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My RV’s water pump doesn’t work, but I can’t even find it!

Dear Dave,
I’ll be doing some dry camping soon, but my RV’s water pump quit working. When I flip the rocker switch, I’m greeted with silence. I’d like to troubleshoot it myself but I can’t even locate the pump! Any ideas on where it might be? Or am I getting in over my head in trying to fix it or replace it myself? —Susan, 2014 Keystone Outback 23TRS

Dear Susan,
Typically a smaller trailer will have the freshwater tank and water pump above floor level to help protect them from freezing. That means it would be hidden under a dinette seat or the bed. Before gong there, however, I would suggest looking at the 12-volt fuse in the distribution panel for the pump.

If you do not hear the whirring of the pump it is most likely not getting 12-volt power to the pump. So check 12-volt power to the fuse, then to the switch. It could also be another switch turned off, as most trailers will have one switch by the panel and another in the bathroom. Also, make sure other 12-volt components are working, like the lights, so you know the batteries are providing power.

Where to find RV’s water pump

Next, you will need to find the water pump and typically it will be very close to the fresh water tank. Your trailer will have an exterior fresh water tank fill, commonly called the gravity fill, on the driver side of the rig.

There is a short hose going from the gravity fill to the fresh water tank. So when you find the gravity fill, you will know the proximity of the tank. My guess is yours is under the front bed. You will need to lift the mattress off and there should be an access panel.

Once you find the pump, check all the connections to ensure they are solid. You should be able to use a 12-volt tester to verify power to the pump. It is very simple to troubleshoot as you can see the red (positive) and black (negative) wire so you can verify power. If there is no power to the pump, you would need to backtrack to the switch. If there is power, the motor to the pump is no good and it’s cheaper to just replace the entire pump in most cases.


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Dear Dave,
Last winter the RV service center winterized our motorhome. We had told them that we already purged all water from plumbing so they only needed to put antifreeze into the plumbing. They forgot and burned out our pump, so they replaced it on their dime. When we dewinterized it, all of a sudden we had leaks in most of our faucets so had to replace them. My question is whether the pump is adjustable for water pressure, or if it is set at 40 psi. I’ve tried calling them, but they never answer or return my calls. Thanks, Dave! —Genevieve, 2005 Itasca Meridian

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