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7+ ways to use a delivery service on the road

By Sandi Sturm
Innovation provides solutions to the multitude of issues that follow any worldwide event, such as our current pandemic. Home delivery is not a totally new idea, but it has made a tremendous comeback from the days of the milkman.

Over the past 18 months, I have been finding new ways to use these services. I found it convenient. Now I see that I can use delivery services to feel a little less isolated from family and friends who are many miles across the country.

Here are a few ways to use these services that you may not have thought of:

Disclosure: These will not work if you are boondocking somewhere in the middle of the Sonoran Desert or in a similarly remote location. But when you are isolated by design, getting into town occasionally might be a good thing.

While on the road

My husband, Wayne, and I have an ongoing joke – you’re not on vacation unless you stop at Walmart at least once. We consider being on the road to the next location as a vacation. Many times, it is a necessity to get groceries from one of the easy-to-find Walmart locations because it is almost guaranteed that the parking lot will accommodate the motorhome (except during the holidays).

One day while driving through Minnesota I had an idea to get on the Walmart app to find the nearest location to where we were stopping for the night. They had a pickup time that worked for us, so I placed our order. We pulled up close to the pickup area and they brought it right to the RV door.

Most grocery stores have this service. I suppose you could use Google Maps or Earth to view the size of the parking lots so you know you can get in and out.

This idea works if you know where you are going to stop at the end of the day, or even if you know where you will be at a certain time in your journey. You can always let them know you may be late if something delays you. They keep your stuff in the fridge or freezer until you arrive.

Other food delivery ideas

Just because I am away from loved ones does not mean I can’t be a part of their day. Here are some other ways to use delivery services:

  • Order groceries for an elderly shut-in.
  • Deliver soup to a sick friend.
  • Can’t make a family gathering? Send a sweet treat.
  • Have a great dinner with a friend on your last visit? Deliver a meal from the same restaurant and throw in a bottle of their favorite wine. Get on FaceTime and have dinner together.
  • Send coffee and a sweet treat to a friend at their office.

Delivery service options

There are many services popping up, and you may find local options in the location of the recipient. Here is a short list and how you might use them:

  • Instacart delivers Costco and other grocery stores – and wine!
  • DoorDash delivers local gifts and food.
  • Uber Eats may work if your favorite restaurant is not on the other lists.
  • Walmart uses Spark or Instacart.
  • Goldbelly delivers treats and meals from popular restaurants across the country.

We can’t always be with family and friends for the holidays. Our family celebrates just about all occasions with food and I bet yours does too. Food is what brings us all together, whether it be at home or going out. So, this year, I will be sending a special treat for their table, a bottle or two of wine, and a nice flower arrangement. I want them to know I am there in spirit.

Why not call a friend across the miles and say, “Want to have lunch? I’m buying.”



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Neal Davis
1 month ago

Thank you for the tips! I’m about to see if the nearby Walmart has RV toilet paper. I may do a pickup, depending on whether I get other things too.

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