Monday, November 28, 2022


Get a handle on your handles

If you are carrying several long-handled tools for maintaining your RV’s appearance, look into the Shurhold system where you will need only one handle. Among the company’s most practical tools are long handles which come in both fixed and telescoping sizes. This system quickly and easily allows you to snap more than 40 different accessories to the same fixed length or telescoping handle.

One handle can quickly snap to several different cleaning brushes, floor mops or scrubbers for removing black streaks. Headed down to the lake to catch some trout? Then add a few fishing or boating attachments like a net or paddle to your supply compartment.

In addition to RV cleaning products for the outside of your rig, you can use many of these same products to maintain the inside of the RV as well. Learn more at the Shurhold website.


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