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How far away do you store your RV when not using it?

Are you one of those lucky people who can store your RV on your property when you’re not traveling with it? Or do you store it elsewhere?

If you live in an apartment or condo, there may be no place to keep it on the property. Or perhaps your home HOA (home owners association) prohibits keeping RVs on your property.

Increasingly, cities are prohibiting the storage of recreational vehicles in front yards or even in a side yard where the RV is visible from the street.

So what about you? How far from where you live do you keep your RV when you’re not using it?

Remember, if you are on a slow internet connection it can take a moment for the poll to load. So standby.


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1 year ago

Our HOA will not let us have our RV at our house for more that 48 hours. Our storage place is a 45 minute drive, but it is indoors in climate controlled comfort. (we live in AZ) No mice and when we pick up, the batteries and tires have been checked and topped off. The fridge has been on for several hours and the water topped off if we want it. They also store my drop off vehicle (indoors) for the whole time we are gone. I only wish the facility was closer.

Ralph Pinney
1 year ago

As of yesterday, 7/10/21, our rig is stored on our property. We have had TTs and 5th wheels since 1986. This is the first time on property storage was possible. WE are SSSOOOOOO happy!

Rocky Mountain Marty
1 year ago

I built a 48 x 24 garage with 100A electric service on my property…keeps my 5th wheel looking new, fridge is always on, no mice ever and its a great place to do maintenance all year round (not to mention a great place to hide out!). However, considering the cost of the RV, the diesel pickup, all the gear and building the massive garage…my cost per night may never get below renting a private island!!

1 year ago

I store my travel trailer in the side yard. We have electric and water hook up for it. Makes a great place to hide when wife has her Honey Do list out. Lol

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

Keep it about 12 miles away at the Naval Station Storage Lot, but I really want to build a driveway and parking area next to my house to move her home. The issue is the slope of my yard and having to hand dig around all the utilities that my developer laid… haphazardly… on that side of the house.

1 year ago

I have a pole barn, 20 ft from the house, 50 amp service inside and out.

Steve C
1 year ago

I spend half the year traveling the world and the other half traveling around the States. I’m now in Panama and my truck camper is in storage in California. So, I guess you could say my RV is stored 4,500 miles from where I “live” now. Do I get the prize?

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve C

If there were a prize for this, I’m pretty sure you’d get it, Steve! Have a great day! 🙂 –Diane

Ron T.
1 year ago

When stored the shed is 200ft. from the house. Otherwise it can be just outside the shed or beside the garage or in the driveway.

Ed Thomas
1 year ago

We live about 7 miles from the Naval Air Station where they have a secure RV storage lot. Have both the RV and boat together.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

When we bought our house (over 30 years ago!) we were not RV’ers. It just happened to have 1/3 acre of accessible space next to and behind it. What luck when the RV bug bit. We park the trailer right outside the garage back door and can load and unload easily. If it were not for this ease of access, I don’t think we’d BE RV’ers. The hassle of going back and forth to a storage yard (especially since I’m 75 now) would be the end of it.

1 year ago

My coach is parked under my house with slides out hooked up to 50 amp and water while home in Florida. I have a dump station at the rear of my property (alleyway access) if needed or I can use my Blue Boy to transport 42 gallons to the dump station.

Ed K
1 year ago

About 125 feet to the barn for winter storage and 3 feet from the house in the summer. Power at both spots, 30 amp in the barn and 50 amp on the garage spot.

The Lazy Q
1 year ago

Side of my house. I installed 50 amp service and when I need to give the black tank a good cleaning I use my septic tank with a water pressure macerator, works great. Just did this on our return trip from Oregon.

1 year ago

We store our TT about 12 miles away. Glad we found this place. Completely paved with secure gate access. The owner has his business office on the property, plus the local magistrates office is at the entrance of the property.
Numerous cameras and individual access numbers that are monitored.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

We upgraded a barn on our property, adding 50-amp service and a septic tank, and running a water line there to allow us to store our RV there. The barn is about 1/4 of a mile from our house and we routinely battle field mice who think our RV is their ideal home. However, it is nice to only pay about $23/month (electricity bill) for the privilege of storing our RV so close to home.

John Macatee
1 year ago

I store our travel trailer in a storage area that has all gravel surface, 6′ chain link fence topped with razor wire and 24/7 access through key pad and the owners live on the property. $40.00 per month. No water, air, electricity, dump, or propane. We go on a 3 – 4 nighters every month. 8 miles away works for us. I live in an HOA, so I can park out front for 3 days.

1 year ago

We have a concrete pad with water, sewer and 50 amp electric adjacent to our house in central Missouri. Our house sits on a 4 acre lot on a dead end road with 9 other houses, 7 which also have RVs.

Retired Traveling Teachers
1 year ago

We traded our Lance trailer for a Winnebago Travato partly so that we could park it in our driveway. We were tired of storage fees and having to pick it up prior to every trip. Now we live full time in our Travato and love every minute of it!

1 year ago

Our home is in the Midwest, but we love to RV in the western states. The first couple years we would leave home in the spring and RV in Montana or Washington, etc. And then drive all the way home to the Midwest in the Fall, typically about 1500 miles. Then my wife retired from her tax accountant career, so then there was no reason to spend winters in the Midwest. So, we started wintering in Arizona. And then drive 1500 miles home. We realized every Spring and every Fall we were adding 3000 miles (6000/yr) to the odometer just to go back and forth. Now, we store our RV for 2 months in the Spring & Fall in Arizona. My wife manages to get our airline tickets using credit card points so we can fly back & forth. We are saving a lot of money and extending the life of our RV.

Stephen Scroggs
1 year ago

I bought a Winne Solis and one of the several reasons that I made that choice is so that I could park it in my back yard, next to the house. Worked out well and I save on all the storage fees.

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