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RV entry step system is too heavy and complicated!

I’d like to issue a complaint. It’s about the “improved” RV entry steps. Our newer fifth wheel RV features a Lippert Solid Step system – entry steps that rest inside the RV’s door when in motion. I’ll admit that the steps seem a bit more stable than the ones we’ve experienced before. But in my opinion the “cons” of the improved system outweigh the “pros.”

Here are some of my “gripes” about these RV steps

  • These steps are heavy! My back pays a price every time I bend over to put the steps in or lift the heavy steps to extend them to the ground.
  • Yes, the steps are adjustable. But it takes both my hubby and me together to simultaneously hold the step assembly off the ground and move the side pins to adjust. (Again, my back pays a price.)
  • Every time we pack up, the steps come in and promptly drop dirt, leaves, and whatever else onto the galley floor. Even when I sweep the steps off ahead of time, the gunk on the bottom feet of the rails comes off inside the rig.
  • If our steps are not perfectly level, our front door won’t close properly or open correctly either. Where the steps are affixed to the doorway catches the bottom of the door. Every. Single. Time.
  • Once we’re parked at our RV storage place, the length of the RV step assembly makes it impossible for us to re-enter the RV. There just isn’t enough room between the bottom of the steps and the rig that’s stored next to us. If we try to extend the steps, they’ll hit the side of the next rig. Our only choice is to hitch up the fiver again. Then we pull out far enough to allow room for the steps to extend, get whatever we need from the RV, and reverse the procedure. Not what you want to do when everyone’s exhausted from an extended drive.

There is some good news about the RV steps. If you share my gripes, you can replace your solid entry steps with the old-fashioned kind seen here.


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Bob p
6 months ago

In the Marines we had a saying, a bitchn’ Marine is a happy Marine. That may apply here.

1 year ago

You forgot

The need to deploy the steps to get into the unit. Today if I just need to retrieve something from our trailer real quick I just climb in with the steps stowed.

Bob p
6 months ago
Reply to  Snayte

I don’t think you’ll climb over these steps as I believe he’s describing the steps that attach to the bottom of the door opening and swing down in place when you open the door. When closed they swing up and are blocking the doorway.

1 year ago

We changed the spring board OEM stairs in our Montana to the Solid Step and have never looked back. A small broom and a little shake cleans all dirt off of the steps. The hyd assist makes these steps much easier to open and close. They may add a little (different) work to use but it is not a big deal. It is what you like, but we are happy with them. I do not miss the finger pincher steps.

1 year ago

When we were looking for a new 5’er a few months ago, we looked at these type of steps that folded into the RV and decided against it primarily due to bringing dirt and drips into our home on the road. The steps we settled on were the standard type that are on the outside and simply fold down…. except, this one had folding legs on the bottom step that make contact with the ground and provide a more stable system. Glad we made that choice!

James Dresser
1 year ago

The lift assist takes care of the weight issue and also helps with adjusting the legs since it holds the steps approximately horizontal when left to it’s own desires. I keep a dust brush on a hook just inside the door. It’s easy to brush off the steps before closing them all the way.

1 year ago
Reply to  James Dresser

I wondered that myself… the stairs I’ve seen would be deadly if allowed to just fall. I assumed there was some pneumatic retarder on these like the gas piston I screwed into my tailgate so it CANT slam down.

Bill Tate
1 year ago

Moved our TT on a rainy day to a new location. There is nothing more irritating that trying to get out of the rain when you have to level the steps, no the door still hits, level a second time. Now to short and springy to use. Now I am soaked and I haven’t even gotten out of the rain. Since the TT was designed for the new steps there is no bracing to install the old style. Along with all the reasons listed plus the problems with wet steps and adjusting them in the rain I am considering taking my camper to a metal fabrication shop to be able to go retro.

Doug G.
1 year ago

We did a lot of shopping for our rebuild on our 5ver and needed new steps and after researching all the options online, including these new steps, decided to purchase a Little Giant three step heavy duty step ladder. It is easy to open, light weight, has wide/deep steps for safety, and can be used anywhere for when we need a step ladder for the trailer. I made some brackets that allow me to slide a locking rod to hold the ladder in place. It only cost me $105 for the ladder and it also has a collapsible top bar and tool holder for when used as a step ladder. It works really great!

