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Coronavirus alters and cancels many readers’ upcoming RV trips


In a recent story, we asked you if the coronavirus (COVID-19) has either altered your route or cancelled your upcoming RV travel plans entirely. (Please vote in the poll if you haven’t already.) Between this article and others that we’ve recently published, hundreds of you have reached out to us and told us your story. Here’s how the coronavirus is affecting you and your travel plans:

“We changed our itinerary for next week, we were going to see a friend in a Senior Living Center in Albuquerque. The facility has put visitation and going out restrictions in place. The average age is 80. They have no Covid-19. Although we are all disappointed, we proceed with common sense. We are fulltime RVers. Heading back to Texas to attend to business. Then in May we head to Alaska, we are still planning but who knows, will it be possible or do we wait until next year?” — DPHooper

“With so many day to day changes, it is hard to plan anything in advance. What sounds possible today may be impossible tomorrow. Not a doom and gloom guy, but things are changing so fast, it is almost impossible to predict any future plans.” — Norm Milne

“We are currently in a 55+ RV park in Goodyear, AZ. We got here Feb. 1 and planned on leaving for home (NE corner of NC) by way of San Diego, the first of April, taking our time stopping several places along the way. Now we will leave as planned but cancel the trip to San Diego. We’ll head east from here and stop for overnights and an extra day in several places just to take a break from all the driving. But will not be visiting places where there are a lot of people such as Nashville. Since all the news of the coronavirus started we have limited where we go.” — Diane Giddidp

“We had planned a trip this summer west to Tahoe, northern CA and OR. but will probably wait to see how this pandemic plays out. Both of us are in the “elderly” category and I have increased vulnerability due to lingering effects of West Nile virus contracted last year. However, it’s the volatility of the stock market that will probably be the deciding factor for us. We have to take minimum distributions from our IRA, but don’t want to do that while the market is in such a state of decline. I’m surprised no one else has mentioned this! We will let it ride as long as we can and still hopefully be able to do some traveling this year.” — Nancy Michaels

“We have plans to visit our daughter in Arizona and our son and nephew in Colorado mid-April and possibly just enjoy some outdoor spots in and around those states for a month or so. As of now, we do not plan on changing those plans but as others have said I guess it’s kind of a wait and see if RV parks and places don’t close completely!” — Diane

BREAKING NEWS: How the coronavirus is impacting RVers. Updated daily. Click.

“We just cancelled our May RV trip to Seattle (to visit with our 2 children) and on to Alaska and then across Canada because we are uncertain about potential border restrictions and because we decided to stay within 2 days driving time of our Arizona home in case one of us would become ill. Thus our new plan is for a one month trip in May to Utah, Colorado, and northern Arizona, before returning to our full-time home in Arizona. We’ll plan another trip for later in the summer if the situation improves. We just bought our Airstream in January and thus are disappointed to have our big trip plans disrupted.” — Gordon

“We’ve spent the winter in the desert north of Yuma at a BLM long term visitor area & planned to leave March 17 to wander towards Michigan to visit our kids & grandkids around early May. But now we’ve decided to skip the wandering & wait until late April to head straight for Michigan, depending on the situation at that time. Sitting here in the desert is really the best place to be right now. … Changing our departure date required no calls or cancellations. But then this is the way we’ve traveled for the last 10 years, with few if any plans or reservations, just flying by the seat of our pants.” — Fred

“We leave next month on a 5-month cross-country trip. Right now my main concern is whether RV parks will close. I feel pretty ‘safe’ because I think I can keep our RV environment ‘clean’ and we don’t use campground facilities – just to check-in. We may alter some of the places we were going to see, such as the museums in DC, but tour the beautiful, open countryside instead.” — Gami

Readers tell us: Given coronavirus concerns, have you cut back on activities involving large crowds? Click

“We’ve been planning a trip a week or so from now, headed south here in NV. Where we are going there are no others around. We’ve got our fave boondocking sites where we go anyway, before all this virus stuff got underway. I see no reason to change our plans. If we were planning trips to RV parks and other commonly visited sites, I may have thought differently about this.” — Tommy Molnar

So far travel changed by FMCA rally canceled in Tucson. Not sure on our circuitous route back north yet. Feel pretty safe and isolated in our current spacious southwest mountain campsite but not sure about the planned travel to a number of national parks this summer. Heck, I am not even sure if I can get TP – Walmart had the last few rolls of camping toilet paper on the empty shelves of the regular stuff. I can only guess that no one has an old Sears Roebuck catalog to use in a national emergency handy…” — Nanci

