Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Fact or Fiction? If you see these on your RV, do not use it in winter!

RV blogs, social media groups and YouTube videos have exploded over the past couple of years. Some provide great information, others questionable information and some downright bad information. Can you tell the difference? In this regular column, we will post a question based on information we find online. You can then test your RV prowess by seeing how your answer compares with our experts.

Today’s Question

Fact or Fiction? If you can see holding tanks underneath your trailer, you should not use it for winter RV camping.
Statement via this source.

What do you think?

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Allen F
17 days ago

Clearly this is a trick question. What is the purpose of it other than a grammar lesson? Obviously, if you are in a warm area of the country it is different than winter in Wisconsin! I am not impressed with this style that makes the author feel they outsmarted those that answered in the minority – even though I smelled a trap right off.

Lisa Harris
16 days ago
Reply to  Allen F

I agree.

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