Monday, February 24, 2020

Greg Gerber to return as editor of RV industry website

ATHENS, Texas – Greg Gerber, the founder of the RV industry website RV Daily Report, will return as owner and editor after selling the...

NorCal’s horrific Camp Fire 100% contained, officials announce

Amazing and weary firefighters work right through the Thanksgiving weekend to finally contain the destructive Camp Fire. Thank you firefighters! The most destructive and deadly...

Colorado Springs, Berkeley, and San Diego confront homeless RV dwellers

COLORADO SPRINGS has long banned parking RVs on city streets in residential neighborhoods, but soon, City Council will cast a vote on whether to...

Winegard® DISH® Playmaker™ OS 2.1 with HDTV available now

(NOVEMBER 27, 2018) — Winegard announced in a press release today that a new upgrade to the DISH Playmaker will include expanded HDTV coverage...

German RV component company Truma picks Elkhart County for its U.S. HQ

Instead of an American company leaving for a foreign country, Truma Corporation, a leading European supplier of RV components, announced plans to put its...

RV shipments decline in October

The RV Industry Association’s October survey of manufacturers found that total RV shipments finished the month with 43,568 wholesale shipments, a decrease of 11...

Guidebook of free campgrounds updated after four years

By Bob Difley Any RVer that has been on the road for awhile likely has a dog-eared and ragged copy of Don Wright's Guide to...

Nearby drivers help fifth-wheel owner douse flames

Contrary to some observations of our current times, good Samaritans still exist, at least in Logan, Idaho. On Tuesday morning several drivers came to...

RV Industry Association president takes long RV road trip

By Frank Hugelmeyer  President, RV Industry Association I am not a stranger to on-the-move travel. It has been a constant necessity in business and my wife,...

Airstream says “cease and desist” to new Silver Streak plans

It had been 20 years since Silver Streak manufactured travel trailers, the aluminum-bodied brand launched in 1946. Entrepreneur Ellie Dillon acquired the rights from...

Are you transporting alien bugs in your RV?

By Deanna Tolliver Stink bugs! Specifically, brown marmorated stink bugs. Have you seen them in your RV? They're more common in the eastern U.S....

Construction workers on temp assignments choose RV living

One of the reasons RV parks are so crowded these days is because many of the spaces are occupied by long-term residents. That includes...

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