“As snowbirds, with all the news about the virus, we altered our travel plans in that we headed home about two weeks early. Even though we are self-contained in our RV we wanted to be home.” — Thelma Thomas

“I had a 6 month RV trip planned and due to so many States Closing State Parks I have delayed the trip until this is over and it will. I canceled 15 state park reservations and it cost me $150 to cancel them. Most of them were Utah and Colorado parks. Seems to me there shouldn’t be a cancellation fee during times like these.” — Nomon R. Kennedy

Here’s how we’ve taken a blow from the coronavirus. 

New Facebook Group: How the coronavirus is impacting RVers.


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Al Kemp
2 years ago

The USA has now surpassed China in total cases and has become the World’s new Hot Spot. This happened as there were insufficient measures and plans to contain this in place. This will not end soon and markets will not return to normal anytime in the foreseeable future. Staying isolated and shutting down totally is the only exit to a quick resolution.

F. B. B.
2 years ago

We were part of a 90 day RV Caravan in Mexico. The Caravan suspended the last two weeks of the planned trip and crossed the US Border on Friday the 20th. We had Canadian Caravaners with us and they were worried that the US border would close to them. So we all left Mexico early. Lift was still normal in Mexico.

2 years ago

We were planning a trip this weekend to attend a memorial service for a friend who died recently. The event was rescheduled for May and our reservation at a nearby military campground was canceled. Still planning a trip west starting next month if California will be open when we get there.

2 years ago

Many parks are waiving cancellation fees now. Too bad some parks don’t see the need to stay open and let people camp. Less likely to have virus if you live in your own RV and stay put. Open air is good for everyone.

Lisa Q
2 years ago

We just retired in December, sold our house and everything & left home state of AZ for a trip to the east coast, via OK (birth of our 10th grandchild!) and the gulf coast.

We made it to Waco, TX and decided to return to AZ (arriving today) for a couple reasons. 1) though were set to boondock, we did want to stay in RV parks some of the time & many are closing. 2) if they close state borders, we didn’t want to get stuck in a cold state (we planned on spending the summer in Maine) if this lasted til winter. 3) we have family in AZ and can always moochdock if need be and lastly, traveling more made us concerned we’d just be getting a higher risk of being sick.

Our HOPE is that this calms in a couple months and we can go up the west coast.

Stay safe everyone, be healthy & be kind. 🙂

Larry Large
2 years ago

We had a caravan trip booked with Fanatasy RV Tours and the final payment was due Mar 24. The trip, a 61 day tour of the Canada’s eastern provinces, was scheduled to start June 22. It would have been a wonderful trip. But we are from Canada and the Canadian dollar is sinking, as are our investments. As the trip had to be paid for in US$, we decided to cancel. We will still be RVing this summer but spending more time in Canada where we won’t have to worry about the exchange rate on the dollar. We love attending bluegrass festivals and plan to attend several this year, including some in nearby states. Of course, even these plans may change depending on how this COVID-19 mess progresses.

Terri R
2 years ago

Looking forward to camping again soon. Totally optimistic that the USA will get this under control likely quicker than China because of the enforcement right now in this minute and China got it controlled in less than 5 months. With the virus showing 2 forms this should allow for the weaker form to sweep thru & hopefully give most of us a level of immunity against the deadlier form as we practice some social distancing.
We camp every month somewhere here in FL & right now 2 music festival reservations have been rolled over to next year (initially because the bands could not travel to get here for this weekend’s scheduled festival – hoping to support some of them as they perform on line live with a virtual tip bucket to help them stay afloat) and our fishing week with friends at a state park was partially clipped so not sure if the state is going to hold our second half of the reservation or not yet.
Prayers for all the full timers and snowbirds to stay safe as you scramble to find (& then pay the higher prices of private CG) as you move around out here. No fear, just caution & hope …..

Michael McCracken
2 years ago

Before the virus we traveled to Florida to visit family. We have been in an RV Park for the last 6 months but our stay is coming to an end this month. Our plans are to head back to our home state of Arizona with a stop in Oklahoma for business. Hopefully we will not encounter problems in our travels. We usually stop overnight in an RV Park. It’s a long trip and if necessary we may be forced to boondock along the way. I just hope gas remains available. Staying in Florida is not an option due to the very high rates in the Park.

