Hotel Walmart: Living in a parking lot


    This is a fascinating look at the homeless who live in a car, van or RV in a Walmart parking lot. It profiles RVers as well as car campers who stay not just overnight but for years at a single Walmart. It focuses mostly on the down-and-out rather than more affluent overnighters, most of them in RVs, who stop a single night for its convenience, and then move on.


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    Merikay MacKenna

    I agree about keeping the chickens being a health hazard for young children.

    We have stayed at Walmart for one night at a time while going cross country, but if people really start staying there in large numbers for longer periods of time, it will ruin it for everyone.


    Good for Walmart to allow these folks to stay full-time in their parking lot. I’m always amazed, though, when I listen to people like the woman and man and baby living in the old school bus. She places the blame for their situation on others. Does she not realize that keeping chickens and puppies in an RV is a health issue?! She left CA because the people there are racist and are anti-homeless?!
    She can keep running from state to state but I doubt things will improve at the rate they’re going. Very sad for all of them . .