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Advice from Johnny Robot: Can I stay with my cow in an RV park?


By Johnny Robot
EDITOR’S NOTE: Each of these answers was written in less than 30 seconds using artificial intelligence (AI), which many websites (including many RV sites) use today to generate articles (but not The author, Johnny Robot, is NOT a real person (we just made him up) and his advice is questionable. So never do what Johnny recommends unless you first talk to a real-life expert. We publish this column to remind you not to believe everything you read on the internet, including some RV websites operated by shysters who post articles written by artificial intelligence but pass them off as written by knowledgeable humans, which is not true!

The following answers from Johnny are word-for-word how “he” answered them.

Dear Johnny,
I want to teach my dog Ted to drive my motorhome. My wife won’t drive and I get pretty tired after a long day. Ted is very smart and I think he could drive our Winnebago as well as I can. What do you think? —Howard Sprinzberger, Kerrville, Texas

Dear Howard,
A dog driving a motorhome may sound like a silly idea, but it’s actually not as far-fetched as it seems. There have been a few documented cases of dogs getting behind the wheel of a RV and taking off down the road. While most of these stories end with the dog crashing the RV, there are some that have ended with the dog successfully driving the RV to its destination.

So, can a dog drive a motorhome? It’s possible, but not likely. And if they do manage to get the RV moving, it’s probably not going to end well.

Dear Johnny,
My cow Bessie is my best friend. I just bought a 36-foot motorhome and want to stay with Bessie at RV parks. Bessie weighs 1,400 pounds. Will this be a problem? —Albert Plit, Reno, Nevada 

Dear Albert,
There are a few things you should keep in mind if you’re thinking of bringing Bessie along on your next camping trip. First of all, Bovines are very large animals, and they need a lot of space. Bessie will need her own campsite, complete with a water source and plenty of room to roam.

You’ll also need to be prepared to clean up after Bessie. Dairy cows are messy eaters, and they tend to leave behind a lot of…well, let’s just say Bessie can be quite a smelly camper!

So, is it okay to camp with Bessie the dairy cow? We say yes – as long as you’re prepared for a little extra work!

Dear Johnny,
I think I am allergic to my husband. When we travel in our RV I break out in hives. I assume it’s because we are in such close quarters. I read about a woman who experienced something similar. Did I read that right? Cloris Babcock, Springfield, Mass.

Dear Cloris,
The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she started feeling sick when she was around her husband and began to experience a range of symptoms including a runny nose, watery eyes and fatigue.

She was eventually diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which can be aggravated by contact with certain chemicals, including those found in cleaning products, perfumes and detergents.

As a result, the woman has had to give up traveling in her motorhome with her husband as she is unable to tolerate being in close proximity to him.

The couple, who have been married for 20 years, now live in separate homes and only see each other when they go on vacations with their children.

Speaking to, the woman said: ‘It’s been really tough on our relationship as we used to love spending time together but now we have to be careful about how much time we spend together.’

She added: ‘I know it sounds strange but I’m actually allergic to my husband. It’s something that started happening a few years ago and it’s been really hard to deal with.’

The woman said her condition has also impacted her work life as she is unable to be in an office environment and has to work from home.

She said: ‘It’s been really tough trying to explain to people what’s going on as most people don’t believe me when I tell them.’

The woman is now sharing her story in the hope of raising awareness of CFS and the impact it can have on sufferers.

Remember, Johnny is not a real person, and his advice is not always accurate. So NEVER believe him without checking with an expert on the matter. But remember, “Johnny” and his siblings write for other RVing websites out there, but without letting readers know they’re an algorithm, not a human.

Do you have a question for Johnny? If so, please leave it in the comments.


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