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Beware: Older pickup trucks are among thieves’ favorites

By James Raia

Pickup trucks are stolen so often, it’s an automotive epidemic. At least that’s the one-word description of the data compiled by the National Crime Insurance Bureau (NCIB) in Des Plaines, Illinois.

The Ford-150 pickup is the third most stolen vehicle in the United States.
The Ford-150 pickup is the third most stolen vehicle in the United States.

The NCIB reported the Ford F-150 pickup was the third most stolen vehicle in the United States in the past five years.

Via statistics through 2018, the Chevrolet Silverado was the fourth most stolen vehicle during the past five years.

According to the NCIB, the reason older Ford F-Series and GM trucks are stolen at such a high rate is because in 2007 most vehicles began having anti-theft systems installed.

Older pickup trucks are also more targeted because they can easily be dismantled and have parts sometimes not easy to find as replacements. As such, tailgates and wheels are commonly stolen because of their high value on the black market.

Police departments nationally reported 748,841 vehicles were stolen in the United States in 2018, down 3 percent from 2017.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration detailed vehicle theft cost an estimated $6 million a year.

Here are the top-10 most stolen vehicles in the United States in 2018, with model year and number stolen:

• Honda Civic (2000) – 38,426
• Honda Accord (1997) – 36,815
• Ford F-Series Pickup (2006) – 36,355
• Chevrolet Silverado Pickup – 31,566
• Toyota Camry (2017) – 16,906
• Nissan Altima (2017) – 13,284
• Toyota Corolla (2017) – 12,388
• GMC Sierra Pickup (2018) – 11,708
• Dodge/Ram Pickup (2001) – 11,226
• Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee (2000) – 9,818

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Donald N Wright
8 months ago

Makes me miss that horrible four on the column pickup I drove one times too many. Go on, steal it !

Wayne F. Caldwell
2 years ago

To help keep your tailgate, install a radiator-type hose clamp over the end that lifts off the bed pivot. May not stop them, but it will slow them down.

2 years ago

Glad to see my F350 dually diesel has dropped out of the high theft rating it had a few years ago.

Bob p
2 years ago

That explains why Ford’s F series pickups are the best selling vehicle for the last 42 years, they get stolen and have to be replaced. If thieves quit stealing them Ford wouldn’t sell as

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob p

Hahahaha! I like it.

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