Thursday, March 23, 2023


What we learned about you last week (August 18-24)

What did we learn about you last week? We learned that we really want to be friends with Richard. We’ll tell you why in the last paragraph. We also learned that you’re very responsive to cell phone questions. Holy smokes! Last Saturday we asked you what cell phone service you have, and 3,317 of you voted. Wow! More than half, 54 percent, of you have Verizon (me too!) and 21 percent have AT&T. A small 6 percent of you have T-Mobile, and only 4 percent of you have Sprint. Read the 44 (whew!) comments to learn about the 15 percent of you who voted “other.” There’s lots of good advice in those comments. Thanks, everyone!

Monday rolled around again (do you believe it?) and we asked if you lock your RV while taking a walk around the campground. Half of you, 49 percent, say yes, always and 21 percent answered yes, most of the time. A very trustworthy 18 percent of you say no, you never lock your RV when taking a walk, and 13 percent answered that you lock it some of the time. 

We’ve got some meat eaters in the audience, huh? Tuesday we asked if you preferred steak or seafood, and 38 percent of votes answered steak, and 25 percent answered seafood. I agree with the 34 percent of you who say you like both equally. Just depends on the mood, right? We do have 64 people, 2 percent, who say neither. Well OK then! … Can I have your portion? Teehee. 

We don’t like to bring up politics, but we were happy to learn on Wednesday that 95 percent of you are registered voters. Great! Only a small percent, 4 to be exact, are not registered to vote. What are we most happy about though? Well, maybe we should say what are we most proud of though? That nobody answered, “can’t recall.” Congratulations! You all still have some memory left!

Now what were we talking about?

Oh, right. Thursday. This is where you get to learn why we want to be friends with Richard, aka “Dr4Film.” We asked what you usually take with your coffee, and Richard wrote in the comments, “We use a specialty coffee creamer plus a small touch of Extra Creamy Whipped Cream. Delightfully delicious!” Richard, you’re livin’ life to its fullest and we love it. Unlike Richard, though, 44 percent of you answered that you drink it black (um, yuck … but fine) and 23 percent say you just like it with cream or milk. Another fifth, 21 percent, say cream and sugar, please, and 6 percent say just sugar no dairy. Lots of voters mentioned in the comments that they also like things such as soy milk vanilla creamer, honey, caramel macchiato creamer and half & half. Commenter George advises to use a sweeter coffee blend, such as French vanilla, to cut back on sugar. Good idea!

Well, folks. Chuck has kept me up working late again. Wink. Can you believe the guy? It’s 11:12 p.m. and it’s time to crawl into bed to whip my brain back into shape. Can you tell it’s a little jiggly up there? Enjoy your weekends, put a little whipped cream in your coffee because why not, and I’ll see you back here next week.


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4 years ago

I seemed to have fallen off the daily (M-Th) RV Tips emailing list. Please check

RV Staff
4 years ago
Reply to  Ken

Ken, our records indicate that you unsubscribed on August 18, apparently for all newsletters. If you unintentionally unsubscribed, would you please just go to our subscription page and subscribe to the newsletters you are interested in. Or, if you tell me which newsletters you wish to subscribe to (e.g., weekly, daily, Electricity), I can go in and get your subscription going again. Thanks! –Diane at

Wallace Twigg
4 years ago

You neglected to ask if we drink coffee. My wife and I never have.

4 years ago
Reply to  Wallace Twigg

What about those of us that do not like coffee? Gasp! Neither one of us has ever liked it..Smells good, tastes terrible.

4 years ago
Reply to  Pat

Blasphemy! (I kid, I kid)

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