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RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1241

Friday, December 27, 2019
Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros, travel advice, a handy website of the day, tips on our favorite RVing-related products and, of course, a good laugh. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate you. Please tell your friends about us.

Today’s thought

“Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t.” —Pete Seeger

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Fruitcake Day!

Tip of the Day

Easy cast iron pan cleanup

“We were dry camping with friends and it was my turn to make breakfast. Remembering all the water it took to clean my cast iron pan the last meal like this, I took extra heavy aluminum foil and covered the inside of the pan pressing the foil tight against the pan. A quick spray of Pam, a little melted butter, and gentle stirring with the plastic spatula of the scrambled eggs turned them into a wonderful meal topped with cheese. Foil was crumbled up – pan clean.” Our thanks to Debbie Peterson Jenson!

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Don’t blow out your plumbingRV Travel Newsletter Issue 875
Sooner or later, usually “sooner,” every RVer comes upon an RV park water hookup with pressure so high it could blow out the plumbing. None of us want that because it causes a lot of damage and is expensive to fix. The simple solution is to be sure when you hook up use a water pressure regulator, like this one that features a lead-free design to prevent lead contamination. Learn more or order

Helpful resources


Did you buy a lemon RV? Here’s more about RV lemons and lawyers who will represent you if you need help.

Quick Tip

This may save the toad car battery from dying while being towed

Toad car battery go dead from leaving the switch on to keep the steering wheel unlocked? For SOME tow cars this may work: Turn the ignition switch all the way ON, then all the way OFF, but leave the key in the switch. For some vehicles this will still leave the wheel “free” but eliminate the power drain. Check to make sure your steering wheel remains UNLOCKED before towing!

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Random RV Thought

Traveling or even living full-time in an RV may make you realize that you can live comfortably in a much smaller space than in a traditional home. The thought may strike you that “I really don’t need all the stuff back home because what is most important to me is right here.” Face it, in an RV, you eat just as well, you sleep just as well, you dress just as well (if you choose) and you are just as warm or cool as you choose to be. And with an RV, when you get tired of the view out your window, you can easily move to a new one.

Website of the day

AAA Digest of Motor Laws
The AAA Digest of Motor Laws is an online compendium of laws and rules related to driving and owning a motor vehicle in the United States and Canada, including traffic laws, vehicle titling and registration requirements, fees and taxes, driver’s licenses and traffic safety.

Don’t take a break on your brakes!
RV Travel Newsletter Issue 911Every RVer needs one of these!
Wonder what it would be like to have your brakes go out while you’re going down a long, steep grade? You might find out if your brake fluid is moisture-contaminated. Water in brake fluid boils and can wipe out your braking ability! Buy yourself a brake-fluid tester for less than $10 that warns you if there’s too much water in your fluid. Simply dip the tester into your rig’s brake fluid and you’ll be able to see where you stand. Learn more or order.

Clubs and useful organizations
PLEASE NOTE: We may receive an affiliate commission if you join any of these.

• Harvest Hosts: Stay free at farms, wineries and other scenic and peaceful locations for free.
AllStays: The best website for RVers! Your membership will become your RV-bible.
Overnight RV parking. Directory of more than 14,000 locations where you can stay for free or nearly free with your RV. Modest membership fee.
• Boondockers Welcome. Stay at homes of RVers who welcome you in their driveways, yards, farmland or other space on their private property. Modest membership fee.
Escapees. Best Club for RVers: All RVers welcome, no matter what type of RV, make or model.
No-park Walmarts. Best directory of stores that do not allow overnight stays with RVs.


The Wizard of Oz’s real, full name is Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs. Say that five times fast (or once)…

Which country has the most pets per household? It’s not the United States! Find out in yesterday’s issue.

Don’t scream, just fix the screen!RV Travel Newsletter Issue 912
This roll of screen repair tape is just what you need to fix those torn or ripped screens in your home or RV. Don’t waste money on a new screen! Cut as much tape as you need, stick it over the torn patch and you’re good to go. Learn more or order here

Leave here with a laugh

A small frog goes to a fortune teller and asks if he is going to meet a young girl. The psychic says, “Yes, you are.” The frog replies, “Where? In a bar? … Or at a party?” The psychic says, “In biology class.”

