Is all about bashing Camping World?


By Chuck Woodbury
This was posted as a comment on this website by an RVer named Kevin Smith. I’d like to post it here, too, to share my thoughts with more readers.

Camping WorldMr. Smith wrote:
I came across the bookmark today and thought I’d check in but darned if anything’s changed, still kicking Camping World around and trolls still flogging Lemonis due to their media illiteracy. Ugh. I unsubscribed and abandoned a few months back as what once was such a good resource for RV news had become a single-issue banner for anti-CW and made Lemonis the butt of angry right wing commenters who seem to be your main demographic now.

As someone who travels extensively in my RV I can’t understand why you would like to have less resources available to you almost anywhere you’re traveling to/from? I’ve used CW for supplies, had them perform scheduled and emergency unscheduled maintenance and have stayed overnight at more than a few of their locations. I

If you need to replace a failed sewer valve at 10am on a Sunday morning in Chattanooga, TN I can guarantee you will be overjoyed to see that huge flag waving above the interstate. See how many service shops there are that can get you in for a generator oil change/fuel filter replacement with only a few hours wait when you’re passing through Rogers, MN mid-winter.

Do they sell RV’s at the highest possible price, I hope so! I’m a Realtor and you’d be justly upset if I priced and sold your house too low as an “act of kindness” to the buyer, right?

Go ahead and find a better deal somewhere else, I didn’t buy my RV from them as I did my due diligence and found an independent brand sold direct from dealer that beats anything CW had to offer. However I’m very glad CW has such a wide, national presence and I’d miss them as a trusted resource who most often has what I need to stay on the road. If your wish for them to fail comes true I doubt that we’ll be better off trying to rely on WalMart for their very limited RV-specific offerings and most other RV dealers carry a tiny fraction of the parts and accessories that CW stores do so be careful of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Thanks again for your previous contributions to RVers, good luck with your single-issue audience and keep the rest of us informed if you ever go back to the old format.

My response to Mr. Smith
You and I have a slightly different opinion on Camping World. Keep in mind we have been publishing for 20 years, and it’s only been recently we’ve had more negative to say than positive about the company. I won’t go into another conversation about this, as I have already written so much. But, alas, we are far from a “single issue publication,” and, FYI, our readership has never increased faster than in the last year. So I’m not inclined to go back to the “old format.” I don’t know what that means, actually, because if we have changed it has been gradual through the years based on how the industry and RVers have changed.

We try our best to be objective. Most of the time when we write anything that would be perceived as opinionated, the article is labeled “Opinion.”

I appreciate your comments, but really must strongly disagree with you about calling our readers a “single-issue audience,” in the way you suggest. That said, however, it’s true that we are focused on one single topic — “RVing.”

And by the way, to correct you, Camping World is not known for selling RVs at the highest prices, as you say, but the lowest prices. It’s other aspects of how the company conducts its business that at times we find objectionable and not in the best interest of buyers. And, for the record, we have never, ever suggested that we would be happy if Camping World closed its stores.

About our readers being “right wing commentators . . . who seem to be your main demographic now.” Well, that’s a big exaggeration although there is no doubt that far more of our readers are Republicans than Democrats. But I suspect that true of the entire universe of American RVers. I just wish we could all talk about issues without fighting.

We try our best, Kevin, and are very aware that we cannot please everyone. It’s impossible, especially in today’s hot-tempered world.

Thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts in a respectful manner.


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One major event that was not stated, that I saw, is that lemond decided that he doesn’t want any Trump supporters giving him business. So that’s why right-wingers no longer like him.

In addition to the above I’ve had over $2,000 worth of men’s jewelry stolen out of my RV when they was supposed to be doing an exterior wash! And nobody at the Albuquerque store would back me up.

Cindy Martin

A couple of corrections to Kevin Smith. Not all CWs are open on Sundays or do service then. Nor do they all respond immediately and do great work. We took our RV in for some storm damage – needed a new AC, antennae and Awning. They waited 3 weeks to start it, then did it wrong. We had leaking through the antennae immediately but at that point were away from the area. The new AC has never worked right. Oh, and I had just broken BOTH feet/legs and told them my husband, daughter, myself and dog would be staying with our son who at that point lived in a small apartment that didn’t allow dogs. We needed our home back asap. No one would contact us, so we’d call them and be told once again, “we haven’t started it yet”. It took a month to get our home back. None of those replacements were so earth shaking that it couldn’t have been done sooner. And I do find many of their store “specials” are not really a discount compared to some other places. Would I miss them? Only because I can take my dog in the store and maybe pick up some caulking. Would I go there again for repairs? Not unless I absolutely had to. So my experience with them is a whole lot different than yours, obviously. Now my experience is limited to one dealership (Indianapolis, 10 years ago), so I can’t generalize too much. You, however, have. Realize, not all CWs are the same.

Ed D.

As a side note: I, for one, would greatly appreciate it if you would remove any and all references to political persuasions, or politics in general, from these comments. You edited one of the comments to remove “offensive language” and could have done the same to Kevin Smith’s original comment. That would have avoided all of the political rants that have been posted on this article. Just a thought.

Ed D.

In 2016, we had a problem with our Class A Motorhome. The steps would not retract. We had to drive to a CW in Georgia off I-75 to get it taken care of. They were kind, courteous and most of all “addressed our immediate need”! They got the step retracted with a temporary fix until I could get it fixed in our Home Base area. For their help, I am eternally grateful and will continue to use CW as a source for items I need for our RV Travels. I haven’t bought an RV from them but will continue to do business with them in some capacity.

