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Readers tell us: What do you listen to while driving?


By Emily Woodbury

Do you ever look over while you’re driving down the road, into the nearest car, truck, RV, etc., and think, “I wonder what they’re listening to?” Or, “I wonder what they’re talking about…or thinking about….” I do. Really, it could be anything; A true-crime podcast, a TED talk, NPR, an audiobook about polar bears, the local news radio station, the latest political scandal…like I said…anything.

As an Audible subscriber (Amazon’s audiobook membership), my go-to is an audiobook (if you like a good mystery/thriller, Dark Matter is my favorite to date), but I do appreciate an interesting podcast now and again too (the TED Radio Hour on NPR is my go-to). This episode, about nature (particularly the part about the wolves in Yellowstone), is my favorite. And, of course, conversation is the best companion (in my opinion).

Anyway, this is all leading to this: A couple of Sundays ago we asked what you normally listen to while you drive. Here’s what you told us: The highest percentage of you, 44 percent, said you listen to music while you drive. The second-highest number of you, 21 percent, usually just talk or drive in silence. Some of you, 12 percent, prefer talk radio while you drive, and 7 percent of you are like me and listen to audiobooks. Additionally, 6 percent of you listen to whatever is on the local radio station, and 2 percent of you listen to podcasts (what’s your favorite?). Only a tiny 1 percent of you listen to CB radio. The remaining 6 percent of you answered, “other,” so let’s jump down to the comments and see what you said. (By the way, you all left 83 comments, so scroll through those if you want to get some ideas!)

Reader Dave J. commented that he likes listening to bagpipe music, and Dennis G. says that he listens to documentaries on YouTube while he drives.

Many (many) of you commented that you listen to your wife. Hah. MRED commented, “The wife… slow down, speed up, stay in your lane, watch out for this that and the other thing!” And Ken wrote, “The radio, GPS and my wife in that order…as the latter two don’t always agree on direction or timing of instructions.”

Many of you said that you listen to sports games (Edward W. and his wife like to listen to NASCAR races!).

And a few of you, such as Lori, said you enjoy the silence, or just pay attention to the sounds of the rig. Lori wrote,  “I enjoy the silence — well, except for the rig’s sounds. We’re bombarded by sounds all around us. Give me an expanse of the desert Southwest and a straight-line highway with me the only vehicle within sight, no sounds — that’s heaven.”

That’s it for now, folks. Thanks for joining me. Enjoy whatever it is you’re listening to today!


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2 years ago


Dale Chauncey
2 years ago

My wife…she talks constantly!

Roger Marble
2 years ago

If I listen to anything (which I seldom do) it is soft background level music. Definitely no news or talk or audiobook. I try and pay attention to my driving. How can you learn anything without paying attention? Why would you listen to someone read a book and not want to be learning something?
Driving safely is a serious job and should get 110% of your attention. When entering heavy traffic or area with frequent interchanges or exits I shut off the music. Examples for me include driving through Columbus, Cincinnati or Atlanta etc.
All the above comes from my years as a professional race car driver and driving instructor.

2 years ago

I answered “nothing”. I like talk radio but these days there are so many commercials that’ it’s very annoying.

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