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A bright gadget review: Luci Core lights come in handy all around the RV


“It’s a light. It’s just a light.” That was what someone told me as I excitedly told them about a gift I was given, a Luci Core LED light. You see, in addition to writing stories here, I also give workshops on RV Basic Training and some other stuff. An attendee was so happy with the RV Basic Training class that she gave my wife and me each a Luci Core light. 

What was the big deal about this light? Two primary things, actually. One is an old expression someone shared with me years ago that says you can do well by doing good. The other is that this is just a cool little gadget. 

So let’s talk about the doing good part, even though the gadget part is the exciting bit. 

Simply put, the company, MPOWERD®, states, “We create sustainable, affordable, thoughtfully designed products that suit the needs of the many. Whether here in our homes or in the Peruvian mountains, we believe that everyone deserves access to well-crafted, functional products!” So when you buy one of their products they give back in various ways including gifting their lighting products to places with little or no electrical service (and other things too). 

I know, I know. I sound like some hippie talking about that. But even my heart can feel better if I get a cool product that also does some good. I win. They win. 

The gadget

Okay, so we’re here for the gadget review, not the hippie halftime. 

The Luci Core light itself is actually pretty darned cool, which is why I got so intrigued by it. Essentially, it’s a large puck with a white lens on one side and a solar panel on the other. At the bottom of the puck is a rubber cap that hides a Micro USB charging port and a button. That button toggles the light through three different brightness settings and a fourth setting that flashes the puck. The brightest setting produces 40 lumens, and the company claims 12 hours on a single charge. 

Lastly, the other side of the puck has something like those Nite Ize Gear Ties we all looked at in January. That’s what really makes this thing so cool.

I took this camping over the Memorial Day weekend to test it out. When my wife and I hit the sack we often will listen to old murder mysteries. Our trailer has lights over the bed but only the tallest of basketball players can reach the button on those pucks from in the bed itself.

I bent the “tail” on the Luci Core light into a stand and we had that on while we listened to some folks killing one another while others figured out whodunit. This made for the perfect bedside reading light. The fact that there were three levels of brightness was the key, along with standing securely on the nightstand. 

The Luci Core light also makes a good “neck light”

I also put the thing around my neck as I remembered that I had to shut something off outside the RV after dark and it also made a good headlight. Well, maybe neck light. 

One of the criteria I use for writing these reviews is whether or not I’d buy this again if I lost it. In this case, the answer is absolutely yes, I would.

In fact, in writing this article and researching the company I also put in an order for their Luci Solar String Lights, which are a series of lights that can roll-up into a puck-like case. Like the Luce Core, there’s a solar panel on one side of the case and the lid in which to store the lights on the other. Along the side are buttons and a rubber cover to protect the USB Mini plug, should you choose to charge them that way. 

Other stuff

The company actually has a pretty extensive number of lights they sell at this point including the one that started it all, the Luci Outdoor. Now this is in 2.0 form and produces 75 lumens for up to 24 hours on a single seven-hour solar charge. Cool. 

There are products for professional use but also one that allows you to build your own light. That might be a good lesson for younger folks to help get them out of the dark when it comes to lighting. Yeah, yeah, I love puns as much as I love gadgets. 

Not a bad day when you can get a gadget that also helps others, but is just cool in its own right. 

You can find all the Luci lights available at their Amazon store.

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bill bateman
2 months ago

Many, many of your readers were “hippies” and rightfully proud of it. Luci lights, imho, are one of the best lighting tools I’ve ever used. I have 7 of various models and find them top shelf items and recommend them to anyone! Thanks for bringing their existence to light!

2 months ago

I love my Luci light so much! I have the inflatable solar lantern that also acts as a portable phone charger. It actually charges my phone with it’s solar panel.
Great light with 3 powers and a flasher.
I use it all the time.

Sue B
1 year ago

I’ve had Luci lights for years and tell everyone I know how fantastic they are. I use them during power outages and camping – never have to worry about batteries!

Bill semion
1 year ago

I have used Luci lights for years now including the backpacker-style collapsible clear inflatable. A great product, and their policy to send lights to countries without electricity was still in effect the last I know.

Lil John
1 year ago
Reply to  Bill semion

If you have been using them for years, why didn’t you let US know! 🙂
Gotta get one.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

Since discovering Luci lights, I never take the Coleman Lantern camping anymore. Hung in the campsite at night, they provide just enough light without disturbing anyone. In the morning, turn it off and let it charge all day. In my Aliner popup, I set them at the ceiling to provide soft light to the entire unit.