Thursday, August 5, 2021
Thursday, August 5, 2021
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RVing History

The FMCA – Convention recap

As I write this I’m sitting in a conference room at the FMCA’s 103rd International Convention & RV Expo. Someone asked me what I...

Teardrop trailers: The only RVs to have seen combat!

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL Before I owned my first motorhome, I briefly owned a Teardrop trailer. I was in college, and had dreams of touring...

New movie documents Black grandparents’ 35-year RV journey

Visual artist and Baltimore native Carla Brown is busy these days putting the finishing touches on her documentary tribute to her grandparents Frances and...

Meet the horses of the first RVs, the “Traveler” caravans

By Nanci Dixon In last weekend's newsletter, there was a video of John Lennon gifting a Caravan to his 4-year-old son, Julian. This sparked...

Video: 1954 RV rally. Some things change, others stay the same

In this newsreel from 1954, take a trip back in time and across the Atlantic to see how British "caravaners" gathered for what looks...

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