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Mark B
2 years ago
RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  Mark B

Interesting article. Thanks Mark. Like so many other things, one year something is good for us and the next year it isn’t. I’ll just cover everything at once by saying that “living is hazardous to our health.” 😉 —Diane at RVtravel.com

Mark B
2 years ago

Cast iron works fine for eggs. Brush a little oil on bottom of pan first and don’t let heat get too high. Not good though, if you are stirring the egg. Pretty much a one flip operation. Works fine for most veggies (ie spinach, onions, peppers) that I saute before cracking egg over. Sometimes put cheese on top, at the very end. If I start with bacon or some meats, I don’t need to brush the oil on bottom first.

When done, I use a plastic spatula/flipper to scrape pan, wipe with paper towel. If needed I rinse bottom quickly (in and out, that fast), wipe again with towel while over low-medium heat to dry out any moisture, then spread a few drops oil with towel, turn off heat and let cool. Got 50 years on my pans, and they are used for home, RV and campfires. Outside of pan has never been cleaned.

2 years ago

In the tips section the person said she cooked her eggs in tinfoil. If she did this they would of turned green!

Mark B
2 years ago
Reply to  Tina

Wow, I cook eggs in my cast iron once or twice per week. Never green. I just watched videos of people frying eggs in foil. Never green. However, I looked at the “egg site” and they say eggs turn green. I have had some greenish tint to yolk in hard boiled eggs, but very rarely.


I think that would make a good survey. Do your eggs turn green when cooking?
Always or almost always, Somewhat often, closer to 50/50, Not too often, Never or almost never

I don’t buy brown, organic/vegetarian fed or free range or cage-less eggs. I switch between teflon, microwave or cast iron. Hasn’t mattered if propane, natural gas, electric or campfire. Regular prep and consumption for 50 years.

Captn John
2 years ago

Red meat of course. And often. I like my steak TAN on the outside, want to hear “MOOO” when the fork goes in and see it bleed when cut.

2 years ago

If the cast iron is properly seasoned, we’ve had no problem with using a dash of warm water and a plastic scouring pad (non-abrasive!) to remove stubborn food deposits. GENTLY rub to loosen. But in most cases, a simple scraping with a plastic spatula does the trick. I usually follow with a wipe-down using a lightly-oiled paper towel, before setting the cast-iron cookware aside.

The advice about never using water is overly fearful. The thing to avoid is strong detergents that will attack the seasoned surface. And never, ever use abrasive pads or scouring powder, unless you’re preparing to re-season the cookware.

For our camper, we leave the cast iron home. The new wok-shaped non-stick skillets with a small flat bottom to fit the burner, with bowl-shaped sides, have proven to be incredibly versatile for cooking everything from eggs and hash browns to one-dish meals and even a soup mix, all in one light-weight, durable implement. And clean-up is nothing more than a simple paper-towel wipe out. Be sure to get the thicker metal cookware. Heat distribution is great. The new non-stick coatings are near-perfect, and isolate the metal from the food. The only downside is to NEVER use metal utensils in them; nylon and plastic utensils are much lighter and won’t damage the cooking surface.

2 years ago

Red meat: Every day. More if I can manage it. Cholesterol isn’t a problem if you use enough salt to blow the clogs through. 🙂

Cast Iron: TERRIBLE idea. No matter how “gently” you cook those eggs, I’m pretty sure some will stick and end up with aluminum bits in your food. Aluminum is actually VERY bad for you to ingest as it has direct links to causing or “activating” many neurological disorders. The entire POINT of cast iron is that it’s so easy to clean and durable. If you’re getting food sticking, you need to reseason the pan. If you don’t know how, here’s one video for not only recovering rusty cast iron, but reseasoning as well:


Thomas Becher
2 years ago

Red meat? Not really,I like to cook it first.

2 years ago

Has anyone joined the RV Repair Club? And is it safe giving your cc number?

