A tow vehicle that eats hay instead of gas? We’re not horsing around…


Now this is something we’ve never seen before…

Forget filling up the gas tank and forget buying a new Ford F250. All you need to pull this trailer are a couple of horses and a whole lot of hay! These RVers are taking “eco-friendly” to a whole new level.


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8 months ago

Portable Amish housing. I love it.

John Ahrens
9 months ago

I don’t know about “eco-friendly”. At around 1900, there were thousands of deaths a year in New York City from horse poop. The waste dried in the streets in the summer, then the hooves and wheels would turn it into a fine powder which aerosolized, creating breathing problems. Cars actually made the air safer in our cities.

9 months ago
Reply to  John Ahrens

Thanks for that historical factoid, John… I love non-intuitive and weird knowledge to share with utopian friends. “Remember when we didn’t have to worry about 0.1*F global warming, and only had 50% mortality due to bubonic?” Ah, the good old days!