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Another RVer with a horror story

Here’s yet another posting at our RV Horror Stories Facebook group. It’s postings like this that prompt us at to regularly discuss the poor quality of new RVs coming off the major RV manufacturer’s assembly lines. Our hope is the publicity will prompt them to do a better job. This posting, from Friday, March 29, is pretty much standard fare — someone buys a new RV then quickly discovers it’s riddled with defects so serious they render the RV unusable.

When he or she attempts to get the problems fixed, dealers and manufacturers balk, forcing some of the RVers to wait weeks (best case), even months for repairs. In some cases, the RVs are never fixed properly.

At we recognize that most RVers only encounter minor issues with their new RVs, and are able to get them repaired in a reasonable time. But it’s the 10 percent of buyers (our estimate) that concern us. Nobody should buy a new product — car, RV, home, refrigerator — or another product and then need to fight to have it repaired into working order.

Here’s the post. Again, this is pretty much the same story we hear over and over again.

“In October, we took possession of a brand new 2019 Keystone Montana High Country. The key television system has not worked. Had two different dealers diagnose and try to fix it. I have an outside kitchen. It has an electric bar where you can pop in a light or fan or speaker. Doesn’t work. Hasn’t worked. Furnace quit. Had to have it fixed 3 times.

“Levelers are giving us grief. And the icing on the cake — tonight the cable on one of our main slideouts broke! We live in this full time. I have written to the CEO, President and CFO twice. They have passed my stuff off to one of their supposedly top notch customer service agents. Of course she has no authority and can do nothing. Feel like I just bought a big piece of crap. Okay. Vent over.”

IF YOU HAVE CHRONIC PROBLEMS with a new RV that’s keeping you off the road, you should explain your situation at the RV Horror Stories group, where a growing number of RV industry people are paying attention. You do not need to be a member of Facebook to read the posts, only to comment.

You can also visit this page for a long list of resources that may be helpful.


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3 years ago

“Feel like I just bought a big piece of crap”
Keystone is owned by Thor Industries, so….yeah.

Captn John
3 years ago

Bought my Montana High Country new in 2017 at CW. Had a few cosmetic problems I had them fix only because the 5er was going back to have a washer, a dryer, and 4 slide toppers installed. We travel about 6 months annually and tow many miles. The last Montana and Cougar before that never had a problem either.

Gail Wiliams
3 years ago

WE have a 2015 Montana High Country, purchased brand new. Biggest mistake of our financial life after the sale you are on your own. Never buy from this company all you will get is the run around. The fabric on our couch and chairs looked great new but peels off and they will do nothing. My husband has to fix something every time me take it out or we must pay someone to come and work on something. We just camp occasionally and live in our home. Thank God for that.

3 years ago
Reply to  Gail Wiliams

We bought a Montana 2985 in 2006, lived in it full time for 6 years….customer service from Keystone was non-existent, dealers were frustrated with the companies inability to furnish replacement parts. Beware to everyone about Keystone….We consider them pure junk.

3 years ago
Reply to  Robbie

That was the very first year for Montana, can we say that this is not relevant information. For all of their faults, Montana is the #1 beat selling Fifth Wheel of all time, and 5 Times more people live in them than any other brand. They are NOW (just the last few years) rated for full time living. In 2006 the owners manual clearly stated that they WERE NOT rated for full time living! Not defending the industry here, just clearing up the fact that you can’t buy a weekend camper and live in it for 6 years full time. The 2006 Montanas have no relation to a 2019, completely different. And for the record, all Keystone products are not alike, they are very different. I’m in the industry

3 years ago
Reply to  Gail Wiliams

If you think Keystone is bad…try Grand Design…since Winnebago took them over their customer service has went to the dogs.

3 years ago
Reply to  Gail Wiliams

All of these companies care about is sales otherwise they would have a 5 five year warranty like cars.

3 years ago
Reply to  Bill

Bill, I’d agree with you accept that If they built and warranted these like cars, they’d have to triple or quadruple the price. Cars outsell Campers 20 million to 200 thousand. They’re largely built by robots, not by hand. So it’s a pretty tough comparison. Just my thoughts after 30 plus years in the industry.

David Tatlitug
3 years ago
Reply to  Mark

GM once made a Class A on the line and it was great. They’re is no excuse and being they are on our roads the law should be much stiffer on these moving caskets. It’s time we make Congress do their job and states to impose lemon laws just as strict as cars. I can’t afford a top line Tesla so I can’t have one. RVs can’t be made of junk just to sale more. All of you are making excuses for people like Warren Buffet to just screw us.

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