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15 camping games and puzzles that are fun for everyone and make the perfect gift


Wondering what to give to the families on your holiday gift list this year? Face it! The kids already have too many toys, and gifts for teens can be rather tricky. Most adults buy what they want when they want it! So, what’s left? The perfect gift: the gift of time together. Every family can use it and you need not worry about getting the correct size or color. Take a look and see what we mean:


Trekking The National Parks

Trekking The National Parks is a best-selling award-winning game. It was created by a couple who traveled to every single National Park, and then worked with their son to make the game. It’s fun and educational, and will surely make you want to plan a trip to the closest National Park.

Camp Talk

Camp Talk is a great game to get conversations started. Created by kids for kids of all ages, the questions posed on each of the 50 cards will get (and keep) participants talking for hours! Best of all, this game is compact and easy to carry along!

Camping with Sasquatch

Camping with Sasquatch combines the card games “Rummy” and “Slapjack” to guarantee great family fun. This 128-card game comes with easy-to-understand rules and can be played almost anywhere!

Toasted or Roasted

Toasted or Roasted challenges players to be the first to “toast three marshmallows.” Beware of other players, though. They can “rain” on your campfire or “burn” your marshmallow! This game uses both offensive and defensive skills that will keep the entire family entertained!


The game gofindit can last a few minutes, an hour, or even an entire day as family members (including the littlest ones) search for items in this outdoor scavenger hunt game. A durable fabric bag keeps all the gofindit cards together and easily fits into a pocket.

Popular games that are National Parks themed

If you’re a fan of Scrabble, Monopoly or Yahtzee, you’re going to love these National Parks-themed versions of these. These are collector’s items and would be so neat to have! Here’s the Scrabble version, the Monopoly version, and the Yahtzee version.

Waterproof playing cards

Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards are perfect for the family that enjoys their own favorite card games, but needs more durable playing cards. This deck of cards is 100% waterproof! That means you can take them to the pool or the beach without worry. These standard-sized cards are easy to shuffle and are hand-washable, too!

Spot It! Camping edition

The Spot It! camping edition will really test your memory and attention span, and will even help improve both things! The kids will be having fun and you’ll be thankful for a little brain boost.


Lakeside camping

Don’t you want to just jump into this scene? Well, it’s a little messy… but that’s one nice camping view! This 500-piece puzzle will have you up close and personal with those sneaky little raccoons!

Airstream dreams

Look how neat this one is! That old red truck pulling the Airstream is such a classic scene. We’d love to be sitting by that campfire. This 1000-piece puzzle will keep you busy for a while!

A panoramic campground

We love that you can see the whole campground scene in this puzzle. And it may be a bit easier to complete than the others… At 500 pieces, this one will be a ton of fun to do. Can you spot the adorable owl babies?

A Christmas wonderland

Wow! Does it get much prettier than this? You wouldn’t think to call a puzzle pretty… but this one is pretty! Perfect for the Christmas season, and even more fun to do when the whole family comes over. This is one of our favorites.

Fun for the whole family

We love this drawing. This would be fun to have as an art print. Maybe you could frame it once you finished it! Since it’s 1000 pieces it should keep you busy for a while. But we’re okay with that – we like those mountain views! Find it here.

Do you have a favorite camping game or puzzle to add to our list? Please tell us about it in the comments below!


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Chris Collins
1 year ago

Wow, I can’t believe you didn’t mention the game ‘Parks’.
We love it!

1 year ago

My personal favorite has to be good old reliable ‘Quartzsite-opoly.’

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