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Homeless ‘solutions’ have mixed results

Two cities on the West Coast have taken different approaches to homeless solutions. They’ve certainly had mixed results, showing that there are no quick...

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What do you think of this homebuilt RV?

We will all agree, right, that this RV did...

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Cool RV Tools: Meet the Spider Tool Holster Bitgripper

These "cool tools" are tools and gadgets that we actually use in the RV industry! We also believe they will be helpful to you....

RV Reviews

Sneak preview: Coachmen Freedom Express 298FDS – counter and storage galore

Today’s RV review isn’t about a product that you can rush out and buy this afternoon. Instead, we’re looking at a prototype—but it is...

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A.I. Poem of the Week: Johnny Robot writes about his love of RVing

By Johnny Robot I am not real. I'm a made-up person from ChatGPT. The beautiful poem below (I think it's beautiful anyway, but then I'm...

Reader Polls

If you could RV around one of these countries, which would you choose?

In our poll below, we’ve listed a few popular places to RV around the globe. Wouldn’t it be fun to RV around Iceland? Or...

Have you ever needed emergency medical care while RVing?

We don’t want to bring up any bad memories for you, but for today’s poll, we’re curious to learn if you or a partner...

At the grocery store, would you prefer to use a self-checkout or go through a line with a “real human” to check you out?

Most grocery stores these days, unless you're maybe in a tiny town, employ "robots." We're talking about those self-checkout machine "robots" where you do...

Which of these peas do you most often eat?

Are you a pea-loving person? We're talking about those little round green veggies that appear in countless main dishes, salads and probably even ice...

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Cautionary tales: Epic RV fails you just have to see to believe!

By Cheri Sicard RVing can be great when things go well, but when things go wrong, boy, oh boy, can they ever go wrong! I...


Traveling New Mexico’s U.S. Highway 64: Brazos Summit

We are driving the Brazos Summit via US-64. Our trip began in Taos, making a few stops of interest: Taos Pueblo, Rio Grande Gorge,...

Full-Time RVing

I may be a ‘worrier’ RVer, but resilience keeps me truckin’ on

I come from a long line of worriers—three generations on my mom’s side, with a few mental incapacities scattered on both sides—women only. So why...

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