Monday, December 5, 2022


Heartland recalls trailers for axles installed backwards


Heartland is recalling certain 2018 Sundance XLT TT recreational trailers, models ID221RB, ID241BH, ID273RL, ID281DB, ID283RB and ID291QB. The axles on these vehicles were installed backwards, possibly reducing the braking ability or causing the brakes to temporarily lock up.

Improper brake function can increase the risk of a crash.

Heartland has notified owners, and dealers will correct the axle installation, free of charge. The recall began on September 20, 2017. Owners may contact Heartland customer service at 1-574-206-7920 or by email at Heartland’s number for this recall is 99.01.35.

Click here to learn of more recent recalls.

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Dean Dennis
5 years ago

Actually in manufacturing 20% quality control check frequency is huge.

Roy Ellithorpe
5 years ago

Point # 1, even on the 20% they are checking, they’re not checking very deep.
Point # 2, bets are the frame was built by Lippert, unquestionably the largest and sloppiest RV component builder in the world.

5 years ago

As long as bobble heads are willing to pay high prices for JUNK , that is exactly what they will get. RV’s coming off the line not inspected should be a red flag how the manufactures bottom line is the most important thing to them.. Customers be damned. I had a BROKEN Wheel bearing and a NON-Functioning brake assy. on my unit..AND this was from the AXLE–AL KO–Now Dexter, manufacturer.. RV makers don’t care about SAFETY but they should. ANY ONE want to buy my RV??

Daniel Wright
5 years ago

I’ve seen this before and more. I bought a new high end 5th wheel 5 years ago, went 400 miles and the rear wheel came off, hub and all! NO GREASE! These manufacturers hire warm bodies, no training, and pay minimum wage. ITS ALL ABOUT THE PROFIT!!!!!!

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago

To me, this is almost incomprehensible! Somebody’s first day in the job?

Ron Dillon
5 years ago

How do you install an axle backwards? And on that many units? I am looking for a new RV, and beginning to second guess that….

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