Saturday, October 23, 2021


RVing and autopsy tables

By Chuck Woodbury

We receive a lot of email. Most if it is from readers or people we do business with.

But there’s a whole lot of spam. Some of it is somewhat related to the subject of RVing. But much of it makes us shake our collective heads. Here’s an email that I received Thursday. I forwarded it to our staff members. We all got a good laugh.

From what I can tell from the email, a Mr. Edward Akoto wants to know if we would like to bid on supplying his company with autopsy tables. Any reader of this newsletter knows that writing about autopsy tables isn’t high on our list of subject matter. I cannot recall us ever even mentioning the subject.

So where Mr. Akoto got my name and email address is a mystery. Autopsy tables? I am still laughing.

His letter:

Dear Sir,

There is Government request to supply Autopsy Tables. Will it interest your Company to participate in such Supply contest?

Item: Autopsy Tables
Contract Period: 1 Year
Payment: 100% Advance TT

Waiting for your response.

Best Regards,

Edward Akoto


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John Koenig
2 months ago

Perhaps Mr. Akoto thought you’d be dying for a government contract? (groan)

10 months ago

Mr. Akoto was just laying it out there. Ha

Last edited 10 months ago by Skip
Steve Barnes, Kamloops, BC
10 months ago

I was really interested in this product. Had to read ‘Comments’ and see the picture before I got it. I’m still waiting for you to publish the tables showing the statistics from your departed readers autopsies. As special people I expect RVers die of special delights, maybe excitement.

David Hagen
10 months ago

The grammar is the clue it is a scam. “There is government request..”, “participate in such supply contest..” I am surprised they did not suggest payment in I-Tunes gift cards.

Barry L Moss
10 months ago

It may be a good idea to purchase one and put the year 2020 on it. Merry Christmas to each of you out there and hopefully we will all have a Happy 2021.

Cheryl Bacon
10 months ago

You can probably thank a media source. Someone sees the portable medical and morgue tents in some countries and bingo a new scam is born. Covid, the holidays and natural disasters bring out the worst in people.

Herb & Kathy Baldwin
10 months ago

One of those scams we all get all too often. Not sure why the scammer chose this subject however, would be to a very limited audience, eh?

Victor Whitmore
10 months ago

I bet the tables are for Nigeria. Ha ha. My spidey senses say SCAM.

10 months ago

OK… so … the the question that begs asking is … what did ya tell him ?… hmmmm?

Debbie J
10 months ago

Looks like a great fish cleaning table

10 months ago
Reply to  Debbie J

Exactly what I thought it’s a dead fish autopsy table.

10 months ago

Maybe you could sell them some $500 hammers along with the autopsy tables. Just a thought.

Donald N Wright
10 months ago

It would make a good work bench / table. Think about the conversations with guests. Talk with your daughters boyfriend if he is late bringing your daughter home after a date.

Lindy Maynes-Kolthoff
10 months ago

I’m thinking this is a dead subject…Brawhahaha

Jeffrey Campbell
10 months ago

Good one!

STEPHEN P Malochleb
10 months ago

If you stack them can you make them into bunk beds? Asking for a friend:):)

10 months ago

The writing style, talking about payment, etc., doesn’t give me a warm feeling. It sure sounds like some kind of scam to me, a really odd scam.

Ken Neubecker
10 months ago

Would they work better for RVing if they had wheels?

Gary Broughton
10 months ago

Would make a good fish cleaning or butcher table. Then just wash it down.

Tommy Molnar
10 months ago
Reply to  Gary Broughton

It does look like some fish cleaning tables I’ve seen in state parks.