Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Would you spend $409 a night to stay in an Airstream trailer?

A new campground on Cape Cod will rent you an Airstream trailer for $409 for a one-night stay. That’s the July and August rate. It’s a lot less if you want to stay when the weather isn’t as predictably nice.

AutoCamp, which has locations in Yosemite and the Sonoma Valley of California, will open in Falmouth, Mass., March 1, 2021, on a 14-acre site and will feature 108 Airstream trailers, luxury tents and tiny homes. There will also be many fire pits and a two-story clubhouse.

Prices for a night in a standard Airstream in March begin at $129 and will rise through the spring and summer. Prices get as high as $409 a night in July and August. Tents will be available April through October, and prices start at $159 a night. The tiny homes (called Vista X Suites) start at $279 a night.

On its website, the company says, “To put it simply, we believe that great design has the power to change the world, and that smart planning and small space design can help us reduce our environmental footprint. We invite you to come experience the simplicity of small space design at AutoCamp.”

Okay, sounds good. But are you willing to pay $409 to stay where “great design has the power to change the world?”


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2 years ago

Instead, buy four tents and rent three of them out!

2 years ago

When I consider that I’m only going to sleep there and maybe make breakfast, the price just isn’t justified, IMHO.

2 years ago

How about a campground outside of Coos Bay, Or. Only $250 a night for an ocean view with all the trimmings. Very new. look up Bay Point RV Resort. They rent 30′ FC’s. Complete with firewood and Adirondack chairs.

Captn John
2 years ago

It’s not the dollar amount, it’s just a stupid idea. I’ve spent more on silly things but that’s just beyond stupid.

2 years ago

I would love this !! Will help me decide between a full on trailer, or a tricked out van.

Einar Hansen
2 years ago
Reply to  Bunny

You will have a lot more room in a trailer for sure! I lived in a VW camper for nine months overseas. We called it SOUP CAN LIVING.

Lydia Bishop
2 years ago

Four hundred bucks a night just to stay in an Airstream is quite extravagant!
My answer is NO!.

if I had that kind of money I’d stay at an all inclusive resort in an exotic location.

Deborah Mason
2 years ago

I can’t see $400+/night period, no matter what kind of accommodations. Even with 3 square meals a day.

P Rose
2 years ago

Simply NO

2 years ago

108 units on 14 acres? Ewwwww.😖 That should be the other way around, 14 units on 108 acres. 😊

2 years ago

The weather in Massachusetts is nice from June through September. $408/night in the Summer is a lot Moohlah for a nights stay anywhere much less in a trailer. It’s all about where you want to go, where you want to stay and how much to spend.

I would have a hard time paying $408/night anywhere for trailer when there are so many other options even in Massachusetts. While the Northeast is a nice place to visit for the 3 months of the year I referenced above I personally would not give 2 shidts for the rest of year due to the weather, taxes and politics when there are other alternatives that are much more year around weather friendly.

A lakeside home in Alabama may not be your cup of tea. At a Maximum price of $325-$350/night for a 2500 square foot home on the water with year around boat dock, 4 bedrooms, huge firepit sounds to me like a much better value for your vacation Dollar IF you want to be down South!
[VRBO listing removed by Diane at RVtravel.com. Sorry M.S.]

Bud van der Laan
2 years ago

Not a chance! What a ripoff.

2 years ago

Like any resort…pricing is based on when you want to go…..$400 a night in peak summer in Cape Cod….doesn’t seem extreme…..

tim palmer
2 years ago
Reply to  Engineer

That’s what I was going to say. What are other comps going for on Cape Cod?

Cheryl Bacon
2 years ago
Reply to  Engineer

I never understood the love for Cape Cod. We used to spend summers there, and I was glad when we stopped.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

Or you can stay in “luxury tents”. I wonder what kind of tent is considered “luxury”.

Steven G
2 years ago

We enjoy camping on the Cape, and have never paid anywhere close to that price.

Susan B Banks
2 years ago

I think this question is being asked in the wrong place. We all already have RV’s.

T Edwards
2 years ago

Let’s see: for a little more than that $409 I can have a week in sunny Florida or most of that $409 could go towards a decent month’s stay at one of their inland RV parks. Don’t see the value.

2 years ago

There is a sucker born every minute. A fool and his money soon part.