water.

1 month ago

Love this renovation! What a great use of space, and so many creative ideas went into it’s creation that are so practical and useful. Incredible job.

1 month ago

I love the innovation and use of space! Great planning and good workmanship also. Thanks for salvaging that unit. Enjoy!

Rey L.
1 month ago

That trailer is “killer” (in a good way)!!!

Tana S
1 month ago

Very well done. wow!

1 month ago

Best outdoor kitchen I have ever seen.

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