Big logs appear along Oakland curbs to keep away homeless in RVs


The number of people living in their vehicles in Oakland, California, has more than doubled over two years to 1,430, newly released data show, prompting the city to tackle its homeless crisis by designating parking areas specifically for RVs that now crowd the streets.

In other areas where street dwellers in RVs park, someone has been placing huge logs on the street by the curb in an apparent attempt to keep homeless people with RVs from parking there. The problem is that nobody else can park on the street either.

“Nobody is able to park. Everybody is trying to find a place to park. I’m like, isn’t this against the law?” one West Oakland resident asked KRON-TV.

This woman says the logs suddenly appeared a few months ago.

Watch the news video.


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B bob

They could lower the rent so everyone could. Have a place to live.


If you look at where the homeless problem is in this state, it is in the blue areas. Those of us that live in the red areas of the state (most of the counties) are more than happy to let them drift off into the ocean or become their own state.

Captn John

CA residents deserve all they get plus some. Sanctuary cities/state, free everything. CA, WA, OR is where every homeless person in the country should go and stay. They will be well taken care of thanks to the voters of those states.

David Hagen

Most places I have lived prohibit RV parking on the street except for loading and unloading. Many even prohibit RV’s in your own front yard. Is there some reason California can’t have laws like that?


If this socialist political stronghold cared about the working class in Oakland, they would come up with a solution. Such as having no parking signs designating No Overnight Parking or No RV Parking …. and enforce it. Big Metro cities have no problem enforcing parking meters, so why the hands off approach with the so called Homeless? I think we all know that answer.


Now someone needs to cultivate poison oak on all vacant property.