Do you plan to attend a party on New Year’s Eve?


Are you headed out for a wild celebration on New Year’s Eve, capped off at midnight with toasts of champagne? Or maybe a slightly smaller one at your RV park or with a group of friends?

Or do you plan to hunker down at home, maybe watch Guy Lombardo on the telly. Well, that won’t be happening, but if you want to see Guy Lombardo’s final appearance on network TV on New Year’s Eve (after 48 consecutive years), just watch the video below.

So what are your plans? Inquiring minds want to know.

Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians from Guy Lombardo’s final New Year’s Eve appearance on CBS-TV in 1976-77. The band performs: “Babyface,” “I Write the Songs,” “Charley, My Boy,” “Feelings,” “Silver Dollar,” and “Give My Regards To Broadway.” With vocals by Ty Lemley and Kenny Gardner.

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Partying hardy here with our 3 & 7 year old grandsons! Noisemakers? CHECK

James O'Briant

I have to be there. My band, the Zinfandel Stompers Vintage Jazz Band, is playing!

Marianne Edwards

We had accepted an invitation but we both have horrible colds so, to be fair to our hosts, we’ve cancelled. Boo hoo. Herbal tea for our toast tonight and I expect we’ll be lucky to make it ’til midnight.


Just as the Steely Dan song goes….”Those days are gone forever…over a long time ago”

Tommy Molnar

If we’re lucky enough to stay up to 9 pm, we’ll call our daughter in FL and wish her a Happy New Year. We’re in NV.

Darrel Wheeler

We will be lights out by 10 or 11 PM. Hopefully the RV neighbors will keep the noise level down after 11PM quiet hours.

Anyone out on the roads after 10PM to early morning hours, best of luck to you with all the drunk drivers on the roads on New Years Eve and New Years morning.


We normally get together with some of our camping friends.
A couple laughs and some planning for upcoming camping season.
Happy New Year.

Dawn Fredricks

I have to work. My scheduled route is from 4 PM until 1:40 am. Christmas eve I was out until 2:30. I expect the same for New Years Eve.

Captn John

No, been there and done that decades ago. There are better reasons to celebrate. We will stay home and maybe, but unlikely, a tv will have the chaos of Times Square blaring. There will probably be something entertaining on tv or just reading a book at midnight.


This is one holiday I don’t understand. A day to celebrate a day. I will be at home.


We have plans to meet up with a group of friends for dinner. We are all about similar ages, retirement groupies! I imagine dinner will morph into heading home by 9:30 so we can hit the sheets!


At 75, I’m lucky to even be awake at 10pm…..

Bob p

New Years dance, from 7:30 PM to 12:30AM, will require a long afternoon nap if we stay awake past 9 PM. Lol


No party, but the Polar Bear Dip is on at Myrtle Beach, SC

Sue Hoffman Losinger

Yes, we are meeting up with 4 or 5 camping friends at a Hotel. This has happened for 20 years or so. Can’t wait.


No party on new years eve. The party is on Saturday night.