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Arizona – The Quartzsite RV Show must go on!

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Despite the vagaries of COVID-19, it seems that “The RV show must go on!” applies in Quartzsite. Yes, the Quartzsite Sports Vacation & RV Show, which has for 36 years been a staple of the tiny desert town that gets big every winter, will pop up the big tent for the 37th time – just a half-mile south of I-10.

Teeming crowds

In case you’ve done a “Rip Van Winkle” and snoozed through the last three decades, we’ll bring you up to speed. Quartzsite, Arizona, is a kind of weird “convergence zone” where RVers of all stripes and persuasion spend days, weeks, or even months of a relatively warm winter splattered out across the desert floor. Focal points for many are the gem and mineral shows, swap meets, and vendors who market their wares to the teeming crowds.

Come the middle of January, a big tent – and we mean HUGE tent – pops up on a chunk of otherwise empty ground right alongside Highway 95. Vendors hawking everything from toilet chemistry, to RV hardware, to dream vacations, set up shop in Kenny and Kim King’s tent. When the doors open on the first day, in years past there has always been a crush of RVers wanting to see the latest (or oldest) RV gee-gaws. Yes, the Quartzsite RV show must go on!

Who’s-who of RVing

The King father-daughter team say this year won’t be different, at least from the standpoint of there being lots to see and spend your shekels on. However, precautions for a health-wise visit are set in place. The crowds will be limited to moving in one direction through the show. Plexiglas guards will cut down air movement between vendors and patrons, etc.

Last year show officials estimated 100,000 folks came through “The Largest Consumer
Attended RV Show in the USA.” Will that be the case this year? Time will tell on that one. Still, there’ll be plenty of vendors under the 70,000-square-foot tent roof. Who might you expect? Dometic, the manufacturer of so many things RV, gets top billing as sponsor. You’ll also find Progressive RV Insurance, Dish Network, Thousand Trails/Equity Lifestyles, FMCA, Redlands Truck & RV Service, Plasticover, and plenty more common RV trade names.

While not specified as being behind the tables at the 37th show, last year there were plenty of “work camper” recruiters from businesses, resorts and private campgrounds from all over the nation. As well, representatives were present from several national parks including Yellowstone.

To find out the who’s-who in totality, you’ll need to show up yourself. This year the dates for the 37th Annual Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show are January 16th through the 24th and the hours are 9-5. You can get more information from the website

Are you planning on attending? Let us know in the comments below.


Will the Quartzsite RV show go on? Here’s the latest!



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Senior with a brain who respects covid
1 year ago

Really sad that ignorance takes precedent over science. When this pandemic started the death count was 15 and some ignorant human said the virus would disappear! Now the death count around the world is in the millions, daily case counts are astronomical and people still aren’t afraid of it. Not being afraid of Covid is like putting your hand on a stove top and expecting to use that hand again. Staying home is the only way to avoid people who don’t care about their own health and certainly they care less about the people around them.

And just a terrible place and you will get the Cov
1 year ago

These big tent promoters should be given fines by La Paz county health department. Or be sued by people who get the Covid when attending this event.

And just a terrible place and you will get the Cov
1 year ago

Not Attending. It is just ludicrous to go to the show where it’s assholes and elbowsAnd just a terrible place and you will get the Covid being that close to people. Stay home people it’s not worth getting sick for a few little RV trinkets.

1 year ago

So many people worried about my health but they don’t mind killing babies with abortion?

Gail Munson
2 years ago

As a truck cab over camper newbie, I plan on attending the Quartzite RV show.

2 years ago

Brought the RV there two weeks ago for the season. We’ll be attending and wear masks where needed and try to social distance. We haven’t refrained from shopping at grocery stores, or gas stations either. This ‘pandemic’ which is less deadly than seasonal flu for the under 40 crowd and only slightly more so for we seniors with today’s improved treatments, isn’t going to make me cower in the basement. The unbridled fear of this by so many just shows the power the media has over us. Let the haters have at it.

And just a terrible place and you will get the Cov
1 year ago
Reply to  Hal

Have you had this virus, well I have. It’s no {bleeped} fun.

2 years ago

I have no problem with going to Quartzsite and hanging around outdoors with with my friends. If we get a few days, we’ll go. But that tent? You couldn’t pay me to do that.

