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How much of 2017 will you spend in your RV?



June 23, 2017 — Readers of are avid RVers — many, if not most, spending much of each year traveling with or living in their RVs. Many are full-timers. But we believe it’s time to get a better idea of how much this audience travels to help us focus our future subject matter. So here’s the question. After you make your choice, the current results will appear. —The editors

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5 years ago

We got out of the heat for the summer and spent 2 mos in northern Az in our new travel trailer. We usually travel from north (Alaska) to south ( Arizona) every year for 3-6 weeks fall and spring. This year as with others health problems plagued us, we are hoping to get back in the swing next winter season.

Denny wagaman
5 years ago

A few short trips in the summer. We have spent up to 7 months ( fall winter and spring ) then home to flowers, friends and GK’s coming to stay for 6-9 weeks. It’s fun to be home in the summer. But we travel from WA state to the SE coast family, holidays, and Hilton Head .

5 years ago

The last 3 years we have spent approx 5 week per year out in about. The 1st two years we went WEST & North West. Last year Southeast to Niagra and then Canada to Maine and back to S.C.

We were thinking about going full time but my health this year hit the skids and now my weeks are at the VA and specialist! Sucks to get old and ill !!!!!

Paul P.
5 years ago

365, we’ve been full-time for over two years now.

John Webber
5 years ago

From May to September we live in our 35 foot Damon (Thor) returning to our house, usually Tuesday to Wednesday. Then at the end of the season we travel for about a month.

Don Sommerville
5 years ago

The plan was ts spend a lot more time but “Open Heart” surgery got in the mix and now we are preying that we are not all done all to gather. Three to five months a year till now.

Peter Van
5 years ago

I and my wife are looking into starting out on our rving adventure with our 2 kids because our school system sucks and they need to learn of own country’s culture to true way

5 years ago

In 2017,we took our class b out for 3 days,would be happy to double that number,still working,and weekends are spent catching your breath,only to get back on the treadmill for another workweek,what has our work done to our lives,my goodness,Chuck,you got any answers for us Ol buddy?

J Anthony
5 years ago

not at all. it is a small camper but with my husband dying I wont use it at all. A small 18 ft Retro in excellent shape and it smarts.

5 years ago

Retired this year, and I am taking time to prepare to travel a lot more pulling a 30 foot trailer. Hopefully I will be on the road this fall and winter.

Linda & Steve
5 years ago

We are staying in our travel trailer while my fiancé takes contracts as a traveling OR tech. He’ll use the extra money to pay off his student loans. I work from home so I am fortunate to be able to travel with him. I’m surprised at how many other contract medical professionals also travel by RV.

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