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Why so many RVing articles are B.S.

Johnny is taking a break from answering questions this week.

By Chuck Woodbury
Here is how “content creators” create articles. Content creators* do not need to know much about a subject to write an article about it. In fact, they don’t need to know anything. Here is their playbook: They search a popular subject on Google. They then identify the top few results and click on one.

*But first: What is a content creator? In the past, they would have been called writers. Content creators do not write articles: They crank out articles that are about obtaining high Google rankings rather than informing, educating or entertaining readers.

At the website, the content creator copies the high ranking article word for word. He or she then pastes that copy into a special website that uses artificial intelligence to reword it, and then spits out essentially the same article, reworded just enough so it technically isn’t plagiarism. It will spit out such a story in a few seconds. The results are most often correct, although almost always wishy-washy. But sometimes they are just plain wrong.

The top version below is the article that came up number one in a Google search for “Is it legal to live in an RV full time?” The second version is how it was regurgitated in a slightly different version written specifically to rank high on Google. The higher the ranking, the more people will click it, the more revenue.

We are only showing you the first few paragraphs of each version:

Full-time RV living is becoming more and more popular. But if it’s a new concept for you, you probably have a lot of questions. Like what is full-time RVing, anyway? And how can you do it while following all the rules? That’s where this article comes in! We’re going to tell you everything you need to know if you have ever thought about living in an RV.

Full-Time RV living means that you and your family live in an RV year round. Most folks that do this are called Fulltimers, and do not own a home or live anywhere else. There are typically two types of full-time RVers.

Stationary RV living is similar to living in a mobile home. You have a small space in one place, but you aren’t traveling. Sometimes people park their RV on their land versus an RV park. In which case you don’t have to worry about neighbors, and you have a lot more open space.

For many people, stationary full-time RV living simplifies their lives. Living in a tiny space can free up time. You won’t have as much maintenance or cleaning to do. It can also save money, which is especially true in places with high housing prices.

OK. Now here is how it was reworded in about 10 seconds using artificial intelligence. No human was involved.

Full-time RV living is a growing trend. The idea of traveling with your whole family and all their needs in one place sounds like an amazing way to spend more time together as well as explore new places on the road, but many people might have questions before they get started! This article will answer some common queries that arise when considering this lifestyle choice while also giving you insights into how it works so trading can be easier than ever before possible.

I’m going over everything there’s been research study done thus far regarding full Time Rv’ing — What does it mean? Where should I start?

Full-time RV living means that you and your family live in an RV year round. Most folks who do this are called “Fulltimers,” which makes it sound like they spend all their time on the road traveling around America or some other faraway place instead of settling down into home ownership alongside one’s spouse

For many people, stationary full-time RV living can be an ideal solution. You won’t have as much maintenance or cleaning to do and it may save you money in places with high housing prices!

Full-time RVers are discovering new destinations and living their best lives. A lot has changed since we retired in our 30’s, 40’s or 50+. More than ever before there is a freedom to explore this country while still working remotely — even if you’re young!

• • •

So now, the new, “instantly” reworded story is posted into an RV website that is mostly or even totally written by “robots,” like our own Johnny Robot. If the article does, in fact, end up high in Google rankings, it will then be copied and rewritten again and again by other content creators for other scammy websites.

This is why so much you read on the Web about RVing (and other subjects) seems so familiar — you’ve read it before.

And, a reminder: At RVtravel.com we do not publish such generic robot-written articles. Our writers are real except for Johnny Robot, who we “employ” for $59 a month to enlighten our readers not to believe everything they read.

FROM THE EDITOR: Every day, a new RV website or blog appears, many, if not most, written using artificial intelligence or relying heavily upon it. If you appreciate that we don’t do this sort of thing, please consider helping us survive this onslaught of competition with a donation of your choosing. Support honesty! You can do so here

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodburyhttps://rvtravel.com
I'm the founder and publisher of RVtravel.com. I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Rick with the Sol Horizon (@guest_203702)
1 year ago

Look on the bright side – at least the grammar and punctuation are correct!

TIM MCRAE (@guest_203694)
1 year ago

Hi Chuck totally agree with using ‘hooman writers’ only!

Recently you talked about not selling our email addresses. I am actually ok with it because I’d rather have spam I can block than increased advertising in your newsletter. And it seems you could make really big money!

I have noticed since that discussion I am getting 5 or 6 ads in the newsletter between each article and especially after an article but before the comments section. Very annoying! I know you don’t choose or place the ads but you must be allowing the ad tags for this to happen

Just my 2 cents, thanks

David (@guest_203512)
1 year ago

I have enjoyed “Johnny’s” reworded articles! I have been educated so that I now can recognize his work all over the blogosphere. God help you if you are a manufacturer and the first person to review your product writes a bad review. Pretty soon nobody will touch your product. Likewise, a good review of your piece of junk will result in people flocking to buy it. Companies are well aware of this and try get their “good” reviews out there ahead of time. Keep up the good work.

Donald N Wright (@guest_203493)
1 year ago

Often when I ask questions , I get answers that have nothing to do with the question. This explains a lot. Thank you.

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