Chuck Wagoner

We were in Denver and went to a CW on west Colfax st. to ask a question. I was directed to the repair shop for help.
At the repair desk, an employee asked if he could help me.
I said I have a question about my converter
That guy said “bring it in and we will fix it.
I replied, “I just have a question”.
That guy had the gall to say we don’t answer questions, we just repair problems”.
I said “I wouldn’t let you touch my camper, I will go visit the camper dealer down the street, they answer questions”.

I have no use for CW. If I had treated my customers that badly, I wouldn’t have stayed in business 5 minutes.
Chuck Wagoner.


Chattanooga TN CW is an outstanding CW, BUT most Camping World stores have so many complaints against them, so many missed problems on PDI, so many screwed up repairs that they have, in my opinion, earned their BAD reputation. I have a friend who lives in CT and once a year goes to Chattanooga TN Camping World and stay until every thing is fixed and feels they are the best of the best. MAYBE they could teach the other CW world how to treat customers, how to repair problems etc. To the man who chastized you for telling the truth about Camping World , maybe try a few CWs around the country with a real problem and see how long your rig will be in the dealership and how NOT Fixed it will be when take it out fo the dealership especially warranty work but they seem to not be able to do much right in many of the stores. Marcus Lemonis seems to be an arrogant man who seems not to care much about what happens to the customers. THEY sold a rig to a VERY old woman who was clear could not handle the rig and they added expensive add ons to it. IF I remember correctly, she was in her 90s by the story but not sure. This is unconscionable. I have read multiple complaints about Camping World from people who bought new and used rigs and multiple people who felt taken by the service departments not doing the contracted work expected. I had my own debacle with them in a store.


Based on comments over the past year, I’d say the liberals and conservative are roughly equal among readers.

And Chuck himself is definitely a liberal based on his comments on guns and other subjects.


I agree 100% with Bill below.

Jann Forrest

It just seems weird that lots of these post say how they don’t want politics brought into this conversation, but then everybody seems to.
That is the result of the Undivided States of America these days. I love my country and I hate how it is right now.
Chuck does a good job writing on both sides. You would complain if he wrote right down the middle wouldn’t you?
Good job Chuck.


Camping world made the top 10 on the stock Bankruptcy Watch List. Sounds like Camping World needs “The Profit” to come in and save them from certain ruin in the “Outdoor Market”!

Oh! I guess “The Profit” IS now going to save now that Camping World stock is down to $7.40 from it’s high of $47.00+ just 2 short years ago.

The acquisitions made by Lemonis on behalf of Camping World stock holders has NOT been good for the company by his own admission and the shrinking market for RV sales certainly could have not come at a worse time.

Now that it’s time for the “The Profit” to focus on his own business not TV and see if he can save that business Camping World from himself.

The results of this will truly tell us all about the greatness of “The Profit”!

Don Leonard

“If your not happy I’m not happy” seems to be Camping world resurrected under another name. In any event, I’ve never had a positive experience with Camping World installation/repair/maintenance shop. So I vote with my feet and don’t return. You can beat their prices almost anywhere.
So you who don’t think so try other sources such a Amazon or the like businesses. So my suggestion is “vote with you feet” not your mouth.


MAYBE some day WE as a society can AGREE to DISAGREE…..WE are human nothing more and nothing less….


And I say that everybody is entitled to their opinion. I don’t like CW for my personal reasons that are mine alone. However, if I need something and only they have it, I will buy it there. I find it interesting that the poster chose to being democrat vs republican into it. So if I may ask you… You state that you are a realtor. How do you tell the democrats from the republicans when they call you to inquire about a property? Does it matter to you if they are red or blue as long as their money is green?

For you to inject your presumption as to who leans which way is not only totally moot but seemingly quite the desperate attempt to find a reason to throw stones. Unless you have a sign n your office that specifies “I only sell homes to democrats”, perhaps you would benefit greatly from the practice of keeping your opinions to yourself (edited by rvtravel staff due to disrespectful language).

Mike M

We must remember companies are made of employees. They are both left and right. They are the ones that try to take care of the customer. The companies may put their philosophy stance out there, but again it is the individual who either takes care of your needs or not. Most people want to help. A jerk is a jerk whether he is right or left minded. I may not agree with the philosophy, but I still do business based on how I am treated.


I had to google a Lemonis to find out what it was, now I just hope I can remember 🙂


Mr. Smith wrote “ … has made Lemonis the butt of angry right wing commenters …” My personal rule is that as soon as someone injects politics into something that is non-political, I stop reading and dismiss the worth of anything the writer has to say. In earlier days of the Internet, there was a similar and widely-accepted “rule” that applied when a discussion started to get heated. “In any argument, the first person to mention Hitler loses.”


I side with those who love Camping World. I move on past those nay sayers. I LOVE CAMPING WORLD. There I said it. They have been there for us thru thick and thin. Our refrigerator door fell off in Denver. They jerry rigged it so we could get home. Otherwise we would have had no place to live while they had to get to it. Since we were not going on long travels once home I decided to make a list of things that need worked on. Every April I am off for a week. That is when CW takes the camper and fixes everything. They see me coming in October and know at least the wheels brakes and axles is what is getting checked. They also do the roof. They will fix the fridge and the shower. Can’t wait until next summer to go camping and hopefully all the bugs are fixed. I was told there is an outlet in Utica Michigan for Camping World stuff. Think I may be doing a trip out there over Xmas break. Happy Camping.

Mary Ihla

I agree with Mr. Smith, and the comments here affirm his opinion.

Bob Godfrey

I’m wondering how this gentleman feels about a great club such as Good Sam’s being taken over and ruined by Lemonis.


Why does politics have anything to do with rv stores gouging customers? When a liberal plays the redneck card it’s a sign of shallow inconsiderate prejudice thoughts and a limited overall ability to process information