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A beloved Texas roadside stop with the “best bathrooms in the nation”

When you’re on a road trip and your gas tank is nearing empty, your bladder is nearing full, and your stomach is grumbling, where’s the best place to stop? Well, if you’re in Texas, Alabama, Georgia or Florida, it’s going to be at the beloved Buc-ee’s, of course.

The cartoon beaver, the smiling mascot of Buc-ees, has welcomed road-trippers and Texas shoppers since 1982 at its 41 locations. Two locations have broken two world records: the world’s largest gas station and the world’s longest car wash.

Inside the store, you’ll find some of the nicest roadside bathrooms (they’ve been voted the best bathrooms in the nation!), a freshly-made beef jerky bar, homemade fudge, and so much more. While you visit, you just may be lucky enough to see Buc-ee himself and buy a T-shirt with his face on it… or a swimsuit?

If you’ve driven past Buc-ee’s and never stopped, you’re going to have to change that. The cheerful, smiling rodent is worth a stop (and so is that jerky).

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodburyhttps://www.rvtravel.com
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at RVtravel.com. She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for RVtravel.com she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.


  1. We’re from Toronto, Canada and the first time we stopped at a Buc-ee’s we were and are hooked!
    If Disney would make a roadside stop, this would be it! I wish there were more of them as they simply put every other roadside stop to shame.

  2. Never been to buckies , I have been to Maverick my personal favorite. Specific lanes for rv / trucks. You can use a common credit card at the pump. There’s a separate entrance from the rv island & the bathrooms are right there! No having to deal with the big top circus in the front. Their prices are some of the lowest on fuel

  3. Does Bucee’s have diesel truck lanes? I don’t think it is one of the stations where my TSD Logistics fuel card works. If it does work there, then I’ll think about stopping there for fuel. No time to waste on the other stuff when we travel. Oh, and I think that they have infiltrated Tennessee now.

    • They have diesel and DEF pumps but you have to check – some are only on the end lane. Hopefully, the newer ones have more. Most of the time, fuel prices are very competitive but the cleanliness and convenience of grabbing food, drink, a cast iron skillet (or other random necessity like a fire pit or a bumper sticker) and a bathroom break is worth the stop sometimes.

  4. honestly believe our country needs a bucees every 300 to 350 miles on every interstate. The one we frequent in Robertsdale AL. Has its own exit. A lot of senior citizens working there. Easy in and out just off I10. Fair gas prices. Well planned access to pumps. We are there monthly all times of day and all days of the week. Never had to wait for a pump. Never had to wait for somebody hugging the pump while they decide what big slurpie to get. All the pumps work. I wish they had propane

  5. There is a Buc-ees now in TN. Too bad they don’t allow overnight parking for RVers! Would be in their best interest in my opinion, with lunch, or possible a light snack and of course a fuel up. Oh well!

    • Yep, right here in Crossville, TN (where we live). And the largest one to date is being built on the I-40 exit to Sevierville.

      • Can you imagine how busy that one will be?! We have one 10 minutes from home in North Texas and it’s always busy. They have their own lighted intersection right off the highway and there is usually a line in and out.

  6. I love stopping at Buc-ees. It’s also the perfect spot for the bathroom break for us. We often visit the one in Daytona on our way to see our daughter. There’s also one in Alabama that we stop at plus they’re always opening new ones everywhere. If you haven’t tried it you have to go in. It’s like shopping at a store, the good food and of course the absolutely clean bathrooms.

      • The new Tennessee Buc-ees locations will be Exit 407 on I-40, near Sevierville, and the Genesis Road Exit 320, in Crossville. The Crossville location is well under construction, not sure of the opening date. The Sevierville Buc-ees will be the largest, to date, in the country. Again, not sure of the planned opening date.

  7. Our people in League City, Tx. Introduced us to the Texas City Buc-ees.
    Now we never drive past one. New ones in SC and FL are great. I highly recommend the Beaver Nuggets.

  8. I’ve been to those four states and never seen a Buc ees. Fairly new? It’s probably been 8 years since i drove in those States

  9. Will be at Buc-Kee’s tomorrow morning for refueling before our run to Florida. Buc-kee’s presence had made the two major gas stations before it on I-10, lower their high prices to compete. Do not go there on Sunday, unless very early, Saturday is bad also.

  10. We’ve made several stops at Buc-ee’s on our way down to Houston. We love that place! Buc-ee’s, not Houston – ha. But, one time, during the summer and on a Sunday, I foolishly pulled in and it took almost a half-hour to get back out, and I never stopped. Didn’t buy fuel, didn’t park, didn’t do anything but cuss at the HUGE traffic jam on-premise. We were towing our 30′ trailer and weaving in and out of the traffic just trying to get back to an exit was a nightmare. This didn’t kill my love for Buc-ee’s, but I’ll always be more attentive to the traffic situation before turning in.

  11. I would make to additions two Buc-ee’s, an overnight RV park out back, and a line of straight in and out gas/diesel pumps for RV’s.

  12. We live in Texas and have stopped to buy gas many times. What we love is they do not allow truckers at the gas pumps , we have to get diesel, so it’s nice not to have to step in grease and track it back in. They also have very nice dog areas with poop bag stations. It’s definitely a place to get it all.

  13. A real American success story. Private ownership and control instead of a board of directors and hired CEO trying to scrape an extra nickel out of every sale, and every employee.
    I’ve heard of Bucee’s but never been in one, but I do remember Ipana toothpaste.

  14. We stop at the one in Daytona on the way to visit our daughter and fam. My first time in …”WOW!”. Same with dh. And yes, their brisket is amazing!

  15. My granddaughter’s favorite place for brisket. In Florida (St. Augustine) they have 125 gas pumps. Often most or all are busy! We have their camping chairs! Fun place to stop.


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