Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Your RV’s stovetop is disgusting! Here’s how to easily clean it

I had been avoiding taking our Atwood gas stovetop apart to clean under the vents even though I could easily see how much I needed to. I just couldn’t avert my eyes any longer. When at our motorhome service center, one of the service guys showed me how to slide out the top.

Photo Credit Nanci Dixon
  1. TURN OFF the propane at the outside tank! Be safe doing this.
  2. Remove the top grates from the stovetop.
Photo Credit Nanci Dixon

3. Gently twist off burners and set them to the side. Note that the burner is connected to the spark wire. If your burner doesn’t start sometimes, this is where to check.

Photo Credit Nanci Dixon
Photo Credit Nanci Dixon

4. Push the stop top toward the back. I suggest wearing thick leather gloves for this part. The metal is sharp!

Photo Credit Nanci Dixon

5. Lift top slightly. The top can now come forward enough to clean under. There are two clips at the back that fit into the stovetop.

6. Clean and repeat steps to replace. Once clips are aligned with the two holes on the back of the stovetop, the top will slide back into place.

7. Turn propane back on and test each burner.



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Steven Jenkins
1 month ago

Our wish is to deep clean or replace the rusty grate on top.

David Hoffman
1 month ago

Our stovetop looks like the day it left the factory in 2017. Don’t look at the microwave too closely though. .

Roger V
1 month ago

Good article. We got tired of cleaning ours and also of using/refilling propane. Took it out and replaced it with an induction stovetop.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago
Reply to  Roger V

I’ve thought about an induction cook top, like I’ve thought about a DC compressor fridge, and came away with sticking to my tried and true propane units. But I DID find a video about a guy who has an induction cooktop in his van camper and found it extremely interesting.