Tuesday, July 5, 2022


New RV has built-in outdoor movie system

By Chuck Woodbury
The evolution of RVs from recreational vehicles, where someone recreates (participates in recreational activities) rather than, say, live comfortably with more gizmos and gadgets than 98.5 percent of the world’s population, continues with Keystone’s 2019 Fuzion 410 toy hauler.

The new RV features a below-floor garage with rising king-sized bed, fireplace, walk-in pantry (well, you can “walk in” if you’re not too portly) and … drum roll … a built-in movie projector! Yes, you read that right — a movie projector!

Now you can not just annoy your neighbor by watching loud action movies on your built-in big screen high definition outdoor TV with super mega blaster speakers – you can, with this fabulous new system, actually project a movie far into the distance to not only offend your neighbor but the entire RV park! Project a slasher movie and scare the heebie jeebies out of all the kids and timid folk alike.

You can watch a short walkthrough video of the Fuzion above. Nice music (not!).


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3 years ago

I live full time in my 5th wheel toy hauler and enjoy having all the gadgets I had in a permanent home. But, Chuck, I have to agree that an outdoor movie projector is crossing the line. I have an outdoor TV and only use it occasionally to watch the news while cooking dinner, if I’m sitting outside I want either peace and quiet or to visit with folks who might stop by.

Jeff Craig
3 years ago

My wife and I go to our local drive-in near Oak Harbor, WA often, so this is an idea we could get behind. We have a similar projector, and we hang a 15 foot wide screen from a portable shelter canopy to play movies or NASCAR races on, via my laptop. Keystones’ easy setup is a brilliant idea, but the other comments about noise and other lights are accurate.

Danny Wells
3 years ago

If they build it, there WILL be someone who will want it.

William Forbes
3 years ago

I notice it’s equipped with the blizzard package, so you can show the movies on a snowbank in the winter. The outdoor projector is needed since there are only two seats in the front living room with a decent view of the television.

3 years ago

hate, hate, hate the movie projector idea! hope Keystone falls flat on its corporate face with this.

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

Let me chime in here. IF I was to look for a 5th wheel (our pickup wouldn’t pull a 5’er because of other things with our setup), I would definitely go for the front living room. I LOVE that setup! The pantry in this unit is great, except you’d need something to keep your stuff on the shelves once you got underway. We are satisfied with a queen bed (like our stick house), and the king steals room from being able to comfortably walk alongside the bed.

The outside movie projection is over-the-top unnecessary. It would have to be dark to really be able to ‘enjoy’ it, and that equates to bothering neighbors. Even though we mostly boondock, I STILL wouldn’t want this. Most of our RV’s can no longer be considered “camping”, but THIS . . . This is even more than “glamping”! Where does it end? On board hot tubs? Small wading pools? On board pickleball courts? Water slides?

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