Lisa Cantrell
2 years ago
Reply to  Jack

I joined and virtually everything they sent cost more money. I quit. Easier and better to find things on YouTube or through the various experts available through RVTravel

Bob p
2 years ago

2017 Equinox remove fuse #32 on side of center console(I installed an in-line fuse holder and switch to simply turn the switch on/off), leave key in accessory position, transmission in neutral, don’t exceed 65mph, start engine and let it idle while refueling. Been following this factory procedure for 2.5 years 12K miles with no problem.

2 years ago

Sorry, forgot to say why no battery shut down. 18 Equinox has electric steering assist.

2 years ago

Better yet, don’t use a cast iron pan!

2 years ago

With our tow vehicle( 2018 Equinox), disconnecting the battery is a big no- no. Run a charger line or as we’ve done set up solar for the car.

Jayne Kelly
2 years ago
Reply to  dave

Are you saying that the battery does go dead after towing? I just bought a 2018 Equinox specifically for towing 4 down.

2 years ago

The BEST advice for flat towing any vehicle 4-down is to follow the manufactures recommendations ALWAYS.

2 years ago

Max. travel trailer length in 28 1/2′ long? I know plenty exceed that! I checked Ca. and Az.- they are both the same. I’m going to check our dmv site and verify.

2 years ago
Reply to  Drew

Well, I checked. Ca. DMV states the total length for both trailer and tow vehicle is 65′. Now, that’s making more sense. There are many other differences between Triple A’s site and the State one too- so make sure to go to the individual sites and don’t rely on the the Auto Club’s info.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago
Reply to  Drew

And don’t worry about the length of your travel trailer, no matter where you go.

Deb Ballew
2 years ago

I wanted to comment on the cast iron pan – NEVER use soap and water – salt will do the trick to clean. Also Pam is a big no-no. Cast Iron will last many life times if if taken care of properly. I cook all the time with my great grandmothers!

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago
Reply to  Deb Ballew

For a $20 cast iron pan, I’ll use soap and water, when needed. And when I have to, I always wipe it lightly with vegetable oil to keep it seasoned…per instructions.

Lisa Cantrell
2 years ago
Reply to  Sink Jaxon

The entire point of cast iron pans is that they do not need to be washed. My grandmother had ones for 80 years that was never washed and was coveted by EVERY one of her 16 grandchildren. The oldest got it.

2 years ago

I installed a physical shut off switch on my negative post on the towd. Never have to worry about battery draining while being towd. Simple and easy, only downside having to reset radio.

2 years ago

Maximum RV and Towable Lengths by State:

Compiled by the RVIA: https://www.rvia.org/system/files/media/file/Maximum%20RV%20Length.pdf

This is only provided as a Guide!

Take Care!

Lisa Cantrell
2 years ago

Cast iron pans should never be cleaned with water. Other than their great weight they are excellent for Rving as the only thing that’s needed to clean them (once they’ve been conditioned) is a bit of kosher salt. Sprinkle some in the pan and use a paper towel to wipe them around until all the gunk is gone. If you want to rinse with a bit of water, use it VERY sparingly to simply rinse the pan and dry thoroughly immediately.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lisa Cantrell

Yeah, if you’re having trouble with sticking on a CI pan, need to look at re-seasoning it and using more grease. Aluminum foil defeats the whole purpose.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lisa Cantrell

The reason for using cast iron is to get the benefit of the iron and the great flavor that comes from cooking in it. Alzheimer’s disease has been linked with aluminum on the brain so we avoid it all we can. Just sayin.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago
Reply to  Lisa Cantrell

Using aluminum foil in a cast iron skillet is akin to covering the grill on your Weber with aluminum foil. Purpose defeated.

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago
Reply to  Lisa Cantrell

I totally agree with you. Cast iron is the original no-stick cookware if it’s properly seasoned. Unfortunately, because of improper care, a lot of people don’t get to enjoy the benefits of cooking and ease of cleaning it.

2 years ago

Todays Quick Tip. The Master Tow Dolly has a floating pan. This requires that the towed vehicle has its steering column LOCKED or the steering wheel immobilized before towing.

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago
Reply to  Rock

I think they’re talking about “flat towing”, not using a dolly…