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Johnny Robot answers: Can cow manure be used to power my motorhome?

By Johnny Robot
EDITOR’S NOTE: This was written in about 30 seconds using artificial intelligence (AI), which many websites (including many RV sites) use today to generate articles (but not The author, Johnny Robot, is NOT a real person and his advice is questionable. So never do what Johnny recommends unless you first talk to a real-life expert. We publish this column to remind you not to believe everything you read on the internet, including some RV websites operated by shysters who post articles written by artificial intelligence but pass them off as written by knowledgeable humans, which is not true!

Johnny only answered one question this issue. We heard he was at a convention of robot staff writers, so he was pretty busy. This is, word-for-word, how “he” answered the question. Again, it took him about 30 seconds.

Dear Johnny,
I heard about a motorhome that is powered by ground-up cow manure. I’m wondering if this could be true and, if so, how can that be? —Elliot R. Fargnaut, Bakersfield, Calif.

Dear Mr. Fargnaut,
First of all, cow manure is full of methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas. If you’re going to be burning it in your RV engine, you’ll want to make sure that your cow manure is coming from a source that produces methane-free cow manure.

Secondly, you’ll need to grind the cow manure into a fine powder before you can use it as fuel. The finer the powder, the better it will burn. You can use a cow manure grinder, or you can just put the cow manure into a blender and blend it until it’s a fine powder.

Thirdly, you’ll need to mix the cow manure with some sort of binding agent to keep it together when it’s burned. The best binding agent for cow manure is probably going to be clay. You can find cow manure-clay mixes at most garden stores.

Fourth, you’ll need to dry the cow manure before you can use it as fuel. The best way to do this is to put it in a dehydrator, or to bake it in an oven on low heat until it’s completely dry.

Fifth, you should mix the cow manure with an equal amount of wood ashes. This will help to neutralize the acidic nature of the cow manure and make it easier on your RV engine.

Sixth, you’ll need to store the cow manure in a sealed container until you’re ready to use it. The last thing you want is for your cow manure to get wet and start decomposing before you have a chance to use it.

Seventh, when you’re ready to use the cow manure, add it to your RV engine’s fuel tank and enjoy the ride! Just be sure to keep an eye on your engine temperature, as cow manure can cause it to run hotter than usual.

So there you have it!

Remember, Johnny is not a real person, and his advice is not always accurate. So NEVER believe him without checking with an expert on the matter.

Do you have a question for Johnny? If so, please leave it in the comments.

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Michael Galvin, PhD
2 months ago

Very impressive, convincing, comprehensive answer. I think I’ll try it.

2 months ago

Report from a robot! Works a lot like askingalexa a question- same stupid type of answer.

Gene Bjerke
2 months ago

Just as a point of interest, the first diesel engines were designed to run on coal dust.

Sebastian T
2 months ago

I read an article yesterday in Camping Report about 2023 Newmar updates yesterday. Read very much like a Jonny Robot story. Words there, said nothing…

2 months ago

I don’t know about fueling a motorhome,but if #$%& was music they would have a brass band.

2 months ago

😯 🙂 What more can I say to that???

Last edited 2 months ago by Spike
Wayne Caldwell
2 months ago

Now wouldn’t be a load of #+&@….

Bob p
2 months ago

I would suspect there are many journalists who use Johnny Robot to write their articles, especially those of the last two generations. Most of them make as much sense as Johnny does.

Kelly F
2 months ago

Johnny, is there a way to capture the heat off a human body to heat a building?

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