2 years ago

I understand people nomadding in the area who want to get out of the RV and go look at stuff, most of which has nothing to do with RV’ing, but there is a deadly pandemic going on and everytime there is an event like this, there is a huge spike in new case’s, sure “it’s fake” but there are tens of thousands that would disagree with you but they can’t because they’re dead. Not me, I’m 65 and healthy and want to stay healthy but I have to stay safe, at my age, if I catch it, I’m toast. It will be impossible to keep 6′ a part and half of the people wearing mask will be wearing it on their beard, their neck or their forehead or not at all.

2 years ago

Not this year… Not because of the virus.. It’s just a virus… but have plans to stay south this year. I’ll be there next year.

Bob Seitz
2 years ago

NO WAY would my wife and I think about attending this or any other RV show until the pandemic is history!!!!

Carole Cole
2 years ago

As full-time RVers for 14 years my husband and I attended the Quartzsite RV show many times. However, the memories of how tightly people could pack themselves, their walkers, their baby carriages, their arm loads of purchases and their dogs in the big tents bring back the panic I felt when I could barely breathe and crawled on my hands and knees between peoples’ legs and under display tables (there was more air down there) until I could find an opening in the side of the tent to escape the mass of humanity confined in the long tents with very few exits. Unfortunately I was not the only person to be traumatized in those surroundings. From that year on we never went to the Quartzsite RV show on the weekend. It was less crowded during the week.

Retired Firefighter Tom
2 years ago

Spending the winter in Benson, AZ southeast of Tucson. Probably will use regular precautions as health officials recommend — contact separation, face masks, etc. Want to avoid Quartzsite completely. Too much “togetherness” for me.

Bluebird Bob
2 years ago

We are here in Quartzsite now for the winter, but we won’t be attending the show for the first time. To many people don’t wear masks and that may be their right, but we won’t be there to walk around. Can find what we need online, not with people coughing and breathing in our face.

Coralie Myers
2 years ago

We are hoping to attend for the first time. We were unable to get away in 2018 and 2019 for various reasons and hope the weather breaks to allow us to drive down from WA State. RV Travel – thanks for all you do for us!!!

Ray Janko
2 years ago

I would be there enjoying Quartzite and would attend the show (and yes the tent too).. But, I’m from Canada and our freedom has been removed for 10 months now.. We aren’t allowed to cross the border anymore by land.. Motorhomes don’t fly well.. This covid crap has the potential to destroy freedom without the population even raising a voice.. You had better accept all these shutdowns, because others know whats best for you!! I just hope some level of common sense does return.. I have actually talked to people that thought shutting the border forever would be the best way to go!! Seems to me we fought some pretty good wars to ensure those people were silenced!!

Senior with a brain who is afraid of Covid
1 year ago
Reply to  Ray Janko

Hey Ray, move to the US, you will fit right in, because you definitely don’t share the view myself or all Canadians have.

Neal Davis
2 years ago

We are still early (4 years) in our RVing career and have not gone to Quartzsite (at all, let alone the RV show) in the past, nor do we plan to attend this year. We generally work around the farm during the winter, sometimes taking a short (say, 1- or 2-week) trip in February, but generally taking advantage of hibernating snakes to clear undergrowth; create, pile, and burn brush; and make improvements. So, we are unlikely to ever make it to Quartzsite.

2 years ago

This show is my definition of greed. Given the recent uptick in Covid cases, a show like this will only result in more cases of Covid in Arizona which is already suffering from a horrible increase of sickness. And those attending will spread the disease to where ever they have come from.

Larry H Lee
2 years ago

We will be in Florida this coming winter and avoiding crowds.

Brenda Lee Logan
2 years ago

I just came out of the hospital with Covid…wondering why people think this show is worth spreading the Virus! Numbers of people contracting Covid and being hospitalized is on the rise. Why are people still refusing to wear masks and social distance??? Where is common sense?

2 years ago

We really enjoy camping at Quartzite for a few days every January and I’m looking forward to going again this year. We love the swap meets and gem shows. We also like seeing all the new RVs. Best of all we seem to always meet some nice people who, like ourselves, are just looking to enjoy time in the desert. We will most likely wear a mask when we attend these events. However, we are younger and not of high risk and we have no health issues and thus are not too worried about catching the virus. Of course if one of us feels sick, we wouldn’t go.

Dave J
2 years ago

Although we’ll be set up for the winter in the LaPasa LTVA near Q. I think we’ll skip the show this year out of a possible overabundance of caution. Having other medical issues the covid thing could well prove fatal and we’ve already seen the show for many years in a row and usually spent less than $20. there. Twill be no big loss to miss a few.

Brenda Logan
2 years ago
Reply to  Dave J

please know it is not an overabundance of caution…you are using common sense!

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