Where was this photo taken?


    Where was the photo below taken? Here’s a hint: it was taken in the late 1930s.

    Answer the question below the photo. The correct answer and the current results from other RV Travel readers will appear after you respond.



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    Lori Johnson

    The West side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is my guess.

    Larry Armbruster

    Hurricane Ridge, Olympic NP is one of our favorite places but back then the road came up from where these folks are looking. That road is closed now. The new highway makes it much easier to get to.

    Carol A Forrest

    We thought Eastern side of Sierra Nevada.


    We were there two years ago. The mountains are very distinctive.

    Firefighter Tom

    Glad we saw Mount Olympic and Hurricane Ridge in September 2016.


    outside of Leavenworth, WA

    Norman Knutson

    Hurricane Ridge in Washington.

    Eric Meslin

    I was incorrect, but at least was with the majority.


    Chuck. I am thinking.. Grand Tetons

    JoAnne McKinney

    And when…?! Look at the long dresses!

    Nancy M Duke

    sierra nevada mountains