2 years ago

The poll doesn’t include involuntary changes… *I* didn’t cancel any plans, but my governor has declared 100% house arrest of all citizens so most *reasons* to travel for work or fun have cancelled — luckily(?) I am considered part of the “essential” workforce, which means I could wander as needed even if it took an hour to explain “essential” to inquisitors. In reality, I can currently work remotely from anywhere with a cell signal, so no reason to burn the gas other than for recreation.

Laura Shank
2 years ago

We were scheduled to leave this Sunday for a 5 month road trip. Thought it best to cancel as most tourist areas are ghost towns for the foreseeable future and, in the interest of our health of course. We had made 22 reservations. We called each one to cancel. Most are waiving their cancellation fees. Crossing Creeks Resort in Blairsville, GA, refused to waive their fee; we had PAID IN FULL – $588, several months ago. We canceled 4 months in advance of our reservation and they charged 10% – $58!! SHAMEFUL. We are seniors and my husband is a disabled vet.

2 years ago

I’m taken aback to all that are whining and having a hissy fit cuz you have to stay home. Good God people, some of us full time, part time, weekend RV’ers may have the virus and traveling, spreading the virus with out a care in the world. That’s your choice, right? Are you for real. “We’re the most susceptible age group.
David below states being forced back to work, hell, workers still working are scared to work. It’s just not us but the world is shutting down. I’m scared not for me, mid 60s, but for my children and grandchildren. What future do they have or will have. Our grandson who comes with us most of the time ask me when our next trip is, we had just gotten back from a five day trip just this Tuesday (3/13-17) and then CA issued a stay home the following day. Our trip next month to a state park is cancelled due to closure, reservations are being refunded.

2 years ago

We returned home early from Texas anticipating park closures and travel restrictions. We are currently not anticipating any travel this summer. Time will tell.

Joann Patt
2 years ago

We sold our house and became full time RV’ers. We have a small business as vendors that travel from state to state selling products at various shows, festivals and events. We were booked through at least September. All of our events through May have been cancelled and it looks like we may not have any through the fall. We do sell online, but most of our sales are person to person.
It feels like our business world has turned upside down. We went from an exciting lifestyle of travel and work to a complete standstill.
We decided to take some time off and visit our son out of state. He has a large property so we can set up our rv and not totally uproot his household.
We are optimistic, will just ride this out like everyone else, hope for the best, and are looking forward to meeting everyone again.

David Howard
2 years ago

I think I should have sold my travel trailer a few months ago. Closed RV parks and travel restrictions are just one part of the problem. If these “shelter in place” or “lockdown” orders are extended beyond the initial two weeks in most places, i.e., through about the first of April, the economy of the nation will begin to rapidly implode, making RV travel a very hazardous and uncertain activity to say the least. Our society cannot function with people out of work for a month, let alone several months. My guess is that economic pressures will force us back to a sort of normal, with an acceptance of the limited spread of Covid-19. It may sound harsh, but even the death of several hundred thousand seniors might be easier for America to handle than economic devastation for almost everyone. That in turn will virtually end the RV lifestyle and industry, almost overnight. What RV parks remain will be for permanent residents. I have no plans on using my travel trailer, feeling that I am more secure and able to manage my life within the known limits of my home area. I sadly expect that by this summer I will truly regret not having sold my trailer last fall and accepting the relatively small financial loss that would have resulted.

Nomon R Kennedy
2 years ago

I had a 6 month RV trip planned and due to so many States Closing State Parks I have delayed the trip until this is over and it will.
I canceled 15 state park reservations and it cost me $150 to cancel them. Most of them were Utah and Colorado parks. Seems to me there shouldn’t be a cancellation fee during times like these.

I’m heading home to East Tennessee.

2 years ago

Some states are waiving the cancellation fees when they close the parks

Denise Babbit
2 years ago

I’ll be sticking things out on the BLM land around Quartzsite AZ. I was planning on heading East to GA to see my son, but GA has over 100 cases My hometown just posted their first case last week, so I think I’ll be safer staying put and ride this out. I have an autoimmune disorder and 2 new hips, so I can’t chance any type of infection. The only thing I need at the moment is a month’s worth of water!

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