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What we learned about you last week (December 21-27)

By Emily Woodbury

Howdy! Did you all have a wonderful holiday week? I sure hope so! Actually you know what? I take that back. The holidays can really be a downer for some people, and if the holidays are a downer for you, that’s okay too. I hope either way that you did something for yourself this week that made you smile. That’s all that matters.

Last Saturday’s poll taught me something… and not just something about you. I had no idea that people dream in black and white…that’s a real thing? I guess so! Actually the largest percentage of you, 32 percent, dream in both color and black and white (and another 32 percent of you don’t know). A smaller, though still surprising to me, 7 percent of you dream only in black and white, but 29 percent of you only dream in color. I just did a quick Google search and came across this article. How interesting!

In the Sunday newsletter poll, we asked if you generally use the bathroom in your RV or the public bathroom when you stop at a rest area. We (Chuck) guessed that you’d most likely use the one in your RV, but he was wrong! Most of you, 35 percent, answered that you’d always or almost always use the public restroom, and 21 percent of you would most likely use the public bathroom. Chuck was right about 28 percent of you, though, who would always use your RV restroom (and the final 16 percent of you would most likely use your RV restroom vs. the public one).

Monday’s poll taught us that more than half of you (51 percent) never watch an entertainment DVD in your RV. A little more than a third of you, 36 percent, watch one sometimes, and 13 percent of you watch one very often. Isn’t that crazy? It seems like just yesterday DVDs were “all the rage.” I don’t even own a DVD player, and my computer doesn’t have a CD slot. I couldn’t watch one even if I wanted to. (However, I’m sure most of your RV TVs have a DVD player. Do they?).

Jeesh! More than 3,300 people responded to our Tuesday poll question: Would you ever pick up a hitchhiker? Let’s go in backwards order here. More than half of you, 53 percent, said nope, you would not, and a quarter of you said you probably would not. I’m curious to hear the reasoning behind the 19 percent of you who answered that you have in the past but you wouldn’t again. (Is that because the times have changed or because you had a bad experience? Actually, I’m not sure that I want to know the answer to that…) Only a small 4 percent of you answered, “Absolutely!” We got a lot of comments on this one, so scroll down the page if you’re curious.

How much effort do you put into recycling your garbage? That’s what we asked you on Thursday. (We didn’t publish a newsletter on Wednesday.) A significant 41 percent of you answered that you put in a lot of effort to recycle, and 29 percent of you recycle often but it’s not that big of a deal to you. A smaller 13 percent of you will recycle if it’s convenient, and 16 percent of you never, or hardly ever, recycle. Many of you pointed out in the comments that it’s sometimes hard to find recycling facilities while on the road, but most of those wrote that you take your recycling home with you (if it’s a short enough trip) or you drive until you find a place to recycle – Thank you!

Why was the butcher arrested? For bringin’ home the bacon! Friday’s poll asked you how often you eat red meat. Pretty often, it looks like! A little more than half of you, 51 percent, eat red meat very often. A little more than a third of you, 35 percent, eat it sometimes, a smaller 10 percent of you consume red meat very seldom, and only 3 of you don’t eat it at all.

That’s a wrap! Enjoy your weekend, folks. Have a very happy and safe New Year’s next week. I will see you back here next year! Hard to believe, huh? Cheers.



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Ronald Payne
3 years ago

To answer your question on picking up h.h.I have many a years ago,and if I saw someone in distress i would pickup or call for help if they needed it.One must remember that most people have a phone,whereas before…..

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