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Have you been affected by Hurricane Ian?


Hurricane Ian may just be one of the largest blows to ever hit the U.S. mainland. Have you been affected by this gigantic, devastating storm? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Please drop us a line through the form below, or leave a comment here if that’s easier. If you use the form, please include photos if you have them.

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1 month ago

18 years ago we went to Florida and under advisement from our travel agent gave us the all clear that hurricane Jeanine was out to sea. She looped around and nailed us in Orlando. Fast forward 18 years later when all models European and American said it would go either up the coast or thru Miami. So 2 weeks ago today we set sail again for Orlando. Sunday nite we were told to secure everything. Monday nite? Told to evacuate from the campground at Fort Wilderness in Disney. So I went to the office and spent 3 hours in line trying to figure out where they were going to put us. Trailers had to go to MK parking lot and us into hotels. 2 days of this and I was done. But we weathered it out. But ended up staying an extra two days because Ian was going in the same direction we were going. After all this? I am done with Florida. But then again I was in Maine with a hurricane. Can’t win. Was told Ian decimated Fort Wilderness.

1 month ago
Reply to  jillie

So in addition to this post we ended up spending an additional 800 to avoid Ian heading back NC. So live and learn and again done with Florida travel for a long time coming.

1 month ago

Ian was predicted to hit us here in Tampa. Not our first storm in the 53 years we have been here. Having watched many storms this one had me just plain scared. Predictions were bad and I guess because of age and inability to climb roofs to protect and clean up after the storm, I was worried. Ian turned inland earlier than expected as Charlie had done years earlier, and basically followed the same path. The only thing one can do is get off the water, other than that there is no way to get out of Florida. Inland Florida got hit as well. One RV blogger did a video on how he was going to get out of Ft Meyers and head North. His map showed him headed to a spot on the S.Carolina coast. I hope he made it as that is where Ian ended up. He proved that there is no safe place to go. Where we are was not as bad as some thunder storms. No matter what you see on national news, it is total destruction south of us. There is little running from it. And we thot we escaped the mid-west tornados

1 month ago

Yes, I live in northern Indiana and our gas prices just jumped 50 cents/gal. There could be a “hurricane” in Mongolia and that would be reason to jump it up 50 cents. Just saying.

Mary Ann
1 month ago

We live just south of Tampa Bay. We knew we had to evacuate…but where? My husband has medical issues so long Rv trip across state with no place to stay without full hookups was not an option. Fortunately we received a call from a friend with an invitation to stay with them 20 miles inland. Our Rv mechanic allowed us to park the Rv near his building which is located on high ground near Sarasota airport. Our two night stay with our friend was comfortable and electric was out only 6 hours. Friday we returned to our home so relieved to find it undamaged and not flooded. Our Rv survived with minimal damage…lost our Rv antenna. Electric was out for 5 days at our home so we camped in the Rv in our driveway. The generator got a good workout. Our hearts go out to all our Florida neighbors affected by Ian. The physical damage is overwhelming. The mental anguish will stay for a long time.

Dave Gobel
1 month ago

The Red Coconut RV Park on Ft Myers Beach was completely wiped out. All of the “permanent” trailers/manufactured homes were pushed back to the tree line. Everyone wonders if they will rebuild or sell out to the developers.

Sharon B
1 month ago

I have friends who built a strong stilt house in Pine Island on a canal back in the 1980’s. They were great sailors and travelled the Caribbean for 10 years, went through a killer hurricane in St John that almost totaled them and later settled in Pine Island. Husband died a few years ago. Wife never got a cell phone and the line has been busy since the storm hit. Their son lives in St James, a disaster area. Have another friend in Matlacha. No contact there either. These ladies are not your average home bunnies. They are very accomplished women with incredible backgrounds. My fingers are crossed. I would go over there in a boat, but now am in Arizona RVing. Vibes are not good. 🙁

Mike Albert
1 month ago
Reply to  Sharon B

Hi Sharon B,
We live in Punta Gorda and while received damage to our primary as well as rental properties, nothing to the extent of those south of us, St.James City, Ft Myers Beach, Pine Island, etc…
As for reaching out and contacting individuals that you can’t contact, go to the website:
They will try to reach individuals for you.
It’s a Charlotte County contact center, but maybe they can assist you with a website address or phone number for the LEE county center. The locations you are searching for are located there.
Hope this helps and keeping my fingers crossed. The damage is extremely devastating for those areas. My prayers and thoughts are with you. BTW, we were RVing in the west when Ian hit.

Larry Lee
1 month ago

Lost the roof off our storage trailer so everything inside got soaked. Still trying to locate someone to put a temporary tarp over it. No tears for us with so much serious destruction to others. We evacuated and won’t go back until after Christmas.

1 month ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

Been told you can call COE and they put tarps on at no cost to you

Mike Albert
1 month ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

We applied in line for one property. After trying to contact roofers and Handymen, we were unable to find anyone. Roof tarps went up in price (I know, no price gouging). One roofer told us they are having to go to Georgia for tarps. Another told us $6,000 to tarp. We went online and filled out an application with USACE.
Don’t remember the address, but it’s referred as: Operation Blue Roof (or tarp). Hope this helps and good luck!

1 month ago

We just finished decorating our new (new to us) home in North Port FL. It is on the border of Port Charlotte and Sarasota County. Pretty much the main track of Ian.

We are grateful that we at least still have a house when so many others have lost everything. We were afraid it would be much worse.

So we have only lived there 4 months and everything we have done (remodeling, decorating, furniture, etc) was destroyed.

So heartbreaking. The roof was damaged and we were flooded, so we got water from above and below.

Pretty much everything is coming out of pocket. Insurance & disaster relief decisions will be out of our control and won’t come for months. We don’t qualify for any emergency aid (and I don’t think we would take it) but there are so many others who need it and it should go to them.

Thanks for asking, we are getting stronger every day, and we will get through this.

We are going to be living in the RV in the driveway for the next few months.

Last edited 1 month ago by TIM MCRAE
1 month ago

We live inland from Daytona and as we went to bed Wens night the eye was to pass over us but by morning had shifted south. We still had lots of wind and 16+ inches of rain but are located where we got no flooding at the house. Dead end street and a tree took down power lines and blocked six homes including a assisted living home. Took power company six days to get out and remove tree. Thankfully no 911 calls in that time. I pulled MH up close to my shop to help block wind plus I put anchors into ground and used straps over frame to secure. Have a generator to run refrigerators and a tv at house but we used MH to take showers and use microwave. Lost a couple trees and lots of branches but all in all came out real good

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