1 year ago

These are the many reasons we replaced our original steps with Torklift steps. They go in the same spot the original steps do. We went from three steps to four. And they are very stable.

Jim Prideaux
1 year ago

My wife loves the new steps for the more solid feel. I had no problem with the old kind and they seemed pretty solid to me.

Sharon L Boehmer
1 year ago

We have Mo-ryde solid steps and love them. I can handle the weight easily enough and adjusting the feet is quick and easy. The dirt is swept away but a little more work if they are wet.

1 year ago

We are on our second trailer with the solid steps. I think they are wonderful. They aren’t too heavy for me and I can pull out the pins and adjust them in all of 20 seconds. I especially like the ones on our new trailer that have a deeper top step. It also takes only a minute to wipe off the feet and steps before putting them in the trailer. They seem much safer and sturdier than the pull out steps we had on our 5th wheel and I like that they are adjustable.

1 year ago

My son has a new Reflection that has a new variant of the Lippert steps. The steps actually fold up before stowing into the RV which dumps all dirt on the ground and not your floor. The are also installed with two removable pins allowing them to be taken off for close quarters storage and allowing entry. Have not seen this model of steps on any other RVs.

1 year ago

Our 5th wheel came with these steps with the lift assist installed and we love them and the added stability they offer. They’ve been a huge improvement over the standard pullout we had on our TT for us and our pups. A quick bounce of the steps and swipe of a whisk broom or rag gets any debris off before putting them up.

Gary Machholz
1 year ago

For our 20’ TT the Solid Step two-step model is a HUGE improvement. With two 80 pound German Shepherds fighting with us to see who goes through the door first, the Solid Steps will eventually save a broken or sprained ankle…..or worse. They are not perfect but the fold up steps were absolutely HORRIBLE!!

Charles Howard
1 year ago

Several good reasons why I won’t make this upgrade!
I do use a small “legacy” stair jack under my bottom step that takes out any “bouncing”.

Tony Grigg
1 year ago

Lippert makes a lift assist add on that provides a gas cylinder to make lifting the steps a 1 finger operation. This also helps greatly when adjusting the stair legs. About $100.

I bought some friction tape used for adding non-slip traction to stairs. I covered my steps in that and it prevents nearly all of the problem with debris sticking in the small grooves on the stairs and then dumping inside on the floor when you fold up.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Grigg

Thanks, Tony! I need to give that tape a try!

Dick Hime
1 year ago

This is why we love our Torklift Glowsteps!

Tom Herbert
1 year ago
Reply to  Dick Hime


Nicholas K Wells
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Herbert


1 year ago

Interesting points! Since we moved on from a 5’er to a motor home several years ago, I’ve had zero experience with these new steps. I’ve been admiring them and thinking they must be a huge improvement on the old “pop out” stairs. Guess not…

Jean Painter
1 year ago

When we replaced the OEM steps on our Carriage 5th Wheel, we considered the solid step system sold by MorRYDE. However the only ones sold for “after market” installation for our rig at that time were way too heavy. The steps they sold for other brands came in a hydraulic version which was MUCH easier to maneuever, but were not available for the Carriage’s unique step design. That was several years ago, so there may be hydraulic models now that would fit our rig.

Because of the solid step’s weight in the “standard” model, the inability to extend them in tight places, and the dirt that always came in with the steps, we chose the Glowstep Scissor Step by Torklift and couldn’t be happier. They are sturdy, handle lots of weight, can be extended in tight places and best of all, fold up into the same location that our OEM steps had lived.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jean Painter
Frank DeCelie
1 year ago
Reply to  Jean Painter

I agree with Jean, the Glowstep Scissor Step by Torklift solves these issues. We upgraded our 5er steps because the “diving board” style steps don’t feel secure and don’t allow adjustment. And the Solid Steps have all the drawbacks mentioned in Gail’s article. And now that our Scissor Steps are a year old, they literally can open or fold up with one hand, and still maintain the sturdiness and safety we were looking for. And to emphasize, they fit exactly into the space under our door that contained the OEM steps. Finally, the amount of space they require to be opened is very flexible.

Evelyn Arenella
1 year ago

We love the steps, but same problem with storage, if the guy next to us doesn’t center his boat, no way can we put down the steps.

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